Mod Podge Mania

My AWEsome friend, Xazmin @ This is the Year, hosts MOD PODGE MANIA! She always has some fabulous things that she has mod podged (is that a word?). I'm totally loving the "BOO" blocks that she posted pics of last month. Go HERE to see them. This month she posted pics of some books that she covered in sheet music to use as decoration on her clever. There are lots of great links to some adorable mod podge sure to make the rounds!

I've been wanting to play along and haven't had the time to make any new crafts recently, so I'm pulling one out of the vault.

Last year, I made TONS of these little guys. I made them in oranges and golds. I also made some red and black SPARKLY ones (you know, "Twilight-ish"). They are super easy to make. Just take a pumpkin, smear it with a thin layer of mod podge, and generously sprinkle with - glitter (over a bowl, then reuse the excess glitter) - I LOVE things that sparkle. *wink* As a final step, take them outdoors and spray them with a sealant. This year I'm going to make them with artificial pumpkins so that I can save them from year to year.

Ribbon is a cute way to tie everything together...

I LOVE pumpkins!

Hope you've all had a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!


Tuesday Twilight Saga Update

It's Tuesday...time for some Twilight updates. =)

I've been seeing lots of new New Moon pics. There are tons of fan-made posters floating around (some really good ones) and a few pics "official" movie posters like this one...

I sooooo need one of those!!! It would look FABULOUS here...

OK, I realize that's a little...achem...crowded, BUT I'm sure I could find a spot. There's still a little white left.

Get a look at this...
TWILIGHT Scene It! I love that game...even better with Twilight as a theme! It comes out in October according to They also said that there is a Wii version of the Scene It game designed around the Twilight Saga! Sign me up! (follow the link to read more)

Also on the EXAMINER, they were speaking of Twilight inspired Halloween costumes! Something I have put a lot of thought into!! They provided a link to Coastal Contacts for your very own pair of amber colored contacts. (Side note: I already have my order in!) Jen @ Harried Mom of Four already has her trial pair...JEALOUS! ;)
I've got a few more things to talk about, but I'll save them for next week. I've got to get back to know that stuff I actually get paid for.
Hope everyone is have a great week so far!!♥


Saturday Post

Soonerpups soccer...I love Saturdays.

Hope everyone has a SUPERB Saturday!


Friday Confessions - Hunger Games (Mockingjay) Tattoo Pic!

I must confess...
  • I REALLY got a tattoo
  • it is REALLY of a fictional bird
  • and I REALLY love it!
 The bird is a mockingjay. It's a figment of author Suzanne Collins imagination and a symbol she uses in her Hunger Games series to represent strength, survival, and freedom. I had been wanting a bird tattoo for a while and knew that I didn't want the same thing everyone else had. When I caught a glimpse of this on the Internet, it just resonated with me. I think it also reprents living life under your own terms. I really connected with the books and the heroine of the books. I like things to be original and most of all have meaning. The night before last, my husband was trying to get me to convince him why he should like it, because he thought it was lame.

He thinks it's fantastic. (I knew he would.:) Jose @ Outsiders Ink (in Tulsa, OK) did this tattoo (as well as my "Twilight" tattoo). He is an amazing artist and gives great attention to detail. I highly recommend!
  • We were at Outsiders for NINE hours! We all got a little bored after a while and I so took pictures of myself while sitting in the bathroom. Do NOT ask my why. I really have no idea.
  • Remember those New Moon candies I was telling you about? I bought of each (x3). I decided to break open one of the "Bellas". I'm not sure how many WW points they are, but I ate it anyway. Pretty tasty. I bet the Edward or Jacob one would have tasted better...maybe I'll give them a try.
Aren't they cute? They say "bella" w/ a Cullen crest.
  • My good confession for the week: I was CRAVING Chili Cheese Fritos in the worst way on my way home this morning at 2:30AM. However, I did not cave. I did not go to QT and buy the "big bag". I wanted to and I wanted to chase them with a large cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Didn't...didn't do it.
Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Friday! Enjoy your weekend!!


Thursday Thankfuls

On this Thursday, I am thankful for:
  • the cooler temps...I LOVE fall weather!
  • the new tattoo I'm getting TONIGHT...I love getting inked!
  • my husband...for letting me get whatever tattoo I want w/out any stinky comments, because he WANTs me to be happy and whatever makes me happy makes him happy...right, babe?! ;) (Just say "yes" Michael.)
  • these smaller jeans that I could fit into this morning...even though I did gain .2 at WW yesterday. Just goes to show you that the scale doesn't tell the whole story!
  • my Isaiah...he's such a funny boy and he always has interesting and entertaining things to tell me. I think I'll let him vlog on my blog.
  • the simple ways that God reminds me that He's in control...NOT ME...OK, I'm listening.

What are you THANKFUL for?

Hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!!


Extreme Makeover {Me Edition}

{ae filkins}

So, today Amber wants to know if we watch The Biggest Loser and what we think? Is it inspiring?
To be completely honest, I love BL and I always have good intentions of watching it and I do sometimes, but I'm not faithful at all. I try to make it to church on Wednesday nights, and I usually DVR BL...BUT you should see my DVR schedule. It is JAMMED packed full of shows. Michael is always nagging for me to quit setting things to record. However, he does NOT allow me to delete shows. He does all the DVR maintenance. I'm notorious for deleting ALL the DVR'd shows. I don't know what happens. I think I'm deleting just my show and BAM...the next thing I know the whole DVR listing is EMPTY. I tried to play dumb the first, "that CRAZY DVR...we should call them and tell them we need a new one!" After a couple of's sooooo obvious that it's not a DVR glitch. I digress.
Even though I don't watch The Biggest Loser faithfully, I do love the show. I think it is amazing what those people can accomplish during their time at the ranch. I'm totally inspired and when I do watch I actually get pumped up and note some of the things that they are doing and apply it to my weight loss efforts. I also CRY... A LOT! At times, that can lead to emotional eating. So, I kind of have to be careful and be prepared with a low point snack, because I know I'm going to want to
IGAINED at WW today...AGAIN! It was only .2 (two tenths), but UGH! It is so frustrating. However, I stayed for the meeting today and it was so helpful. Our WW leader was talking about setting goals and how we see success. She reminded us that our weight does not define US! That is so true and such a great thing to remember. Also, she made mention that we should try to rid ourselves of stress. It is proven that stress alone can pack on the pounds or at least keep you from losing pounds. So, I'm making it my one and only goal this week to do some major stress relieving...exercise, prayer, devotion.
How are you doing?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday Twilight Saga Update

Oh, girls (and guys...if there are any of you who actually read all this Twilight mumbo-jumbo)...the closer it gets to November, the more excited I get! Now they have all this talk around on the net about Eclipse...and the set and cast and's just crazy! I almost can't keep up with it all...I said almost. Here are a few of my favorite Twilight Topics from the web during the past week:

  • One of my biggest dilemmas lately is WHAT TO WEAR to the opening night of New Moon! Should I wear "New Moon" garb? Red and black something-or-another? Something cute and flippy like an "Alice dress"? Well, whatever I choose, it will NOT be Pattinson Pants - OMG!

  • If you feel like putting pictures of Robert Pattinson or any other actor/actress in Twilight all over a pair of 80's stone-washed jeans, PLEASE lie down until the feeling passes.

  • Eclipse set pics - all of wolf pack is on set! Check them out here -

  • Have you guys see Lip Venom - Twilight Lip Venom or Moon Venom - follow those links to they have the whole line! I so need some of that!

  • I went last week to Walgreen's to pick up a couple of prescriptions for Isaiah and they have New Moon Candy and New Moon Halloween cards! (Plus candy blood in a bag, and blood lollipops...they're really playing the vampire card!) You know I bought one! OK, more than one.

  • I bought this @ Target...

I realize the pages inside are the same as the original...(thank you to my mother for pointing that out.) BUT I had to have the movie cover. So HOTT! Love it!

  • I had read rumors that New Moon would premier on a new moon and Eclipse would premier the night of an cool would that be?! I did some research...AND Wikipedia says "A partial lunar eclipse will take place on June 26, 2010, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2010. The second will be a total eclipse on December 21, 2010." Also, according to USNO the next new moon is on November 16, 2009. SO, when are the premiers? According to 16! So cool! I couldn't find an exact date as to when the premiere of Eclipse will be, but I'm guessing that it'll be right on target for the lunar eclipse on June 26, because it will come out in theaters on June 30, 2010! I think that is a very clever marketing strategy. Love it!

I'll be back again next Tuesday with more Twilight talk. =)

For more Twilight talk any day of the week, go to some of my favorite sites:

Hope everyone is have a terrific Tuesday!


Friend Makin' Monday

It's Monday! I'm feeling like it's a "manic Monday"! Seriously, I've experienced all the stupidness I can for one day! I've spilt coffee, ran late, my computer broke, waited 10 minutes while people "rubber-necked" looking at a small "finder-bender"...seriously people, move on...NOTHING TO SEE HERE! My husband has text me TEN times today regarding calling the pest control people because he thinks we might have termites. I'M AT WORK! I mean, I realize he is too, but geez! OK, more ranting from me...only puppy dogs and rainbows from here on out.

Amber over at {aefilkins} hosts Friend Making Monday. If you've never joined in, you should! Don't you like making friends? Okay, then what are you waiting for?

Today's topic: Craigslist - what have you purchased? what's the best deal you've ever got? etc.

Ok, well, I'm not a huge Craigslist-er, but I'm surrounded by them! All of my co-workers are big time Craigslist people...and freecycle and ebay...and all those other .com places. Honestly, the only thing I've ever tried to sell on Craigslist was a pair of NKOTB tickets. They didn't sell. I had to put them on eBay. So, I guess until I really "hit the big one" and walk away with some amazing thing for next to nothing, I won't be a big Craigslist person. My co-workers have got some awesome stuff oriental rug, free headboard and footboard for a queen bed, a NICE black real leather couch for $100! Amber has got some pretty sweet deals too, so go check them out and all the other FMM's at {aefilkins}.

Now for a few awards...

Thank you, Macey for this Kreativ Blogger award! Man, it just totally makes my day when I get fun awards from fellow bloggers! Macey's blog, Living in France, it SUCH a fun blog. She is a HOOT! Always good for a laugh and a walk on the lighter side of life.

I'm supposed to tag 7 bloggers who I think are "kreativ"! That should be easy, right?, but it's hard to choose JUST 7!!!

  1. Tanielle - she's always up to something "kreativ" and crafty!
  2. Becca - I think she's so clever for having her kiddos collect a postcard from ALL 50 states this summer!
  3. Vivienne - The best, most humorous story-teller EVER!
  4. Rebeckah - This girl is the most talented photographer! She really knows how to capture the moment...she's also a beautiful person...on the inside and out!!
  5. Kelli - She has a Cricut...and I'm jealous. :) I love her posts, her blog is a breath of fresh air...always doing something crafty...stamping, paper name it!
  6. Carrie - What a talented girl! She is so good at turning nothing into SOMETHING! She's crafty and so great and re-doing things and giving them life again! You've got to see her little boy's nursery!
  7. JenJen - I LOVE hostessing and Jennifer is an amazing hostess. The parties she throws are DIVINE! I have her Twilight party from last year bookmarked in my favorites. It's like my go-to guide for planning my New Moon party. :)

Thanks to Shawn@ Seriously for this bloggy award. Her blog is such a fun read. She tells very humorous stories about her girls and hubby. She has such wit and spunk. I just lover her. She said this blog award reminded her of Twilight...imagine that my blog came to mind. Hmmm. :P

Thanks for the award, Shawn! I love bloggy awards! I'm supposed to pass it on to 4 deserving bloggers. As far as I'm concerned, all the bloggers I follow are TOTALLY deserving. It's always so hard to pick just 4! However, I know that if I don't pick 4, then the award basically "dies off", so in hopes of keeping this nifty blog award going, I award this to:

  1. Michelle at Tickled Pink and Fabulous - she shares my deep love for Twilight (she's even been to FORKS!) and I really do think she is FABULOUS!!
  2. Connie @ The Young and The Relentless - holy moley, she is HILARIOUS! I love this girl. Her Vlogs are the best!
  3. Xazmin (pronounced case you were wondering) @ This is the Year - she doesn't love Twilight, but she loves Angel and Spike from Buffy...and I love her! :) (ps I'm working on converting her over to the Twilight Side.)
  4. Shortmama @ Family of Shorts - she is great and she's keepin' it real! I love reading her blog. Plus, she has some good meme's (you know where write a post related to a topic, copy and past a cute little button and link up...that's a meme:)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!


This, That, and The Other

THIS is my hubby's 33rd birthday!!

He's such a great guy, who puts up with all my craziness. He always has been supportive of everything I've wanted to do. He even knows about all this Twilight craziness that goes on here. (Like, he EVEN knows that I love Edward and he's ok with that...well, it's like his free pass, because he loves Ashley Judd, so my love for Edward makes us "even".) He let's me just be me. I love him for that...and for many other things. Happy Birthday, babe!

I also wanted to say THAT I'm going to have a Twilight Saga/New Moon bloggy carnival thingy! HOWEVER, I'm not exactly sure how to go about it...any suggestions or advice? I'll keep you guys posted.

THE OTHER thing I wanted to share is that I gained 1.6 pounds at Weight Watchers yesterday. I had a small pity party accompanied by the inhalation of a Snickers bar. After wiping the chocolate off of my lips...achem...I felt a new sense of determination. Those scales will not beat me! I'm bigger than them! I boycotted the whole weight loss venture yesterday and didn't do an Extreme Makeover:Me Edition post, but I'll join back in next week.

Hope all of you are having a great day!'s contagious. :)


Tuesday Twilight Saga Update

So, we're just a little over 2 months away from the opening night of The Twilight Saga: New Moon!! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. Seriously. I'm so excited. As a form of therapy for myself, an outlet per say, I will be doing a Twilight Saga update each Tuesday on any of the news I've heard or read and links when I can give them. Basically you'll get the 411 on all things Twilight. I'll do my best to reserve any Twilight tangents for Tuesdays (but I can't promise that they won't creep into Friday Confessions).

I'm sure everyone has seen the new trailer from the VMAs! It is so good. If you haven't go to my post from Sunday. It's full of Twilight yumminess. There are new scenes with the Volturi (I'm LOVING Dakota Fanning as Jane)! Click HERE

Fandango has tickets for sale from select theaters! If you haven't already, go check Fandango and see if your local theater is offering "early sale" tickets! You don't want to miss the midnight showing, do you?! Click HERE

There is already some New Moon merchandise for sale...

Available TODAY is the New Moon book with the movie cover! Click HERE

Also at you can pre-order the New Moon Movie Companion that will be available on October 6th. I'm sure there will be lots of great scene shots and insider information from Chris Weitz!!

Hot Topic has New Moon shirts!!! I purchased all of my Twilight shirts from them last year and they are AWESOME! So, I'll be making a few purchases there soon! My b-day is coming up and you know what this Twi-girl will be asking for! You can also pre-order the New Moon Soundtrack, which will be available for purchase on October 20th! The first single from the New Moon soundtrack is Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox". Click HERE

Something that humors me, but I am intrigued nonetheless, Burger King is partnering with The Twilight Saga: New Moon and will be featuring our beloved Bella, Edward, and Jacob on Burger King crowns beginning in November! LOL. Now that's a WHOPPER! (I'm retarded) You can read more about it HERE

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!♥


Friend Makin' Monday! ♥

It's FMMs over at {aefilkins}, who is expecting a new addition come May 2010! (you should run over there and congratulate her! Congratulations, Amber!!)

This week on FMMs we're discussing our FAV FAB FALL shows (that I am personally anxiously awaiting...I've already got my DVR set!)

So, Amber wants to know -

Since fall is {almost} in full swing, you know what that means!
Season premiere week is right around the corner!!
What are some of your favorite fall shows?

Fall is my FAV season for TV! All my shows premier sometime from September to October. I've got the DVR set and I'm preparing for less sleep. I usually have to watch the DVR'd version after Isaiah hits the hay. So, I'm usually up WAY past my bedtime, but it's oh-so-worth it! I love me some good TV.

Ugly Betty, who wouldn't love this show?! Betty is so real and human...and NOT perfect. I LOVE her! I secretly want her and Daniel to be together. I'm so sad that Daniel lost Molly and it seems that Betty can never catch a break. They would be so perfect together. Besides, she already loves taking care of him. It's so cute. Ahhhh. Amanda and Marc just top it off. They're so sneaky and snotty and just down-right nasty...and I LOVE them! October 9 @ 8/7c! I can't wait!

Grey's...what's to say? We all know and love this show, right? If you don't, then you SHOULD! It's the best. My question hanging from last season is will Izzy live or die? In my opinion, she has to live. How can you have Grey's and NOT have Izzy? I'm very very sad that George is making his exit. I cried a river on the season finale. I can't wait until the season premier...I've GOT to know what is going on at Seattle Grace!! September 24 9/8c!

PRIVATE PRACTICE! LOVE this show! I love Addison and her revolving love life. I really want SWAT guy back! He was hott! I'm anxiously awaiting to see what happens to Violet and her baby! I can't believe that these crazzzzy TV producers think it's ok to leave a person hanging for so many month...wondering if someone lives or dies...does the crazy lady take the baby...what happens to Violet? It's all too much really. I feel like writing them a piece of hate mail, but fortunately for them, the new season is about to begin! October 1 (my birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!) @ 10/9c!

Dancing with the Stars = hot guys with no shirts (like Maksim)!!! WOOT! I'm always appauled at some of the "stars" they get to come on this show...really? WHO ARE YOU??...and you're HOW OLD? Paahhhleeeaaassee! However, the few talented stars and the hot hot professionals make up for some of that. Plus, the old geezers always provide good entertainment...a chuckle here and there. I say bring back Cloris!

Click on HERE for a complete list of the fall television lineup!
Hope everyone has a mah-velous Monday!♥


Saturday Snapshots

Here's a few snapshots I took over Labor Day Weekend...just wanted to share. :)

One of the new kittens at Grammy and Papaw's

Grammy and Papaw's dog, Meesha

Ol' Glory

Isaiah and my favorite new kitten...I want to take her home, but my BIG black dog wouldn't like her much.

A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Maybe a fairy lives under there?
Country living

An almost full moon

Hope everyone is have a splendid Saturday!


Friday Confessions and my new office decor ;)

  • Should I confess now or later that I've been falling asleep to Twilight (the movie) playing on my iPod?
  • Along with that I should also confess that I've been listening to Twilight (the movie) on my way to work...not watching...ok, watching, but just every brief once in a while when I know Edward graces the screen....oooo, and that one scene at the end where Jacob shows up at the prom. Love that scene.
  • I sent Melissa a care package b/c her kiddos have been sick with the Swine Flu. (that wasn't the confession) I took some tissue paper with me just in case I needed it as a filler in the box. After purchasing my care package items, I dumped them all in the Fed-Ex box. In my haste to get the package into the Fed-Ex drop before the deadline, I left the said tissue paper all folded up nice and neatly in the bottom of the box. I'm sure Melissa was like "thanks, Jen...tissue paper, just what we needed...are we supposed to blow our nose with this?"
  • I let the ATM eat my debit card! Yep, I walked off and left my card in a machine and it ate it! I almost forgot how to write a check. I've been in awkward situations a few times already because of it. Like last night, I ran by the convenience store (who does NOT take checks) to purchase a bottle of water and some Mountain Dew for Michael. I realized I did not have a debit card or cash and had to make my purchase with quarters. (Man, those quarters have really saved me lately!) Mr. Habeeb (ok, I don't really know his name, but that seems fitting) seemed really appreciative. He said "o, thank you...we been short on change." Glad I could help, Mr. Habeeb. Glad I could help.
  • I've made a few changes to my decor in my office...

Is it do I put this...over the top? I really need your professional opinion...or maybe I should just see a professional...therapist, that is.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

I'll always remember...


Catching Fire Review

I just finished reading Catching Fire. It is written by Suzanne Collins and is the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. The third book won't be out until next year. The first two books have been so good. I really love them and I can't wait for the third one to be out. Suzanne is a YA author, but these books are so much more in depth than most YA books. They have an amazing plot and she keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I can never put them down once I start. They have a love twist to them and are full of suspense. She's created this whole new country called Panem, which used to be the United States, and she pulls in a lot of political undertones. I just can't say enough good things about them!
I am a sucker for twisted, undying love...can you tell? Seriously, if there isn't romance I don't want to read it, BUT if there is, it really does not matter what genre it is...I want it! Peeta's undying love for Katniss is so human and real. During the book, I can feel the anguish, the longing, the guilt, and the way that Katniss is torn between two loves. It's so strong and Suzanne delivers it so well. It's like it just jumps right off the page. No longer is it just words on a page, it's real. There is also a survival part of this book that I just can't get enough of. Katniss and Peeta are put in an unreal situation where they must survive the most gruesome of circumstances. You must read The Hunger Games first and then Catching Fire. They are not stand-alone or companion books, they must be read in order.

I promise that if you love romance or'll LOVE The Hunger Games!


Extreme Makeover : Me Edition

It Wednesday, and that means it's Extreme Makeover:Me Edition over at {aefilkins}
This week's question:
How are you being a healthy role model for your children?
Well, truthfully, one of the main reasons that I want to be in better shape is to set a better example for Isaiah. Of course, I also do it for myself. I had a WW leader tell me one time that if we always try to lose weight for someone else, we will never succeed.
I make it a point to always offer Isaiah healthy options for meals and we (almost) always eat balanced/healthy meals together for dinner. We stress that exercise and good sleep habits are also essential to good health, and try to do active things as a family. Isaiah asks a lot "is this healFy?" (it's 'healfy', not healthy =P) So, I know he thinks about what he's eating and doing and whether or not it's good for his body. I think causing our kids to be aware is one of the best things we can do.
I know that there is always room for improvement...I'm definitely a work in progress.
I have two 'healfy' recipes to share with you guys!
2 Point WW Devil's Food Cake
1 package Devil's Food Cake Mix
1 15 oz can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, just pumpkin)
Mix those two ingredients together (it seems as if they will never mix together, but surprise surprise...they DO!) Pour mixture into any type of cake pan, but I've found it most helpful for portion control purposes to pour the mix into 24 mini muffin tins (only 1 point a piece) or 12 muffin tins (only 2 points a piece). Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean. It's oh-so-yummy!
Stuffed Mushrooms
12 mushrooms
2 oz low-fat cream cheese
4 tbsp. Parmesan cheese
1 tsp garlic
Mix cream cheese, Parmesan, and garlic together. You may need to soften the cream cheese in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Clean the mushrooms and take the stems off. Spoon the cream cheese mixture into the mushrooms and place them into a baking dish (sprayed with cooking spray) w/ the cream cheese mixture facing up. Bake in the over at 350 for 30 minutes. 1 point per mushroom! Delish! I served these last week with Parmesan Turkey Burgers (basically just one pound of ground turkey w/ 4 tbsp. of Parmesan and 2 tbsp. garlic salt mixed in, divided into 4 patties) and steamed green beans.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!♥


Oooodles and OOooodles of Swapping Goodness

Seriously's (Shawn's) Birthday Swap reaped HUGE rewards for me! Julie got my name again! WooT wOOt! Last Wednesday was such a good day...I lost 1.8 pounds at Weight Watchers AND Julie's swap package arrived...with a bracelet that matched the outfit I was wearing to a T! It was so meant to be!!
She had my name back in February for my first swap EVER...a Valentine's Day swap...and she showered me with oodles and oodles of goodies. This time around was no different! I got the most fabulous "vampire-ish" swap package EVER! Julie is so clever and creative when she puts together a package. She sent me all sorts of things that are shiny, sparkly, red, black...everything that makes you think Twilight!
She sent me an adorable faux leather shiny red clutch that has a long strap to wear over your shoulder...should come in really handy at midnight on November 20th, when I'm watching New Moon! I also put it to good use this weekend while attending my first OU game of the season, which by the way was a HUGE disappointment. My wounds are fresh, so I would like to bypass that topic for now. She also sent me the CUTEST black bangle bracelet that is studded with hot pink/reddish jewels...which I have worn 4 of the 6 days since I received my package! I LOVE IT! It goes with everything! I also be incorporating it into my New Moon attire. I also got these fantastic re-usable shopping bags that are black and white damask print with my initial on cute is that?! I have already got major compliments! She has read of my love for stainless steel water bottles and included a red shiny one in my package, along with some red and black fingernail polish (SWEET! Perfect for opening night of New Moon!), a red glittery heart candle, and a super cool ring that is big (I love big bling) adorned with fall colored jewels, AND some Midnight Pomegranate body wash from Bath and Body Works (doesn't that just scream "vampire" :P)!

I really love love love it all! I just can't say enough nice things about Julie! She is a gem and the sweetest thing ever...I just love her! Go visit her blog and let her show you some good 'ol Texas hospitality and her wonderfully shabby chic decorating ideas...and you'll for sure hear about how good life is on the ranch. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again, Julie...not only for my swap goodies, but for being my friend.
Hope everyone is have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!