Friday Confession

  • What is the limit on how many times you can wash ONE load of clothes?  I mean, will the clothes eventually just fall apart in the washer?  I have seriously had to was the SAME load of clothes like 5 times!  It is so hot and if I don't put a freshly washed load of clothes directly into the dryer, they stink!  Plus, I get side tracked and let them sit to long...and by "side tracked" I mean watch too much Big Brother.
  • I LOVE iCarly.  Shoosh, I'll sit for hours, even when Isaiah isn't around, and I'll watch episode after episode.  If I was 14, Freddy would be my boy crush.  I want Spencer to be my big brother and Sam to be my BFF, so in essence, I want to change my name to Carly.  Is her bedroom not rockin' awesome?! Anybody else an iCarly fan?  Do you watch Nick/Nick Jr./Disney when your kids aren't around?
  • I'm doing the "D" word.  NOT THAT "D" word...I'm d-i-*-t-i-n-g.  I usually don't like to call it that...I usually refer to these dietary changes as "lifestyle" changes, but this is seriously a....well, the word I referred to previously.  The ladies at my work (including my mom) have started this new program and I've been peer pressured into not eating pasta!  It's my favorite food group!!  No pasta, no rice, no bread, no sugar, no starch period.  NO STARBUCKS!  *GASP*  Well, I can have BLACK coffee...just no milk, which makes Starbucks not as appealing.  I can handle the no sugar.  I don't have to have my coffee sweet, but MILK, I have to have milk.  It's like coffee's perfect companion.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm praying all this sacrifice pays off.
  • Headed to Indiana this morning.  Feeling a little rushed.  Last weekend I thought the trip for Isaiah and I was off and that only Michael was going.  Soooo, I had to get everything together quickly.  I prefer to have more notice, but I'm pretty sure that whatever didn't get done will still be here when I get back.  Unless, laundry grows legs and walks away.  I'll be sure to blog about THAT if it happens.
I've got the laptop with me, so maybe I'll have time to catch up on some blog reading and commenting while I'm gone.  Hope you guys have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!  ♥


    Cult Favorite

    "Cult Favorite", those were the words on a shelf at Sephora last weekend when I had wondered in for some Lip Venom...Twilight "Blush" to be exact.  Ok, y'all.  I don't just use this stuff because they slapped "Twilight" on the label.  It's actually a great lip "plumper" and it's a stain.  It leaves a nice "blush" tint on your lips without all that oooey-gooeyness of some lip glosses.  PLUS, it's a FAB lip conditioner!  You can layer another lip stick or gloss over it.  I Love it!  And it doesn't hurt that it says this on the label:  "Twilight Venom should be shaken before use (to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds) and can be applied repeatedly until desired intensity of color has been reached and lips are plumped and revitalized.  What else you need to know: With a customizable ruby stain that captures the blood red lips sported by fashionable vampires, Twilight Venom can let you play the part!"

    So, back to the "Cult Favorite".  I have been a devout fan of Black Honey since I was 16.  I seriously used to spend more money on Black Honey than I did on gas.  My BFF and I thought there was no other lipstick other than Black Honey.  A few years ago, I don't know how many to be exact, I lose track, dipwads the powers that be at Clinique decided to quit making the beloved Black Honey.  However, just as I was saying earlier...I was meandering through Sephora and a sign caught my eye..."Cult Favorite"...

    "Clinique brings back Black Honey"...the angels started singing and there was this soft glow coming from behind the makeup counter...Elvis was even there.  Wait.  There was no Elvis, but all that other stuff totally happened.  

    Did I buy some?  You bet your almost lipstick I did!  Anybody else ever a fan of Black Honey?  Do you have your go-to make-up product that you would be/have been devastated about, if it wasn't made anymore?

    Hope you guys are having a great week!

    P.S.  We just found out last night that the beginning of school has been pushed back an entire week!  WOOT!  Makes me a happy girl!

    P to the double S.  Change of plans.  It looks like we'll be making a family trek to Indiana after all.  Not technically a vacay, but we'll be getting away from the house, work, and daily life for a few days.  


    McLinky Monday - Favorite Vacay

    The ladies at the RHOK want to know what is my favorite vacay...good question.

    Right now, my answer would be anything that gets me away from reality for a few days.   

    It seems as though all of my summer plans have one-by-one went down. the. drain.  

    Rewind back to March, I had plans of going to meet Trisha, Michelle, and Marie in San Diego for 4 days.  We were going to Comic Con to see the Trifecta for a day and then shop, chat, eat, catch some rays...all the things our hearts desired sans children, husbands, and jobs.  Fast forward to a couple of months ago, stupid Summitt decided not to have the Trifecta at CC and needless to say, our trip was cancelled. (Summitt, I didn't really want to say that you are stupid, but you made me.  No hard feelings.)  

    Up until a month ago, we had plans to take a family vacay to Indiana.  
    I know you're jealous.  
    You've ALWAYS wanted to go there, right?  
    Well, it was to see my hubby's grandma for her 93rd birthday.  
    You feel bad now for making fun, huh?  
    We do this trip every couple of years and we always make it fun.  Last time, we went to Indianapolis and checked out the downtown Children's Museum, had some fun in St. Louis on our way home, and caught a Cubbies vs Cards game.  This year, we had plans of visiting Chicago and going to Wrigley.  You guys know that ALL of our family summer vacations revolve around where the Cubbies are playing, right?  
    No tropical destinations for this chic.  

    Yeah,  you read that right...we only go places that the Cubs play.
    Exhibit A
    Poor kid was exhausted.

    Exhibit B

    Fast forward to now, due to some unforeseen circumstances, only hubby is going to Indiana.  Soooo, I was going to have like 8 days off of work between last week and next week, but not anymore.  Guess I'll just have to make the best of it.  Maybe that means I'll get to take an amazing vacation sometime in the near future.  Oh, and at least I'll have some extra days saved up for my next Twilight adventure!! :)

    What is your favorite way to vacay?

    The RHOK


    Friday Confessions

    Friday Confessions are back!  
    It's been like years since I've confessed anything and done a FCs post.  
    OK, maybe not years, but months at least.  

    Let's just jump right in, shall we?
    • The other night, at the RHOK Out event, I was continuously introduced as "Jenny...Twilight Jenny...the one that throws the parties."  Then, the person I was being introduced to would say something like "OH, OK" or "yeah, I've seen the pictures".  Does that mean that I have issues?...or just that I'm committed to the cause?...or should I BE committed?
    • I might have serenaded a whole theater recently.
    • The song I sang might have been The Humpty Dance by The Digital Underground.
    • After a couple margaritas or martinis, I will say or do just about anything.  Let's keep that just between us, ok?  What happens on the blog, stays on the blog.
    • I most recently have been allowing my 6 year old to stay up WAYYYYYYYY past his bedtime due to my ultra busy social agenda.  I know.  Sign me up right now for Mother of the Year.
    • I'm not ready for school to start back.  I'm loving my summer too much and my extra time with Isaiah.  I'm just not ready to give that up.  I'm way selfish like that.
    • I'm loving the Starbucks Treat Receipts!  You guys know what those are, right?  Buy a drink at Starbucks before 2:00pm and you get to use your receipt to go back into SBucks after 2:00pm for a $2 drink of your choice!  WOOT!  Ok, I seriously don't need 2 drinks a day, but who can pass up such a great deal?!  Right?  Who's with me?
    • Michael has been gone this week and he expects me to say every night how much I miss him and can't wait until he comes home...and he gets his feelings hurt BIG TIME, when I don't say all of that. I do miss him.  I also want him to come home...eventually.  However, I must confess, I enjoy a little "away time".  I do.  Is that bad?  Just shoot me now.  
    • I'm soooooooooooo glad that I don't have one thing planned for this weekend.  I'm actually afraid to say it out loud.  It's like if I say it, then I may jinx myself and someone will be like "Oh yeah, remember you're supposed to go...blah, blah, blah."  So, shhhhh.
    What's your confession?  
      Hope you have a super FAB weekend!!  I big fuzzy red ♥ you!


      Music Giveaway Winner!

      I used the random number generator to find out the winner of the Consumed By Fire Giveaway and this is the result...
      True Random Number Generator  9Powered by RANDOM.ORG

      Becca said...
      I like Believe in Love and I'm Sorry and Bringin Me Down.

      Great music!!

      I think I need this cd...seriously!


      Congrats, Becca!!  E-mail me your address and I'll get your CDs in the mail!


      Summer Lovin'

      You know the words to the song..."Summer lovin' had me a blast"...
      Well, this post isn't about Danny or Sandy,
       but it is about some the things I am TOTALLY loving about summer.  
      One of the great things about living in Oklahoma is that we have four distinct seasons.  
      Just as we've had it "up to here" with winter
      along comes spring.  
      Then, just as we think we can't sneeze one more sneeze, 
      along comes summer and the HOT blazing heat.  
      Soon, summer will be replaced with the beauty of fall, but for now I'm just lovin' summer, the 120 heat index and all.  

      Some of my fav moments right now are the lazy summer days on the porch reading and watching Isaiah run around drawing colorful pictures on the sidewalk with chalk, summer nights out with friends, and dreaming of possibilities and future plans as I watch my house addition being built.  

      As I've been enjoying summer, the days have been passing by so quickly and I've missed a couple of important blogging moments.  
      The wonderful Becca of The Texas Darlings did an awesome BFFE 
      (aka Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange)
      I failed to post or link up.  
      *slap on the wrist*  
      Bad blogger.  

      However, I'm attempting to somewhat redeem myself today.  
      So, here are my simply ADORABLE flip-flops that Molly from Fleur-de-Bee MADE for me!  

      Aren't they the cutest?!  Through our little chats on Facebook, she found out that I love all things zebra and she added some zebra print ribbon.  I love them!  She also sent me a little goodie bag with salt water taffy, a much needed pedicure set, and some fabulous-summery nail polish!  Thank you so much, Molly!!!  
      Not only did Becca organize a swap for the grown-ups, and I use that term loosely, but she organized a swap for the kiddos too!  

      Isaiah swapped with Alex, whose mommy is Connie from The Young and the Relentless.  I wish I had a pic of his cute camo flip flops and all the goodies he got, but he tore into that package and away he went!  He was at work with me the day it came in the mail and I didn't even get a chance to take a pic of all his super cool goods! A big THANK YOU to Alex and his mommy!!  
      Isaiah loved it all!!  

      A humongous THANK YOU to Becca 
      for hosting and organizing the swap!  You always do such a good job, Becca!  

      So, what are you LOVIN' about summer right now?
       "Summer lovin' had me a blast - summer lovin', happened so fast" 


      RHOK Out!

      Last night, the ladies from The RHOK had a RHOK Out event at Joe Momma's!  
      It was SO much fun!  
      If you are an Oklahoma blogger, you MUST attend the next event!  It's a blast!  
      What?  You don't believe me?  
      Well, let me show you.
      Pictures speak louder than words.

      Exhibit A

      Exhibit Leanna undresses and redresses right in the middle of McNellie's.  She changes clothes faster than Superman!

      Of course, Pocket Edward makes an appearance!  

      And there is LOTS of texting/ did that get in there?  Well, I'm sure that they were just telling all of their friends who weren't there what a good time they were missing out on!  :P

      There are WAY creepy guys reading goth poetry.  I'm pretty sure he just needed a big RHOK hug.  He was probably mistreated as a child...or locked in a closet.  Oh, but VERY entertaining.

      The BEST part of the whole night...hanging with friends and laughing 'til your cheeks hurt!

      Be sure to check out The RHOK...even if you're not from Oklahoma...or a housewife...but you must be real, because if you weren't, then that would just be weird.  


      RHOK - McLinky Monday

      The Ladies over at The RHOK are discussing what room of your house you are most at home in and what that says about you!

      Seemed like an easy enough topic for a Monday, so I'm joining in!  I love the ladies at The RHOK!  Even if you're not a "real housewife of Oklahoma", you should still check out the blog!  Just click on "The RHOK" above or the button below.

      After completing the quiz, I discovered that I am...

      You Are Most at Home in the Living Room

      Which means...

      You're the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it's where you're at your best.
      You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

      There's nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.
      You are proud of the home you've created, and you love to share it with others.

      I tried finding a pic of my living room, but apparently I don't have one saved to my computer!  What?!  I'm like the picture queen.  Note to self: take a pic of the living room...when it's clean!
      Eventually, my living room will be right here! 

      Speaking of husband told me yesterday that he thought I forgot where I lived.  LOL.  Yeah, goal for the at home more!
      I'm already failing miserably because I'm going out this evening with the ladies from The RHOK and a friend from high school whom I haven't seen (in person) in years!  So excited!  
      I'll start on that goal tomorrow...or Thursday.

      To take the quiz go HERE

      To check out The RHOK blog click on the button below!
      The RHOK

      Don't forget to enter my giveaway for some free MUSIC!!  It ends tonight at 11:59.  Go HERE to enter!

      Hope you guys are having a great Monday!♥


      Consumed By Fire and Darrah O'Hagan CD Giveaway!!

      Here's the DL (you know, the down low) on the giveaway.  
      You can win an autographed CD from these guys...

      and this beautiful talented young lady

      How do you enter?
      Just comment.  
      That'll get you an entry all by itself.  
      If you like me enough, be a follower.  
      I'll give you another entry for that.  
      If you're feeling really ambitious, go over to and  
      Then come back here and tell me your two favorite songs.
      I'll give you two more entries.  
      If you're feeling really really ambitious or you just REALLY want some free music, 
      repost this giveaway on your blog, facebook, or twitter...
      come back here and let me know about it, 
      and I'll give you 5 entries!  
      I'll ship to anywhere, so this giveaway is open to everyone.  
      If there are more than 50 entries, I'll pick two winners.  
      The giveaway will be open until Monday, July 19th at 11:59 pm.  
      I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, July 20th.
      Good Luck!♥


      House Update!

      I promised a house update, so here it is!

      There is still TONS of work left to be done, but there has been great progress made over the last couple of weeks...

      We have WALLS! YAY!

      And a ceiling...

      and a little bit of siding...

      and a ROOF!  Double YAY!!

      Hopefully the progress will start on the inside soon!  Construction = a huge mess.  I'm trying to not get too worked up about it, but it feels like I'm never going to have clean floors again...and cleaning the house just seems to be futile...and don't get me started on the yard.  It's so worth it, though.  I can not wait to have more space...and closets, LOTS of closets!

      Tomorrow I am going to have a Consumed By Fire and Darrah O'Hagan CD giveaway!!  Don't miss it!!

      Hope you guys are having a great week!♥


      Something Real

      Hellooooo, my bloggy friends!  I've been missing you guys.  Sorry for my absence!  It has been a little crazy around here with the Eclipse party and movie watching, July 4th, family visiting, and house construction.  I feel like I meet myself coming and going most days.  My voice was also absent for a few days due to lack of sleep, which I'm sure my family didn't mind, but it's back now and I'm finally feeling a little less busy.  I promise to post pictures of the house this week.  

      However, today I want to pimp out my amazing cousins' band, Consumed By Fire.  

      They are a Christian rock band from Oklahoma.  
      Their new album, Something Real, is being released tomorrow night!!!  
      I can't wait!  
      I love them and I love their music.  
      This is something they have worked so hard on for so long and I'm so happy for them that they are finally seeing it come to fruition.  

      So, if you're in the area and you want to support an awesome band and hear some AMAZING music, contact me through e-mail or Facebook and I can hook you up with a sweet deal on some tickets.  

      The concert is tomorrow night at The Rose Bowl Event Center in Tulsa, OK.  
      You can check out the boys band on Myspace at  
      You can also click the little play button on the box at the top left corner of my blog and hear one of their songs from the album.  

      Have I mentioned that they write all of their own music?  Oh, and that they're amazing?  
      Ok, just making sure. =)


      Eclipse Party Pics!

      Well, here we are...on the flip side.  
      I'm in a slight state of Eclipse induced hangover.  
      Not because I drank too much, although the Pomegranate Martinis were DELISH, 
      but because what I've been planning for, working on, 
      and looking forward to for the past 6 months has now come and gone.  
      However, it was amazing...something I won't soon forget...
      and I'm pretty sure the Fire and Ice Party was a huge success.  
      Take a look...
      (please excuse the pic spam)
      THE Party Planners...
      The Ice Room

      Veggie {Vamp} - notice Pocket Edward...he shows up a LOT at my parties. He just can't stay away from me.
      Our Tent Scene in the Ice Room
      Marry me...{engagement rings included...everybody at the party had some bling}
      Fire Room
      Cupcakes.  I ♥ how these toppers turned out!  These are the ones I printed off of HWTM blog that I mentioned in my Party Planning post.

      LOTS of red ribbon.

      The Candy Bar

      Black Swan Wine

      Chocolate dipped marshmallows

      Ask Alice. 
      {we had chocolate dipped fortune cookies sitting on the little table}

      Pin the Kiss on Edward.

      or Pin the Kiss on Dawn!

      Winners, Winners!
      Swag Bags for everyone! {included: Wuthering Heights book, Fire and Ice bookmark, Jacob and Edward magnets, a Bella Bracelet, a Fire and Ice CD, and Dentyne Fire and Ice gum} 
      Do you see Jen's bling?  
      Getting ready to head to the theater!  Finally seeing our first Twi-premiere together!! ♥
      Movie Maddness! {this was after seeing Eclipse...which was AMAZING, in case you were wondering what my opinion of the movie is}  I'm pretty sure we entertained the entire theater for a good hour before the movie started.  We got more shoooshs and stares than any of the teeny boppers.  
      What can we say?  Girls just wanna have fun!
      Where's our space heater?! 
      {Allison, out!  LOL.  She was soooo done.}
      Have you seen Eclipse?
      If so, what was your favorite part/line?
      My favorite scene is the tent scene for sure...
      or maybe the bedroom scene with Edward and Bella and the final proposal... 
      that resulted in a "yes"...
      oh, sorry.  
      No spoilers.  
      I promised.
      If you haven't seen it in IMAX, I highly recommend.  I've already been twice and have plans for another movie date this weekend.  
      That's how much I adore this movie.  
      It's my favorite by far.  
      Eclipse has always been my favorite book 
      and the movie follows suit.  
      The cast looks absolutely gorgeous.  
      There is so much wit and humor...
      and lots of touching tear-jerking moments.  
      It's a perfect balance.  
      The wolf and vamp action is intense and I LOVE it.  
      It's exactly what I had hoped it would be and more!
      Two thumbs up!
      ♥JennyKate approved♥

      For more Eclipse party moments:
      Click HERE to go to the RHOK.  Mrs. Albright gives her own party review.