Tuesday...just Tuesday

I was thinking of doing a new blog for Tuesdays...they seem so boring sometimes. So, I was thinking something like Tuesday Triumphs or Tuesday To-Do's or well, you get the idea. Anybody else got a blog title they'd like to throw around? Tuesday Triumphs was sort of my fav, but then I was trying to think of enough things to really make a blog about...and I'm not sure I have that many "triumphs" in my life right now to write a good blog about them. Hmmm...what to do, what to do. There was also Tickle Me made me laugh, but I'm not sure what the heck the blog would be about...jokes or funny stuff? maybe.

Tuesday Tantrums...that might be a good one for my world right now.

Tell All Tuesday...but isn't that the idea of Friday Confessions...surely to goodness I don't have that much to tell about between Friday and Tuesday...I'm bad, but not THAT bad. sheesh.

Well, then there is the obvious...Twilight Tuesday or Tuesday Twilight...nah, y'all are already sick of me posting about Twilight, so it definitely doesn't need it's own day...right?

Tuesday Mornings...oh, wait that's a store.

Ruby, a restaurant.

Trendy Tuesday? This one has some possibilities.

Tacky Tuesday?

Tantalizing Tuesday.

Tuesday Talents...OK, that one's retarded.

So, do you have any that you would be willing to do with me? I hate flying solo. Any ideas of your own? Don't leave me hanging. please. I said "please". :)

9 comments...I love comments:

Miranda said...

You are too cute...I'll put my "Teusday Thinking" cap on.
That won't be on either. I'll let you know.

brainella said...

"Twisted Tuesday" about the crazy things you do or think you might WANT to do...

How about "Tuesday Newsday" -- anything new or noteworthy going on in your life.


Perhaps if I drink some more coffee I can come up with some more interesting ideas.

melissa said...

jennykate...oh you get cuter by the day or what???

I was cracking up because...i was seriously sitting on my blog starring with a blank look onto the screen thinking, "What should i blog about today?? I have nothing!"

Then i read your are so funny...i love it! I think brainella is onto something with the "twisted tuesday". After I have my first cup of coffee...maybe something will come to me! love u so much

melissa said...

we need a day where we are totally just random. I wish tuesday was called Ruesday instead,,,then it could be "Random ruesday" really am a dork...i will admit this!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I did "Tour My House Tuesday" until I ran out of rooms to show...but it worked for a few months anyway! :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, good ideas!! I like Trendy Tuesday... and a few others as well. I think I've seen someone do Tickle me tuesday... it could be a funny photo, jokes or funny story, anything like that. Twisted is good too. LOL Have fun in your search... I'm sure you'll think of something!!

Drama queens mum said...

I kind of like Tuesday Tantrums.

Sandy Toes said...

So fun...I love Tuesday Mornings...great ideas you have!
-sandy toes

feather k said...

I say Tuesday Tales...or Twilight Tuesday...wait no...that would feed the addiction :)...Thanks for the compliments on my tattoo! :)