Unloading the Camera

Life has been busy. 

My camera is full.

We have another busy weekend coming up.

So, I thought I should dump my pics and post some for you guys to see.  

Remember a couple of weeks ago was Michaelpalooza? 

Somebody around here is 34...over a 1/3 of the way to 100.
I told you guys that we're up to our ears in football.  I can NOT resist taking pictures of these little guys.  Check this one out...he has his eyes closed.  LOL.  Maybe that's some new football technique we don't know about?
 They finally got Their first win!! The funny thing about this picture is that there were boys running both ways through the cheerleader's tunnel and colliding in the middle...and they thought it was hilarious, so they just kept doing it.  Gotta love 6 year olds.

I met up with a couple of friends last week for margaritas, Mexican food, and memories.  Good times.
I've known these girls forever.  What I love most about our GNOs is that we can not see each other for weeks, months, or even years and when we finally get together again it's like no time has passed. 

As you can see, my new blog design is up thanks to the Design Girl!!  

What do you think?!

Hope everyone is having a super fab week so far!  Stop back by tomorrow for a giveaway!! 


From Forks With Love

How sweet is Mimi?!

Let me tell you.  She is SA-WEET!

You all know her and love her, right?...I think we're all friends here.

In case you live under a rock don't know, I'm referring to Mimi from Living in France

When I first met Mimi, I actually thought due to the name of her blog that she lived in France. I remember over the first few weeks of reading her blog I was trying to decide if she was a native or transplanted due to her husband's job...she seemed to speak really good English. Of course, now I know that France is her last name.  I'm such a dork.

Question for Mimi:
Has anyone else ever thought that? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

She recently Visited in Forks. 

She posted about her adventures IN FORKS on her blog  (read those posts HERE and HERE) and while she was in the Land of Edward, she bought me some stuff! Isn't that the nicest thing?!  Sweet, right?  I told you!

Excuse the dork in the pictures.

THANK YOU, Mimi!!! I absolutely LOVE my stuff from Forks!! I'll be drinking my Cullen English Breakfast tea this afternoon...I know it says "breakfast", but I'm a rebel like that.

Oh, and you totally had me pegged with what you wrote on the front of the envelope:
"Jennykate, married with children and in love with vampires."

You know me so well! =)

Maybe that should be my tagline on my blog?

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!


Friday Confessions

  • First off, I am on TV overload!  You know how guys have their, football, hockey, NASCAR, etc.  Well, THIS is my season.  I have a favorite show on almost every night of the week.  On Monday there is DWTS.  Tuesday is the elimination round for DWTS and Biggest Loser.  Wednesday Night is Modern Family and Cougar Town.  Thursday is HUGE.  There is Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
  • Also on Thursday night is Big Bang Theory.  BBT started out being Michael's show when it first premiered.  He thought it was hilarious and I thought it was stupid.  After a while the show started to grow on me, and I started having a nerd crush on Sheldon.  I love Sheldon.  I love Big Bang Theory.
  • Usually on Friday nights and Saturday morning, I catch up on all the shows from the week.  Sometimes I'll be up at 6:00 in the morning watching DWTS or Private Practice.  
  • Next week, I'll be hosting a giveaway for an ADORABLE Posey Necklace from Too Silly Sisters on Etsy (owned by Lori from Morning Glories and Moonflowers).  If you don't know Lori, you should!  She is the sweetest and she is seriously talented! 
  • I have a new design coming soon!! YAY!  Most of you know that I got impatient and impulsive and I just totally screwed up my blog last week.  Although, I finally got everything back into working order, I had a minor panic attack for a few hours last Friday.  It was scary, y'all!  Thankfully, The Design Girl is currently working on a layout for me!  I can't wait! 

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!  *muah*


Versatile? Me?

A BIG thanks to Mommy Mayhem for passing on this little award to me!  I'm not sure how versatile of a blogger I am.  Random?  Yes.  Versatile?  I don't know about that.  

The req's:

  • Reveal 7 truths about yourself
  • Pass it on to 7 blogging friends
Let me see if I can tell you guys some things you don't already know.

7 Truths

  1. I LOVE green beans.  I mean, LOVE them.
  2. I'm so impatient sometimes.  I really love instant gratification.
  3. I've been evaluating friendships lately.  Not that I don't want to be friends with anyone.  I just think some "friends" are better kept at a distance.  Know what I mean?  I find it hard to make that separation, but I'm trying.
  4. I can blush at the drop of a hat.  I'm sitting in the living room last night, watching DWTS, and Maks is on.  Y'all know Maks, right?!  All my husband does it look at me.  I mean just glanced my way and I turned all shades of red.  What is wrong with me?!
  5. On that note, I DO NOT have a poker face.  Lady Gaga was not talking about me.  You can totally read me just by seeing my facial expressions.
  6. I have a ridiculous fear of spiders.  Early Sunday morning as I was coming home from a Girl's Night Out, I was walking up to the front door, not really paying attention to anything, when all of a sudden I see a HUGE spider.  This is not one of my exaggerations, which I am known for.  It was real.  It was like a tarantula at my front door.  FREAKED. ME. OUT.  About that time the headlights on my car automatically turned off and I couldn't really see the eight-leg-spawn-of-satan any longer...because he was black and it was DARK.  So, I ran, I mean RAN, back to my car.  Jumped in.  Slammed the door.  Locked it.  I have no idea what for.  It's not like the spider was going to open the door or anything.  I turned on the light inside the car, you know to make sure there were no tarantulas in my car that I hadn't seen 15 seconds earlier when I was in my car.  I sat there and waited until my husband came and killed the massive-life-threatening-eight-leg-spawn-of-satan.  I would have slept in my car before I would have went past that spider to get in my house.
  7. I love Starbucks.  What?!  I couldn't think of anything else to say.
I know there have been tons of tagging and bloggy awards floating around, so I'm not going to tag anyone.  However, if anyone wants to snag this award and play along, feel free!  I think you are all wonderfully, versatile bloggers, and I would love to know more about each and every one of you!

Hope you're all having a TERRIFIC Tuesday!♥


McLinky Monday - Career Day

The ladies over at the RHOK are discussing careers today.

The topic is:
It's career night at your child's school. What does your child say about you as you read over his/her written report and as they introduce you to their class?

Simple.  I don't really even have to think about this much.  Isaiah spent a majority of the summer at work with me,  where he saw me in action every day.  Plus, I've heard him tell people what I do for a living and it usually goes a little something like this:

"Well, she has lots of papers.  She staples stuff and uses a whole punch.  There's also a copier and she makes lots of copies.  Most of the time she makes lots of noise while she types on her keyboard...really fast.  Sometimes she has to talk on the phone...she tells me to "shhhshhh" a lot while she's doing that.  When I grow up, I'm going to work where my mommy does and I'm going to be my Meemo's right-hand-man."

To read other McLinky Monday posts, go to The RHOK!


Hope everyone is having a magic manic Mondays around here! =)


Friday Confessions

On Wednesday, I was visiting Andrea's blog - My Chihuahua Bites
and she was discussing 
(That's a live link, if you want to click on it and read.)   
She said that she had unrealistic ideas about what her first kiss was supposed to be like...unrealistic ideas about what love was supposed to be like.  Her first kiss was not what "romance novels are made of"  She said that in fact it was, and I quote, "gross".  Andrea considers her first REAL First Kiss to be with her first true love, at night, in the church parking lot.  

You're probably wondering where the confession part comes in.  
Well, I'm about to tell you.

After reading Andrea's posts, it got me to thinking about my first  It kind of took me back and I reminisced for a moment.  I thought to myself,
 "yeah, I remember kissing so-and-so in the church parking lot...
oh, and then there was so-and-so on the church van...
OH yeah, and so-and-so in the church baptistery." 

Holy geez.  What was I thinking?

So, confession #1 is...
I have spent a large amount of my life at church...and I kissed a lot of boys while I was there.

Confession #2 is...
Michael came up to me last week and said "somebody is turning the big double 3eeeeee soon."  I told him that I would not know who that would be, because I am going to be 32.  He just laughed.  He thought I was joking.  I was not.  I was totally serious.  Somewhere, somehow, I lost a whole flippin' year.  Where did 32 go?  I could have sworn I was only 31.  Dang it.

Confession #3...
I think birthdays are definitely something to be celebrated. 
*said in my best Edward Cullen impersonation*
(skip to 0:23 and ignore the German footnotes...concentrate on the vampire)
I'm just not an over-celebrator.  
My husband on the other-hand is in this category.  
He thinks his birthday should be celebrated ALL week.  
It's Michaelpalooza!!!!  
Everybody party!!!!

I'm just a girl who appreciates one more year 
and a few nice gifts or cards or money is nice 
(money is so nice)...
or Gold Tickets to the Dallas Twilight Convention...
just an example, 
but I'm not an over-celebrator.

Babe, if you're reading this, 
know that I love you...
and your birthday week!  
Happy Michaelpalooza!

Are you an over-celebrator?
What was your first kiss like?

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday♥
*muah* ;)


Blog Design Help

So, here's the dealio.
I'm in need of a bloggy makeover here at JK's Spot.
I need some suggestions of blog design websites/blogs.
Any personal referrals?
I want a photo-type blog layout, because I love posting my pictures.
{Floating serenely for a while,
Suspended in the wind’s highway,

I’m in panoramic harmony with nature;

And my mind is led astray.}

~By Andrew Harley

I definitely want the wider format, with 2 columns.
I want it to have clean simple lines and a top navigation bar.
I don't want to spend a small fortune, but I'm willing to pay for quality.
I love so many of your blog layouts and designs, so I thought I would ask for your help!
 Leave me any links, suggestions, and/or advice in the comments! 
I really appreciate it!
Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS week!♥


McLinky Monday - Favorites

Today, at The RHOK, Mrs. Albright is asking us to play along and list our FAVORITES!  So, here it goes...

Favorite Actor.
You all could probably fill in this blank, right?
Duh.  None other than Rob "who's yo daddy" Pattinson!  And NO, I don't just love him because he plays Edward, although that is a big plus in his favor, but I love him as an actor period.  He was phenomenal in Remember Me.  If you haven't watched that movie, you should!  I can't wait for his upcoming role as Jacob Jankowski in Water For Elephants.  The book was fabulous.

Favorite Actress.
I know you THINK I'm going to say "Kristen Stewart", but your wrong.  Although I love her dearly, she is not my most favorite.  My MOST favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.  
LOVE HER!  Name one of her movies and I'll tell you that it's one of my favorites...The Proposal, The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality...she's so fantastic.

Favorite Movie.
Oh geez.  This could get embarrassing.

Favorite Band.
Easy.  Consumed By Fire.  Hands down.

Favorite Musical.
Going to see it for the THIRD time in November!!  It's THAT good!

Favorite Novel.
The Obvious.
The Not-So Obvious.
I'm a HUGE Steph Meyer fan.  I love everything she has written and I can't wait for the next book...whatever it may be.  Midnight Sun would be awesome.  I just want to throw that out there, just in case Steph reads my blog or you have a direct line to her.

Favorite Cuisine.
Pasta.  Just about anyway it comes.

Favorite Wine.
SO good.

Favorite Store.

My Mother Ship.

When they started putting the Bucks INSIDE the stores, they created a beautiful thing.  A match made in heaven.

Favorite Vampire.
No explanation needed.
Oh, but wait.  I'll give you an explanation.  He's my favorite because he's the coolest (pun intended), most chivalrous, kind-hearted, loving, devoted, loyal, and most beautiful vampire I've ever known.

Favorite Prime Time TV Series.

I also can't get enough of those cool kids at Seattle Grace (Grey's Anatomy) and equally cool kids at Oceanside Wellness (Private Practice)!  Can't wait for them to be back on in just a couple of weeks!!

Favorite Time Waster.
You're witnessing it in action.  Not that I consider blogging a waste of time, but it is my biggest distraction.  I love it.  I would do it 24/7, if I could figure out how to get paid for it! 

On that note, I've gotta get off of here and back to work.  I think I just heard my boss yell at me!  YIKES!

Hope you guys have a great day!  Go check out more FAVORITEs over at The RHoK!



8 Questions

Shawn from Seriously tagged me to answer the following 8 questions, tag 8 friends, and have them answer 8 new questions.  

Thanks, Shawn!  This should be fun!

1. If you could go to one place, all expenses paid, where would you go?

Europe, but I wouldn't want to be held down to a specific locale.  I would just like to be able to go where the wind takes me...or train.  I've always wanted to visit my foreign exchange student from high school.  She's from Alsace, France.  

That would be a good start!

2. Do you coupon? {I have friends that save a ton and I just can't figure it out} If you do what are your secrets?

I like coupons.  I like saving money.  But I'm not faithful to it.  I usually buy the paper and clip the coupons...and forget them when I go to the store.  I do love watching the 918 Coupon Queen on Channel 6 every morning.  Her savings fascinate me.  

I have good intentions, but no follow through.

3. If you had one thing to do over what would it be and why?

I would have traveled more before I got married and had Isaiah.  It's so much harder to do when you have responsibilities and a family to care for.  I wouldn't change anything about my life, but I definitely would have taken advantage of more opportunities.

4. Are you an organized clean freak or a less than tidy "tomorrows another day, it can wait" kind of girl? What does your house look like right now?

OH my geez.  I wish she hadn't asked me this question.  The embarrassing truth is that at this very moment my house is a hot mess.  It's been a crazy month.  We went from vacation, to my Grandpa being really sick, to him passing and his funeral, to family galore, to back-to-school, and sports starting.  I have had ZERO time to clean and organize.  So, I'm usually a semi-organized-clean-freak-kinda-girl.  I say "semi", because I'm not nearly as clean freakish as I was prior to becoming a mom.  I realize now that it's OK for your house to appear lived in.  I prefer spotless and organized, but I'll accept pretty clean and picked-up.

No pics.  Sorry.  My house is only photographed when clean.

5. Toilet paper...Over or Under ? And, are you compulsive enough to change it somewhere else {I am}?

Over.  It's the only way and yes, I'll switch it, if given the chance.

6. You're talking to a group of people and someone has something in their teeth or their nose. Do you tell them, ignore it or excessively rub your tongue over your teeth or run your finger under your nose until they get the hint?

I'll politely and inconspicuously tell them.  
"You've got something right there..."
I would want them to do the same!

7. You're out and about and you see a friends husband with another women. What do you do? Address him on the spot, call him the next day and give him an ultimatum or tell your friend?

Straight to the friend.  Especially if it's a close/best friend.  You better believe he's getting ratted out.  Again, I would expect the same in return.

8. What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten? What was it and who gave it to you?

"This too shall pass" ~ My Granny

I tag:
Mom Mayhem
Dawn's Diversions
Harried Mom of Four
This Is The Year
Sugarplum Creations
Carrie's Little World
6 Happy Hearts

My Questions are:
1. What are you most looking forward to about fall?
2. What are some current things on your to-do list?
3. Do you go to Starbucks?  If so, what's your favorite drink?
4. What is your favorite book right now?
5. What was your favorite movie from the summer?
6. Do you take pictures?  If so, what kind of camera do you use (even if it is your camera on your phone)?  Show us your recent favorite pic!
7. Who is your favorite celebrity?
8. Why did you originally start your blog?


Going On a Butterfly Hunt

Over Labor Day Weekend, 
this is what Isaiah and his Papaw did.
The hunted, they caught, and they released. Success.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!♥


Football Fever

I know some of you...*achem*Mimi*achem*...aren't a fan of the gridiron  
but football is a way of life for us. 

The first of September brings  
Friday night lights and 
Saturday sensations...
and Sunday afternoon heroes.
We eat, sleep, and drink football.  

So, please excuse me while I unload 
the last 164 pictures off of my camera...

I kid.
I won't bore you with the entire batch, 
but I'm going to post some highlights.

I've got everything from little boys...
to the big boys...
There is only ONE Oklahoma.
I love the Boys of Fall!
I especially LOVE my Alma Mater and meeting up with friends from college!♥

Who's your favorite team? 
 If you don't have a favorite team...
what's your favorite color?  
I can match you up with a team you can support! =)
please say red, please say red, please say red.
I can teach you some cheers and we could even build a pyramid in the back yard.
Sorry, that's the inner cheerleader in me coming out.  


Mockingjay Review

It's been almost ten days since Mockingjay hit the shelves.

I'm so sad that it's already been released and I've devoured it. The end of a favorite book series is hard to swallow.  It's like when I was finished with Breaking Dawn...I just didn't want it to end. Ever. That's why I sent Steph all of those desperate letters.  Pleading with her to continue the story.  Wolves, half-breeds, vamps...I didn't care.

I feel the same way with Mockingjay.
I just didn't want it to end, but if the Hunger Games had to come to an end, Suzanne did a fabulous job tying up all the loose ends.

This third book was nothing short of spectacular.
She had all the important elements...suspense, thrills, romance.  It was all accounted for and present.  I loved the twists and turns of this final installment.  She kept the reader guessing until the very end.  I had a few possible endings conjured up in my mind and I didn't guess it.  I wasn't even close really.

To wrap up the high-lights, without giving any spoilers...

Katniss is still the fierce rebel,
girl on fire,
she's been from the beginning...
and she's still saving Peeta.

Gale is still at her side.

Haymitch still has her back.

Together they fight the Capitol until the very end.

The Mockingjay lives!

I cheered towards the end
and kissed my book.

I was in nerd heaven.

I definitely don't regret this...
I still feel just as passionate about it as the day I got it.

If you haven't read the series yet (even though I've told you to countless times), you should run out and buy the whole trilogy!  You won't be sorry!!

If you loved the Hunger Games, then I suggest you give The Maze Runner by James Dashner a try.  I read it last year after Catching Fire came out and I love it!  The sequel, The Scorch Trials, will be out on October, 12th!

What book or series of books are you into right now?