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Twilight is completely AWESOME! Like Melissa and others have said it is amazing...and awesome...and well, amazing. I just can't sing its praises enough. I have thought about the movie like non-stop since I watched it Friday at 5:50 central standard time. Now, don't get me wrong...I did sit there and scrutinize. There were a few parts that weren't exact from the book, but I realize for entertainment purposes the director has to change things. I get that. The casting was so right on for most of the roles. I mean Kristen Stewart, she is Bella...she is exactly like I pictured her to be while reading the books. Rob Pattinson is cute and all, but playing Edward Cullen is what makes him HOTT! I also think they were right on with Alice...she so cute and pixey like, just as I imagined her. The movie is a great translation of the book. Let me just say that it was better than I ever could have imagined and I LOVE it...and can't wait to see it again...and I don't mean waiting 'til it's out on DVD! However, I will be purchasing that as well...but I've already made plans to see it again on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Here's a pic of my ticket!

This is where we went and watched Twilight :)

It was in theater 13...not sure why I felt the need to take this picture...I'm so weird.

Here is me and Mary after the movie. I tried taking a picture while in the theater and you would have thought I had committed a crime...geez, can't a girl capture memories?!?!

Here we are in front of the theater in our "Team Cullen" shirts, you can't see them very well, but they were SO cool! (We're complete dorks)

If you haven't already seen the movie, go see it!!!

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renee said...

can I tell you...I'm TOTALLY SIKED to see the movie! (yeah, so much so I just went all 80's on you!) I can't go watch it by myself, though! You know, in case it ends after dark...scary! Oh, unless I have my pen light! Then, I'm totally safe! teehee!

renee said...

Really? Did I just leave that comment 3 times? Sorry, I get impatient and just 'click' away at the publish button! Forgive me?

Shelly said...

I love your pics. I thought all the characters were perfect. I am going again tomorrow to see it. It definitely won't be the last.

Drama queens mum said...

I'm glad that you liked it. I know you were really looking fwd to it & I'm glad you weren't disappointed.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am glad I know you : ). This made me smile BIG!

Sandy Toes said...

How fun!!! I just saw a twilight tree on another blog!
Happy Thanksgiving!
-sandy toes

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

that is awesome, i love the photos and the you..xoxoox

Katie said...

You know this post made me laugh. At least I'm not alone in my obsession over Edward. He is just so darn sweet. I think we would really hit it off... (:

melissa said...

im going to see it again tomorrow night too!! Oh how i wish we could see it together!!! I love you...we need to talk on the phone soon...i miss u so u soo much!!!