Friend Makin' Monday - I ♥ SPRING!

1. Favorite things about Spring:  What is NOT to love about spring...newness, rebirth, green, blooms, fresh dirt, gardening, being outdoors.
2. What I'm doing for Spring Break:  We just had Spring Break.  Isaiah hung out with me at work most of the time.  We went to some of our favorite restaurants and hang out spots.  Friday we went to the Aquarium.  It was fun!

3. Favorite Spring flower: daffodils

4. Do you have a garden? Yes, a flower garden.  I'm wanting to till up a vegetable garden out at my mom and dad's farm this year.  I get the feeling that I'm a little behind, but I think I'll go ahead and give it a try.  This year's harvest may not be the best, but it will be a start.
5. If so, what do you grow. In my flower garden, I usually have petunias, begonias, vincas, and verigated grasses.  When I eventually plant a real garden, I'll definitely plant cucumbers, potatoes, onions, corn, green beans and beets...oooooo, and strawberries.

6. Do you do Spring cleaning?  Yes, usually.  At the very least, I do spring organizing and purging. 

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}  Well, yesterday and Saturday were just plain dreary...snow, blowing cold winds, ice.  Yuck.  However, today is a whole new story, 60's and sunshine!  Hello, Spring!
8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us!
Happy FIRST Day of Spring!

9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon? take a walk, play at the park with Isaiah, soak up some natural vitamin d...a total mood booster.

10. Favorite TV show right now?  Ugly Betty.  I'm so sad that it's in the final season.  Boo.

I hope everyone is having a better Monday than me.  Tuesday has GOT to be better. ♥
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New Moon Party Tips and Last Minute Ideas

We all know what today is, right?  Friday.  Right, good answer.  There's something else though.

New Moon DVD Release?!?!  Ding, ding, ding.  Tell her what she's won!

So, I thought there might be some of you out there planning a last minute New Moon shindig and that you might need some last minute ideas and tips.  I've compliled a collage from my New Moon Party that I hosted last year before the midnight premiere.  I'm going to try to link you up to some quick and easy party ideas (highlighted in RED). 

  1. If you party is further down the road, like in the next couple of weeks, it's still not too late to send out some invites and set the tone for your party.  If you're wanting to do a party on the fly, then just text/e-mail some friends and tell them the when, where, what time, etc. (Links to invitation ideas - go HERE and HERE)

  2. Plan your menu, even if you're just having chips and dip, you need to know what you're going to have so you can be prepared (and possibly ask your fellow twi-hards to chip in)! (Links to recipes - go HERE and HERE)

  3. Plan your outfit!  That's one of the most fun parts!  Get creative, but remember that you'll want to be comfortable.

  4. Create some cute and original decorations/centerpieces.  Give your guests something to talk about while they're eating their mushroom ravioli or sipping their vampire martini soda. (For ideas - click HERE or HERE)

  5. Have some goodies for your friends to take home!  Everybody loves some swag! (Ideas?  Click HERE and HERE )

  6. See Above

  7. See Above

  8. Create a Candy Bar - your guests will love it!  Plus, it goes perfectly with movie can't have a movie party without some chocolate and candy to munch on!  (See what I put on my Candy Bar HERE)

  9. Invite lots of friends!

  10. Especially these guys!  (HERE is where you can order your very own Life-Size Edward and Jacob)

  11. One of my favorite places to go to for printable quotes from the movie and general party planning ideas is The Hostess with the Mostess - love her!!  Click HERE for her site.

  12.  Play some fun games - like Pin the Kiss on Edward or Pin the Kiss on Jacob!  We had so much fun!  Just buy a large poster and print out some kissy lips on address labels.  Play like pin the tail on the donkey - blind fold guests, give them a lips sticker, spin them, and let them go!  Whoever is closest to those kissable lips wins a prize.  You HAVE to have prizes!

  13. Every New Moon party needs Edward and Jacob paper plates - available right now at Wal-Mart, Target, and many many on-line shops.  Take your pick!  I bought some last weekend just for safe keeping.  You never know when you'll need them.

  14. Set the mood for your party with some fun twilight-ish decorations.  Make your guests feel like they're in Forks. 

  15. Lots of balloons...and red, black, and gold.

  16. Don't forget to kick up your feet and enjoy!
For TONS of fabulous Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse party ideas, go visit Tara's Twilight Party!

Hope everyone is having a great week!♥


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The winner is....

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I'm am totally pleased to announce that the winner of my Twilight Convention/New Moon Giveaway is none other than Mimi from Living in France!!! 
MiMi said...

OHMANOHMANOHMAN...I'm having a small heart thing right now looking at all this awesome stuff.

Jacob on a bookmark...I don't have that, I could sleep with my pillow. Sweet dreams...ahh.

I'm weird. Okay, I'll stop now. But not in my head. I want.

March 12, 2010 10:42 AM

Mimi and I share great laughs and conversations over our beloved Jacob and Edward.  I know that she'll LOVE getting a package of Twilight goodness.  It's so funny because most of the items in the giveaway lean toward the Wolf Pack and we know that Mimi's boyfriend is part of the Wolf Pack...coincidence?  I think not.  It was FATE!  Congrats, Mimi! :) I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly to get your address!!
ALSO, just a friendly reminder from your local Twi-hard...


Can I just say that I am SO excited!  I can hardly wait to have that DVD in my hand and at my disposal.  I even bought some more Edward and Jacob paper plates.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for just yet, but I know I'll think of something.  I did kind of get called out by my 6 year old neice as I was tossing them in the shopping cart.  She says, "Aunt Jenny, don't you already have some of those?"  I say, "why yes, Gracie, I do."  She says, "Soooo why are you buying more."  I say, "MYOB because I might run out and that wouldn't be should always have an ample supply of Edward and Jacob paper plates."  She just giggled.  She knows her Aunt Jenny is crazy.  My cousin, Allison, and I are going to our local Border's for their DVD release party.  Any guesses on how many people over the age of 18 will be there...besides us?

Oh, and one last notable thought...I just posted my 300th post!  Crazy?!  Why, yes it is.  I can't believe I've made 300 blog posts.  So, come back and see me next week for another giveaway!


Eclipse Sneek Peek

Have you seen this 2 minute sneek peek of Eclipse?

This gets me so pumped for the movie...and I can't wait to see the 8 minute clip that is on the New Moon DVD deluxe edition from Wal-Mart!  So excited!  However, I'm trying to pull myself back from the edge a little.  I don't want to know too much.  I still want to be surprised and experience Eclipse for the first time on the big screen.  With New Moon, I felt like I had practically seen the movie before it ever came out, because I had watched so many trailers and teasers and behind the scenes footage.

A few things that bring me great delight:
  • Jasper's hair...looks soooooo much better than New Moon!
  • Rosalie's hair...looks 10 times better than Twilight and New Moon put together.
  • Seeing the newborn vampires...lots of action in this 3rd movie and it's going to be thrilling to watch!
  • The sets/scenes look phenomenal
  • Edward and Jacob's level of hottness...can I get an AMEN up in this blog?!
  • I can't wait to see what David Slade brings to the Saga!
Don't forget to go and enter my giveaway (sorry, Mimi...I forgot I was supposed to keep it on the down low.)  Click HERE to enter.  Who is going to pick up their New Moon DVD at midnight Friday night?? (besides me)  I might have another giveaway coming up next week and it might have to do with said New Moon DVD.  Stay tuned.


Bundled Up...i heart faces

I know most of my followers have seen this pic before, but I haven't joined in over at i heart faces in FOREVA, and today's theme is "Bundled Up" and I thought this was

For more "bundled up" pics, go to i heart faces .

I'm Doing...Friend Makin' Monday

I am...having a Twilight/New Moon Giveaway on my blog right now...go HERE to comment and enter!

I think...I'm ready for Spring.
I working instead of blogging.
I color and about weird things...often related to what I'm reading when I fall asleep (achem...Twilight)
I whole family to know Christ and for the world to be at peace.
I know...random things. 
I don't like...mean people.  They suck.
I smell...a baked apple pie candle that I bought from the Calvary Boys Ranch.
I hear...the copier going.
I fear...loss.
I usually...have Pocket Edward close by.

I search...the web for info about RPattz/Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse/Taylor/KStew/cute clothes/cute shoes/things with zebra print/birdies for my bathroom/random things.
I Grandpa Norman.  He went to be with Jesus earlier this year.  My niece, Gracie, her and my step-brother moved back to Washington.  My cousin, Lindz, because she lives in ATL...and she should come home! Just my PO. Friends who I haven't seen in TOO long or friends I've never seen in person before...I still miss them.
I always...burp.  I know, real lady like.  I'm just keepin' it real people.
I regret...nothing.  I live with no regrets.  I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
I wonder...what Edward and Bella are doing right now?
I crave...Starbucks.  I know coffee isn't a common thing people crave, but it's what I crave.
I remember...moments of extreme emotions.  I usually can remember everything...smells, scenes...what I was wearing, who I was with...etc.
I need...more sleep.  I hate this time change bizness.
I forget...what it was like before Isaiah came along.

I feel...distracted.
I all things.
I can' not in my vocabulary. :)
I am happy...when others are happy.
I Social Security card.  I never can find that thing when I need it.
I the car...very loudly.
I a little bit of everything...Kari Jobe, Consumed By Fire, Casting Crowns, Beyonce, Jay-Z, T.I., Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Warren G, Tone Loc
I shop...frequently.  I love shopping at Coach, Target, Khol's, and White House Black Market.
I eat...pretty healthy.  Sometimes I slip off the wagon on the weekends, but I usually hop right back on come Monday morning.
I love...this time of year...Come on, Spring!

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The Official Twilight Convention/New Moon GIVEAWAY!!!

If you wanna win some awesome Twilight Convention/New Moon goodies, raise your hand!!

Here is what you could win:
  1. An Official Twilight Convention tote bag
  2. A Twilight Heart Necklace
  3. A New Moon cuff bracelet
  4. A Jacob bookmark
  5. Two packs of New Moon trading cards (you'll have to let me know what you get, maybe we could swap some cards :P)
  6. New Moon Sweethearts
  7. A couple of freebies from the Twilight Lexicon ladies - a Wolf Pack Cliff Diving Team Booster Club keychain and a Paw Pride pencil
  8. New Moon removeable stickers (Cullen and Wolf Pack)
  9. New Moon pins/buttons

All you have to do is leave a's that simple (and be sure that I can reach you through e-mail).  The comment must be left on this blog post (not on Facebook).  This giveaway will end on St. Patty's could really be your LUCKY day! =)  I'll announce the winner later that day! 
Peace, Love, and Twilight♥
I'm linking up on Keeping up with the Shultz Family ...Amy is hosting a Round Robin today!


THE Official Twilight Convention - ATL 2010...AND Eclipse Trailer!!

There is SO much excitement in Twi-land!  Have you seen the Eclipse teaser and/or trailer yet??
For those who haven't...don't waste any more time...Here's the TRAILER...(Feel free to watch it as much as you want...I don't charge for parking. :)

OHMYTWILIGHTGOODNESS (OMTG...from here on out)!!!  How exciting is that?  Goosebumps?  Check.  Elevated blood pressure?  Check.  Tear in eye?  Check. (Quit judging's emotional!)  Edward just saying her name at the beginning is enough to get me, and then you throw Jacob's bit in there "I'll fight for you until your heart stops beating"....holy smokes, does it get any sweeter than that?  Oh, to be Bella Swan for a day...a girl can dream.

Who wants to talk Twilight Convention?  Me!  I do!  I do!

Most asked questions...

Was it fun?  Hmmmm.  Let me check.  DUH!  Let's just say that it was beyond was amazing...I need to invent a new word for how fun it was.

Would I do it again?  That would be a yes!  I'm hooked.  When's the next one?  Sign me up!

Would I get Gold Package again?  Absolutely, YES!  It was well worth it.  We were on the 4th row and it was easy to get great pictures.  We also had tickets to all of the extras.  It was nice to be first in line for autographs.  I would definitely go gold again.

What was the best part?  It's just too hard to choose...but the highlights are meeting all seven stars.  I went in being so super excited to meet Peter Facinelli (which was amazing...if I say "amazing" one more time, just change my name to Jake and put me on the Bachelor), and it was definitely a highlight...probably at the top of the list.  He is so down to earth and super funny.  I was just hanging on every.single.word.he.said.  What I thought was interesting was that I was excited to see each star because of the role they play in the Twilight Saga, but I left being a personal fan.  I love each and every one of them for who they are and not just for the role they play.  Does that make sense? 

My most memorable conversation was with Michael Welch (Mike Newton).  It was at the end of a long day and we were waiting in line for his autograph.  We were having fun conversations with all the people we were standing in line with and goofing off.  So, by the time we got to the table to get our autograph, we were being silly and cutting up (which is right up his alley...he is SUCH a clown!).  I was telling him how good his coffee smelled...and how I wish I had some Starbucks about right now.  We hadn't ate ALL day.  (One of the prices you pay to be at Twi Con...we referred to it as the Twi Con Diet...everybody should try it. =P)  So, he starts sipping on his coffee...really slowly...savoring each sip.  All the while, we're just standing there waiting on our autograph.  I told him how unfair it was and that he was basically a punk (yeah, I might of said those exact words...while laughing, of course).  THEN, he offers me a drink of his coffee!  I thought he was joking at first, but after us discussing the fact that I don't have cooties, I realized that he was being completely serious.  I wouldn't do it because I thought he would probably just throw it away after I walked off...but now I'm not sure that he would of, he's pretty crazy like that.  I told him I couldn't see a good cup of coffee go to waste...that is just wrong.  We had a good laugh.  It was fun interacting with him.

Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) is from Texas, and being the big time Sooner fans that my cousin Lindsay and I are, we decided we needed to find out if he was a UT (Longhorns) fan.  I would like to assure that he is NOT.  Whew, what a relief.  Funny thing was that he didn't even know who we were talking about.  He's not a football fan.  We told him we wouldn't hold it against him.

An unexpected surprise was the cast of the internet phenom Hillywood Show.  They were so super cool and played their roles so well!  Sometimes I felt like I was looking at THE Jacob or THE Jasper...they were so so good.  Hilly and Hannah are amazing talents.  They're geniuses at this parody stuff.  You should check them out online.  You can find them at !

I collected a few things while at the Convention to does a little Twilight Convention/New Moon Giveaway sound???  Come back tomorrow for a peak at what I have to give away and the details on how to enter!

To see all of my pictures from The Official Twilight Convention Atlanta 2010, go to my facebook page - .  I have my pictures set to public for now or you can just send me a friend request if you would like!
(I have a whole album dedicated to the Adventures of Pocket don't want to miss it.)

I hope you are all having a great week!  I'm trying to resume to my normal routine...and hopefully I'll get around to visiting all my favorite bloggers soon!!  I miss you guys when I'm not here♥


On The Wings Of...Lust

Yes, Jake picked the Hillbilly Backwoods Debutante, Vienna. I was not shocked. I didn't read any spoilers, but I was reading Jake and I'm pretty sure that he said that stuff to Tenley on the boat to kind of warn her about what was going to happen.  Tenley is so so super sweet.  She definitely deserves to have someone who is going to love her as much as she loves them.  I guess if Jake had any hesitations, I'm glad he let her go...better now than down the road. 
I may be reacting a little harshly, but I really truly feel like Jake picked Vienna because he's attracted to her physically and not much more. On a side note, did you guys notice that she was already talking trash about Tenley to Jake's sister-in-laws?!  She is such a little trouble-maker!  I think she'll be causin' trouble for Jake down the road.  I may be wrong. It's happened before. We'll see how it goes.

My husband has officially banned The Bachelor from our living room.  (whateva)  I'm stoked about Ali being the next Bachelorette.  Michael also said there would be no more DWTS (he gets real carried away with his bans)...that was until he saw that Erin Andrews was going to be a contestant, so we're back on for DWTS.  My pre-season favorites are Olympian, Evan Lysacek and ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews...only because she's dancing with Maks.

Who is your pre-season pick for DWTS?


Monday, Monday.

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging. It's not been intentional. I've had this yucky sinus junk and just have not been feeling myself lately.

Plus, I've had this little guy at work with me some the past couple of weeks.

Which one do you like better?  I've been playing around with some photo editing in Picnik.

It seems like Isaiah is out of school every time I turn around. We've had lots of snow and ice days this year, and then you add on the "professional days" and holidays and it just gets crazy!

Guess what this week is???

Did you guess?

If you guessed that it is THE OFFICIAL Twilight Convention, then you would be absolutely correct! I fly to Atlanta on Thursday. My cousin, Lindsay, is picking me up from the airport and we are meeting up with some friends for dinner in Peach Tree City that night. There's a little twist to the dinner though. These friends we're meeting are a couple of friends who I met on Cafemom and now keep up with through Facebook. So, it's going to be super exciting to finally meet them in person.

The convention starts on Friday! Gold Weekend Patrons (that's us!) get to pre-register at 11:00 on Friday. We'll be there with bells on...we definitely don't want to miss a thing! Friday is the day we get to see Peter Facinelli!   Woot! 

I think he's definitely the person I am most excited about seeing. The event that I am most looking forward to is the Volturi Ball on Saturday night!! I love my dress and shoes that I bought and I can't wait to wear them!

I'm taking my laptop and I plan on trying to blog while I'm there. We'll see how that goes. I may at least be able to post some pics and do a short post. I will definitely be posting on Facebook and Twitter. So, if you follow me on one of those sites, you'll be able to see some pics and read my ramblings from TwiCon.

One thing I'm not looking forward to is leaving Isaiah for almost 5 days! I'm going to be away from him for 4 nights! That's the longest I've ever been gone from him. I hadn't really thought much about it until now. Up to this point, I had just thought of Twilight and being in Atlanta with Lindsay...and how much fun all of that was going to be. I told him last night how much I was going to miss him and he said that if I miss him too much I could call him...thanks, Buddy. I'm thinking it'll be harder on me than it will be on him.

I'm planning on doing a giveaway of stuff from the convention! I haven't decided what might be in that giveaway just yet...I may not know until I'm there and see what I find to include in it. Any ideas? Requests? =) Stuff you think would be cool?