FREE Eclipse Printables

After posting my Eclipse Party Plan - Part 2 on Monday, I had a couple of people e-mail me links to other FREE Eclipse printables and I wanted to pass those little gems along to you guys!  

Here is a list of sites:

  • Thanks to Dolly for letting me know about her AWESOME Eclipse printables - tons of great stuff - Click HERE for favor tags, cupcake wrappers, printable invites, favor wrappers, etc!
  • The Hostess With The Mostess has her printables ready for download on her blog...and they are FABULOUS!!!  She has a serious talent for all things "party"!  Click HERE for her most recent additions!
  • There are also some free printables over at - they have any kind of bookmark you can think of!  Click HERE

They are all FREE and they are ADORABLE!!!  Can't wait to use some of them at my party!  


Remember Me

Today, I have a couple of things to share that are near and dear to me....
  Rob Pattinson and donating money for cancer research.

I know you're scratching your head and thinking this poor twi-girl has gone off the deep end.  

What could Rob and cancer research possibly have in common? 

Well, I'll tell you.

Today is the DVD release of Remember Me.  You remember the movie with His Hottness and Emilie de Ravin.

Hello!  Back over here!  I know that is totally distracting, but I'm getting to the good part.

There is an $8 off coupon for Remember Me 
(CLICK HERE FOR COUPON)and it has been suggested that we should all take the $8 we save and donate it to Fandom Gives Back (FGB).
The money supports Alex's Lemonade Stand and helps find a cure for childhood cancers.  It's a worthy cause to support.  So, please consider giving what you can!

Thanks a million! - JennyKate♥


JennyKate's Eclipse Party Plans - Part 2

Less than 9 days'til par-tay time!  Yeah, that's right, I just spelled party "par-TAY".  That's just a little way for me to express how excited I am about this little shindig happening in LESS 9 DAYS...we're not even speaking in week terms anymore people!!!

Let's pick up where we left off last week, shall we?

FOOD.  The food can really be a fun way to keep your theme alive and draw your guests in to your party fantasy.  We decided on serving hot dogs.  It's not the most gourmet thing to serve, but it falls right into the "Fire" part of our theme...Bella eats hot dogs with Jacob at the bonfire...and Jacob is a HOTT dog...get it...HOTT dog.  LOL.  Ok, excuse my lame humor.  Anyhoo, we are having a hot dog bar in our "Fire" room.  We're serving Hebrew National Hot Dogs ('cause they're the best) and we're going to have all the different types of things to put on hot dogs...relish, chili, cheese, peppers, onions, sauerkraut, etc.  In our "Ice" room, we're going to set up our drink bar.  We're still working on having a shaved ice machine, but we know for sure that we are serving pomegranate martinis and Black Swan wine (Isn't that the most perfect name for a Twilight wine?!).  We had the Black Swan wine for our New Moon party and we loved it.  It's a good cheap wine.  For dessert, we are having some a custom Eclipse cake from a local cakery...chocolate with raspberry filling.  Other ideas for desserts are cupcakes with bite marks or claw marks, cookies with black icing and a red ribbon on the top, and Twizzlers/red vines are always good!

Our drink of choice - Oprah's pomegranate martini recipe (click for recipe)

SWAG BAGS.  I've always wanted to go to one of those big fancy celebrity events where the swag bags are worth thousands of dollars, so this is my way of living out my fantasy...on a much smaller scale of course. LOL.  Our bags for Eclipse are going to include:

  • *an embroidered tote bag with the Eclipse logo
  • *a handmade Bella bracelet
  • *a Fire and Ice bookmark
  • *a set of magnets
  • *a hand-picked CD w/ "hot" and "cold" songs
  • *Eclipse gum
  • *and possibly a copy of Wuthering Heights.
PARTY GAMES.  Every good party has them...don't be a fuddy-duddy...have some games!  I like to play games that allow my guest to continue to mingle, drink, eat...whatever.  So, we are going to play a quote game where our guests have to match up the quote to the person who said it.  Since the eyes are so important in the Twilight Saga, we're also going to play a match game with pictures of eyes...matching the eye to the character.  For New Moon, we played a pin the kiss on Edward and Jacob game.  It was a hit and so much fun!  We're going to do a new modified version of Pin the Kiss.  We are also going to play "What's In Your Future".  It's a numerology game...I think it's brings in a touch of Alice...I love Alice!

One of my favorite places to get awesome printable games is Twimom on Etsy.  She has a whole PDF file that is instantly yours for the small price of $8!  In the PDF file you will find party ideas, printable games, printable labels, printable invitations...possibilities are endless!
(Click HERE to go to Twimom's Etsy store)

You MUST have some prizes, even if it's a candy bar or bookmark.  Here's some ideas for you...things we're giving as prizes:

  • *a Bree Tanner book
  • *Eclipse cups 
  • *Eclipse stickers 
  • *Eclipse magnets
  • *Eclipse posters
A few extra ideas to make your party OFF THE HOOK:

  • *play the Eclipse soundtrack for background music
  • *set up a TV and play Twilight and New Moon prior to viewing Eclipse
  • *get the new Eclipse board game and set it up for guests to play
  • *have some trivia questions on hand for any down time
  • *set up a photo op spot 
  • *roll out a red carpet for your guests
  • *have a fortune teller
  • *twinkle lights
  • *print out quotes from the book and frame them and set them around the room - my favorite   place to find FABULOUS printable quotes is The Hostess With The Mostess Blog - she has just announced that her Eclipse printables are coming soon!! Update:  THEY'RE posted and they are FABULOUS!!! Thank you, Hostess with the read my mind!  (click HERE to go to her blog)
If you have any questions for me, just e-mail me at!

Thanks again to Trixie and Tess for letting me take over the blog!!  I can't wait to share Eclipse Party Pics!



Eclipse Party Plans

So, this is actually a repost from my guest post on Trixie and Tess last Friday.  The only thing different is that I have added some links to some of the websites I've used.  I thought that some of you who venture over to my blog from other sites looking at New Moon Party stuff might be interested in my new Eclipse Party Plans.  

I'm planning this party with my cousin Allison.  Let me tell you, it has been an absolute BLAST!  We make such a great pair and we just get each other.  It has been so fun having someone to bounce ideas off of.  Without further ado...Allison and Jenny's Fire and Ice Party...

First things first, we set a theme for our party.  We had several ideas running through our heads.  We had talked about throwing a graduation party, like Alice threw for Bella, but that left out a few elements we wanted to include (like the wolf pack), but it would be a great theme for an Eclipse party.  The New Moon party I threw last year was a "Fangs or Fur" party.  That would still be a legit theme for an Eclipse Party. The theme we picked for our party is "Fire and Ice".  There are tons of great ideas.  So, just pick something and stick with it.  It helps to give your party continuity. 

Invitations really set the mood for your party.  We went through several ideas.  We had thought about creating our own, something that possibly worked in the Fire and Ice poem by Robert Frost.  In the end, we decided that we wanted to throw in a little Alice into our party, so we went with a graduation party invite.  (We purchased the ones below from Vista Print and they were super cheap @ There are also some great hand-made invites on Etsy @ and just search for Eclipse Invites)

RSVP to Alice Cullen, of course!

Location is huge.  You have to know what area you're looking at before you decide on decorations.  Since we are throwing a premiere party, we are having our pre and post party at a hotel.  It's a nice choice with a blank slate.

You may choose your home or a friends house or even a restaurant would be a good choice.

Decorations are my favorite part of throwing a party!  Here is an inspiration board for our party, so you can get an idea about what I'm talking about.  (a lot of our party essentials like balloons, table cloths, confetti, and other fun add-ins were purchased through Oriental Trading Company @ and now you can purchase Eclipse Party Ware from Birthday Direct @

We have had sooooo much fun deciding on the decor. Although, being at a hotel does limit us somewhat, it is still tons of fun!  We have two hotel rooms.  We requested joining king suites.  This is what I did for the New Moon Premiere party and it worked out great!  We are making one room our "Fire" Room and one our "Ice" Room.
In the Fire Room, we are using lots of tablecloths, red paper lanterns, twinkle lights, a La Push sign for the door...and we'll incorporate several wolf pack pictures, framed quotes, and odds-and-ends.
In the Ice Room, we are using silver...silver tablecloths, silver paper lanterns, twinkle lights, and a Forks sign on our door.  We will also have lots of Cullen stuff, like framed quotes and pictures...anything that says "ice".  Last year I hung up New Moon posters over the pre-hung pictures on the hotel walls.  I'll probably do the same this time.

Of course, our party wouldn't be complete without a life size Edward and Jacob there to greet our guests and our piece de la resistance a tent pitched in the middle of the "Ice" room.  We plan on putting a little lantern outside of the tent, with a parka hanging from the post.  We're going to create a couple different photo ops.  To add to the ambiance, we thought we would up the A/C in the "Ice" room and turn up the heat in the "Fire" room.  

Sound fun?  I haven't told the whole story.  I have blog readers who might venture over here that are invited to the party and I want to keep a couple elements of surprise!  Do you have plans for an Eclipse Party at some point...premiere party, movie party, DVD release party?  Any ideas you would like to add?  Tell me in the comments section or e-mail me at!  I would love to hear it all!  

I'll be back next Friday with the details on the food, party games, swag bags, and links to some of my go-to party planning sites!  



Relay For Life 2010

Our Wagoner Co. Relay For Life 2010 was Friday and Saturday...

and it was a success!

The 2010 RFL theme is "Celebrating More Birthdays".  We like to be a little different, so we decided to throw a Batman birthday party.  The slogan we put on our shirts was "To the Batcave...for more birthdays" and we added in the scripture out of Jeremiah 33:3 that says "Call unto me and I will answer...".

The team count and money raised was down from years past.  However, we still succeeded!  There was a county total of $43,000. raised.  16 teams participated.  We relayed for 12 hours straight.

We remembered those who have fought and lost the battle.

We celebrated those who have fought and won the battle.

We raised awareness.  It was a success.

If you want to participate and/or donate, click on the button below.

Cancer effects either have a loved one, friend, friend of a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or have experienced it yourself.  It's time that we remove this terrible disease for good.  We've got to give people hope.  We've got to celebrate, remember, and FIGHT BACK!


I'm a Guest Blogger...there's a first for everything! (Eclipse Party Plans)

Trixie and Tess Tell All

The awesome girls over at Trixie and Tess are letting me guest blog today!  Woot!  

They asked me to come over and talk Eclipse Party with them and of course I said YES!  Plus, I thought it would give all of my non-twilight bloggy friends a break from all of my twi-nonsense.  However, if you are a twi-lover and you're interested in reading about my Eclipse Party Plans, go over to Trixie and Tess Tell All today! (click on the button above)  I promise you will love their blog!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday Thankfuls

Hey, guys.  It's me.  Jenny Kate.  Remember me?  I have been in the world's worst blogging slump.  You know that movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"?  Well, I need to be Angela Bassett...I so gotta get my groove back.  

One of the best ways I know to get my "groove" back is it write down things I'm thankful for and get a fresh perspective.

It's been a while since I've done a Thursday Thankfuls, so I thought I would take inventory and be grateful.

Counting your blessings is good for the soul.

I'm thankful for family time.
I'm thankful for summer days and more time to spend with my sugar bear.
I'm thankful for exciting events that give me something to look forward to!
(19 days!!  I'll be sharing my party planning soon!)
I'm thankful for Mocha Light Frappucinos from Starbucks! 150 calories for a grande!  16 oz of pure heaven!
I'm thankful for adventures.
I'm thankful for the chance to raise money for a worthy cause like Relay For Life.  (P.S.  There is always a donate button at the bottom of my blog.)
This is a little hint to the theme of our campsite for Relay For Life 2010!  It's tomorrow!  Our team raised $5201.50!  I'll have pics to share next week!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beginning of your summer!  I promise to get around and say hi ASAP!  Miss you guys!♥