Friday Daydreamin'

I'm linking up with Becca from The Texas Darlings AND R We There Yet Mom?, a super fun blog dedicated to traveling with kiddos!! She documents her and her family's adventures, along with those of her readers. Becca is now an IRL friend and she is so much fun to hang out with! Trust me, her kids are lucky to call her "Mom"! You need to go check out both of her blogs.

You may want to cut her for being so awesome, but don't 'cause I love her.

Today, I'm linking up with her Friday meme over at R We There Yet Mom? called Friday Daydreamin'. It's just a post where you daydream about where you wish you were...and post a favorite vacation picture! Sounds fun, right?!

The picture below is from a trip we took to Colorado a couple of years ago.  I'm definitely daydreamin' about being here...

My toes were in the icy waters of Jenny Lake up in the Colorado Rockies.  I think it was a balmy 70-something degrees the day we were there...ahhhhhh, 70 degree days.  I sorta remember those.

We've had so many 100+ days, it's ridiculous!!  The temps have kinda gone to my head.  I blame all sorts of things on the weather...bad hair, no make-up, crabby, bitchy, no cooking dinner...sleeping in the nude.  You really can get away with a lot.  Nobody seems to question you much. 

Hopefully, we have some cooler days ahead, but for now, I'm just gonna kick my feet up on my desk and daydream about those cool waters of Jenny Lake...

That is until my boss comes in and busts me.  I'll tell her the heat was getting to me and I felt faint.

Hope you guys have a great Friday!!


It's Hotter Than Hell

Yesterday, our actual temperature in Tulsa was 116 degrees.  You read that right...ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN DEGREES.  People were frying eggs on sidewalks and baking cookies in their cars, which by the way were completely baked in 3 hours.  Seriously.  (sofa king hot)

I posted my Okie Housewife Triple Digit Temp Survival Tips over at The RHOK today.  This will be my last post at The RHOK, so stop by and visit me!  Tell me how you're surviving this heat any tips/tricks of your own?

Oh, and I googled "hotter than hell" images and this came up in my search...

I'm telling you that Google is so smart.

Hope you're all beating the heat and staying cool!