10 Reasons I Drink Coffee

I don't know why I made this list, but I did, so here it is for your reading pleasure (or not)...

A list of 10 Reasons I drink coffee, in no particular order...
  1. I love the taste.  For reals.  I don't even like to camouflage it with a bunch of cream and sugar and other flavors.  Well, I do love cream/half and half/milk.  I feel like those things accentuate the flavor of the coffee.  I also admit that I love a good Peppermint Mocha.  It's just that all the flavors and such are not a necessity.
  2. It makes me see into the future.  OK, not really, but it does give me lots of energy.  I appreciate that.
  3. It's relaxing.  I know that sounds kind of weird, because caffeine generally is thought of as a "relaxant", but just the smell and warmth is soothing.
  4. It's a natural diuretic.  Did you know that?
  5. It has health benefits.  There are studies that show people who drink coffee are less likely to get Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia.
  6. It makes me think more clearly.
  7. It gives me a reason to go to Starbucks.  I love going to Starbucks.
  8. It goes well with another hobby, reading.  There is nothing like a good book and a good cup of coffee.
  9. It's actually a passion of mine.  I love everything about it from the harvesting, to the roasting, to the brewing, and finally to the cup.  My mom and I used to have a coffee shop.  I would love to have a shop again one day.
  10. It's a good reason to meet up with a friend!  I can't tell you the times that I've met people for acquaintances to old friends, it's just a great excuse to get together!
Do you love coffee?  If so, why do you love it?!  If not, what's your drink of choice?

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


A Thankful Heart

I am so thankful for God.
I am so thankful for Michael.
I am so thankful for Isaiah.
I am so thankful for my mom and dad.
I am so thankful for my granny.
I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with my grandpa before he passed away. 
I am thankful that he lives on in our hearts and we will meet again. 
I am thankful for the legacy he left behind.
I am thankful for my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
I am thankful for all of my wonderful friends (that includes you).
I am thankful for my church and church family.
I am thankful for my freedom and the men and women who fight to keep it.
I am thankful for the simple things in life that make me happy.
I am thankful for my home.
I am thankful for family traditions.
I am thankful for all of the delicious food we are eating today!

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful day!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving...

Twas the night before Thanksgiving...

10 SIMPLE things in life that make me happy...

  1.  a GREAT cup of coffee
  2. that little ding I hear when I have a new email/comment in my inbox
  3. GOOD snail mail from a friend
  4. quiet time with a good book
  5. Gain laundry soap
  6. a clean bathroom
  7. white twinkle lights
  8. Isaiah's jokes
  9. a good chat on the phone...seems as though texting has taken over our lives and it's nice to reconnect over the phone every once in a while.
  10. my favorite song coming on the radio
I'm oh-so-thankful.

What are 10 simple things that make you happy?

What are you up to on the day/night before Thanksgiving? 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


Blogging Methods

A few days ago...or maybe it was last week, my short term memory fails me often...Impulsive Addict and I were having a discussion about blogging.  She asked me how I manage my blog.  Basically, she wanted to know how do I post as often as I do, comment on other blogs, and respond back to people who comment here.

(picture courtesy of Google Images)
Well, for me, the answer is not always the same.  The truth is that I fit blogging in whenever, wherever, and however I can.  Sometimes that means that I wake up uber early during the week and scramble to put up a post before work.  Sometimes I have to wait until I get a break at the office, like on my lunch hour.  Sometimes I pour on the heat over the weekend and crank out as many posts as I can, save them as drafts and then post them when needed through the week.  It always depends on my schedule.

When it comes to commenting, I cram it in whenever possible.  I read a lot of my blogs through Google Reader, so I will often read through the blogs and then later I will log on to each blog and leave a comment.  I'll also catch up on my blog reading from my phone, but I hardly EVER post a comment from there.  I just can't do it.  It drives me batty.  I like to have a spell checker and I want to know that what I say makes sense.

If someone invents an easier way to leave comments, I would vote for them for President.  For reals.

Question:  Do you have an e-mail account set up for your blog?

If you just answered "no", shame on you!!  Everyone should have an e-mail account linked up to their blog!

A lot of times, if I can't get around to everyone's blog, I like to at least respond back to their comment through an e-mail.  I want people to know that I read what they wrote and that it meant a lot to me that they took the time out of their day to stop by and read my post or just say "hi"!  So, if you don't have an e-mail account linked up, DO IT!

What are your blogging methods?  

How do you manage your blog?


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12 Days of Christmas Swap

Sami at Symmetry In Motion is having an oh-so-fabulous
12 Days of Christmas Swap!

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It's going to be fun.  You don't want to miss out!!

McLinky Monday - Black Friday

Today at The RHOK, Mrs. Albright wants to know about our agenda for Black Friday.  Do you go...or is it your worst form of torture?  She also asked us to post our tips and tricks.

Ok, so here's the DL on BF.

Yes, I go.  It's one of my deep rooted Thanksgiving traditions.  Courtesy of my momma.  She gave me my shopping gene.  When I was little my Granny and aunts would set out on an all day shopping venture, I remember wanting to go so badly.  I've always been a shopper.  My Granny says when I was little they would give me $5 and I would come home with a whole bag full of stuff.

We have this Black Friday thing down to a fine science.  The day of Thanksgiving, we send one of the guys to the gas station for newspapers...lots and lots of newspapers.  We have to have plenty to go around.  First, we just all go for it.  Dividing and conquering the sales ads.  Then, we get strategic.  We start sorting out the stores, the items we're all looking for and making piles.  After that, we compile a master list.  We decide where we'll start first and what is most important.  We also list any extra coupons that we might have that would sweeten any of the doorbuster deals.

Usually, our day starts at our hometown Wal-Mart.  It's easy to maneuver.  There aren't nearly the number of people there compared to the stores in Tulsa.  We start there about 3:30 in the morning.  You've gotta be early to get these worms.  After we wait for our items in Wal-Mart, we go ahead and make a drop-off...clear out the vehicle for the purchases we plan on making in Tulsa.

The first stop in T-Town is Starbucks.  It's a given.  By this time we all need it.  Usually we've had coffee, but no breakfast and definitely not Starbucks.  This will be our first stop of many during the day.

After our stop at the Bux, we venture off to the next store, usually Target or Khol's depending on what is in the sales ad and how early you have to be there to get the items.

We always stop sometime for a nice lunch and we've been known to even eat dinner before we finally make it back to Wagoner, where we have also been known to hit Wal-Mart one more time before making it home.  There have been years when we don't finish up until wee hours of Saturday morning.

We're power shoppers.  Black Friday is like our Super Bowl.

One of my favorite tools for Black Friday is my nifty app.  TGI Black Friday.  It's a great app w/ lists of all the stores and their sales ads.  You can even make a list on there.  I love lists!

You can also visit for all the latest sales ads.  They will send you email alerts and updates.

This year there will be 9 of us going.  My cousins, Lindsay and Kristen will be home for the annual event for the first time in a few years!  I can't wait!!

What are your Black Friday traditions?  Or are you more of a Cyber Monday person?  Or do you hate the whole idea all together?

Check out more Black Friday posts over at The RHOK!




Friday Confessions - 11/19

  • I've been trying to do a vlog all week.  I've taken like a twizillion (that's a lot, in case you're wondering) videos of myself and they are all ridiculous...and fake and a phony and I wish I would never have laid eyes on him...them.  Sorry, I was having a Grease flashback for a moment.  I want to vlog.  Really, I do.  But I can't.  Watching myself on video makes me totally annoyed.  I would lose followers.  It would be a freakin' train wreck.  I was even trying to copy the news lady this morning and pretend like I was giving an interview...IT.WAS.STUPID.  I suck.

  • I take too many self portraits.

I blame it on this stupid iPhone4 with it's nifty little camera on both sides.  You can see yourself.  It's too hard to resist.  I get bored.  Not that I think I look great or anything.  I'm just easily amused.

  • I have the skin of a 16 year old kid who just hit puberty.

This is not supposed to happen in your late 20's.

I've blogged about this issue before and I've received great advice from you guys.  I think I've tried it all and nothing has been working lately.  So, I went out and bought everything on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

  • Yesterday, I threw away my Sonic cup 2/3 full of Coke Zero w/ cherry, because I didn't want anyone to know that I went to Sonic and had cheese tator tots. 

About 3pm, I was wishing I had just brought my Sonic cup up and come clean about the cheese tator tots. 

The moral of the story - Just go ahead and tell on yourself when you eat cheese tator tots, because you're going to want that Sonic drink later in the afternoon.  You just can't beat Sonic's ice.  It's the best.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!!


Thursday Thankfuls

This week I have been oh-so-thankful for...
  • Michael's new job.
  • REAL fall weather so that I can wear my comfy sweaters, boots and jeans.
  • Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks.  I've been enjoying them while I can!  It's all about the Peppermint Mochas after Thanksgiving.
  • The magical feeling I start to get around this time of year...the HOLIDAYS are upon us!
  • New friends
  • Old friends
  • Bloggy friends
  • New experiences and adventures.
  • Hilarious pictures from the weekend.  I laugh each time I look through them. 

Dear Lord,

Please do not let Kristen come to my blog.  She's never been before, so don't let her start now.  Also, please don't let anyone who knows and/or is related to Kristen read this blog, because they would tell on me.  If she does happen to read this, please help her to understand that it was for entertainment purposes only.  Amen.


I'm A RHOKstar

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Hope you guys are having a great day!! *muah*


High Maintenance

Are you high maintenance?  Am I high maintenance?

I was pondering this thought while in the shower the other morning.  Don't ask me why, but I do some of my best blogging in the shower.  I should look into a waterproof laptop or something, but then I might never get out...except for when the water turned cold.  Perhaps I need to look into a bigger hot water tank?  Isaiah is always looking for things to invent.  I'll let him know about this asap.

Back to the topic.  High maintenance.  Are you?  I think sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not.  On one hand, I love a mani/pedi and I pay someone to wax my eyebrows, but on the other hand, I color my hair out of a box and my aunt cuts my hair for free.  I love Coach purses, but feel totally comfortable wearing things from Target.  On most days, my purse probably costs more than my entire outfit...including my shoes.  I do drink Starbucks like no body's biznass and I make no apologies for it.  

So, what makes someone high maintenance?

For this question, I went to Google, my trusty friend in times of need.  According to most of the articles I read, guys consider girls "high maintenance" when they always have to put make-up on and primp.  

Well, this sealed the deal for me.  I just want all of you to know that I am officially LOW maintenance.  One thing I do not do is spend a lot of time applying make-up or primping.  

My morning routine is:  wake up, lay in bed for 20 minutes checking Twitter/Facebook/Blogger, roll out, turn the coffee pot on, turn the laptop on, read a few more blogs, wake Isaiah up, make him breakfast, get him dressed, cue the cartoons, take a shower...and then in the 15 minutes I have left I dress, dry my hair, and MAYBE...on a good day, put on some powder, mascara, and lip gloss.  On a good day.

Keeping it real people...

this is what I look like today, sitting at my desk on my lunch hour...apparently, it wasn't a "good day".  It is the unPhotoshopped, unPicniked, and unedited version.  That's what you would get if you came here right now.

It's OK if we're not friends anymore.  I understand.

Disclaimer:  If you EVER see a picture on this blog and my skin looks flawless or my face looks *achem* thinner, you can bet the farm that I've used Photoshop or Picnik.  So, please know that if you ever meet me in person, I will not look like that.  You can do wonders with a good camera angle, favorable lighting, and a little airbrush and Insta-thin on Picnik. 

So, are you high maintenance?  Low maintenance?  Somewhere in between?


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McLinky Monday - What Am I Thankful For

Today, on The RHOK, Mrs. Hart wants to know what we're thankful for.  I have addressed this topic quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.  I've been linking up occasionally when I can to Seriously, Shawn.  Sorry, I haven't linked up more Shawn!  I was going to use a previous post.  It was such a long weekend and I'm uber tired, but I started thinking that I have so much to be thankful for and surely I can come up with at least ONE MORE POST.  Of course, I am always thankful for my Trifecta...God, Family, and Friends.  So, here's my list of things I'm thankful for this morning...totes off-the-cuff:

I'm thankful for the AH-mazing weekend I just experienced.
I'm thankful for my AH-mazing husband who lets me do my "thang", even when he doesn't get it.

I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with my cousin Kristen.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to "pick-up" a few toiletry items whilst away...and by "pick-up" I mean steal.  I committed a crime for toiletries, people.  I wonder if the cleaning lady knew that it was us who stole 8 bottles of lotion and 4 bottles of shampoo off of her cart.  I'm sure she had to have noticed that they were missing and I'm pretty sure that is what she was telling the guy who was with her when we passed her on the way to the elevator.  I'm not fluent in Spanish, so I'm just taking a guess here, but I think she was saying "That's them.  Those are the girls who stole all of the lotion off of my cart."  I hope I don't get banned from the Westin.  I do love to stay there.

I'm thankful for the nice man at the desk who informed me that you can purchase the Westin toiletries on-line...listed under their "Heavenly Products".  (Funny that they are named "heavenly", because I'm pretty sure my actions were NOT "heavenly".)  Good to know.  I will not need to commit grand theft any longer.  I'll be able to acquire my toiletries in an honest fashion.

I'm thankful for my ability to not get star-struck.  While having dinner with Peter Facinelli, he spent 5 or 10 minutes at our table and I was able to just chat with him like we were old friends...and I remembered my own name.  I did write it on my hand, just in case.

I'm thankful for rest.

Hopefully I'll get to catch up on some soon.  I think Kristen and I squeezed in about 6 hours for the entire weekend.

What are you thankful for today?   Come over and visit the Real Housewives of OKlahoma and link up!  Remember, you don't have to be a housewife or from Oklahoma.  We do prefer that you're real, because if you weren't that would just be weird.


Friday Confessions

Oh, Friday Confessions. You're just in time.
*cue Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo*  
"I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine.  I'm lovin' cloud nine, my head's in the sky.  I'm solo.  I'm ridin' solo.  I'm ridin' solo, solo."

I'm heading to Dallas this morning.  Hanging out with my cousin, KBarn, tonight (like KStew, but different) and then we're on our way to the Twilight Convention tomorrow and Sunday!  I.AM.SO.EXCITED.  So excited.

  • I'm going to be stealing taking acquiring a LOT of those little bottles of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner from the Westin this weekend.  They have my MOST favorite hotel toiletries EVER.  
Seriously, I plan on hijacking at least two housekeeping carts.  Any requests?
  • I have every intention of stalking a celebrity this weekend.
  • Michael asked me if I was going to be wearing fangs at any time during the next few days.  Um, no.  I still don't think he gets this whole Twilight biz.  They do NOT die in the sunlight, they sparkle.  They do not have an aversion to garlic.  You could not kill them with a wooden stake, they're like rock solid...marble, if you will.  And they DO NOT have fangs...amber colored eyes, and flawless pale skin, but NO FANGS!
  • I have a virgin Pocket Edward.  He's been saving himself I've been saving him for a special occasion.

Meet Eclipse Pocket Edward.  He's taking off his purity ring and going with me to Dallas.  He's inexperienced at this whole "adventure" thing, but I'm sure he'll be a pro before the weekend is over! 

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!! *muah*



Happy Veteran's Day

I just want to say a BIG heart-felt "THANK YOU" to all of our men and women who have served in the Armed Forces or are serving now.  I appreciate the sacrifice.  I'm thankful for my freedom.  

Yesterday, I spent the morning in Isaiah's classroom.  

We talked about Veterans and I told them the story of the Poppy.  

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance.  It was a flower that grew plentiful in the fields of Belgium and France, often where casualties were buried.  During World War 1, soldiers started wearing the flowers as a way to remember the fallen.  Since then, the poppy has been turned into a source of income for Veterans.  They are paid for each poppy that they make.  The poppies are never sold, but a donation is always appreciated.  Any money that is collected for poppy distribution goes back to the Veterans.  

There is a famous poem by a surgeon and Canadian soldier, John McCrae.  
The poem is titled, 
In Flanders Fields.

In Flanders fields the poppies grow
      Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
   Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
         In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
   The torch; be yours to hold it high.
   If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
         In Flanders fields.

That poem just touches me.  I didn't share the entire poem with the class.  I felt like it would be a little too much for 6 and 7 year olds, but we discussed it and the poppy.  It was a great time.  The kids really took it to heart and expressed their deep appreciation to our soldiers.

They colored some fantastic poppy pictures that I am going to take back to our next meeting and have the ladies judge.  

The winner will receive a ribbon and $5!  

After the poppy discussion, we made some great Thank You medals for the Veteran's.  

My Granny took them with her this morning to our annual Veteran's Day Pancake Breakfast and she is going to pass them out to some of the men and women who attend the breakfast.

I'm having SO much fun being Classroom Mom in Mrs. Lord's class this year!  

Times like this gives me a chance to put on my teaching hat for a day and I LOVE IT!

Be sure to find some way to thank a Vet today!  


Seriously, People

This is NOT OK.

It is not OK to have a big honkin' Christmas tree in the middle of Wal-Mart the day after Halloween.

It is NOT OK to have Christmas music blaring in Khol's on an average Monday night in the beginning of November.

It is NOT OK to have your house already decorated and lit up.  I don't care if you are from across the border.  That is not how we do things in this neck of the woods.

We must give thanks first.

Give thanks, people!

Then, we can say Merry Christmas, decorate trees, blare Christmas music, hang lights...and drink Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks.  

The day after Thanksgiving.

*stepping off of soapbox*



House Update

I've been promising a house update...I even pinkie promised yesterday, and you can NOT break a pinkie promise.  

I think the last house update I posted was in August!  

Makes you say "what the heck, JK?"

So, here's a house update!
The picture above is me standing in the kitchen looking back into the living room/dining room area.  The short "walls" are where my cabinets are going to go.

We have all of the electric in and the heat and air has been installed.
The inspector came today and signed off on everything!  WOOT!
The plumbing is in and we already have our bathtub and faucets in the bathroom.
This is looking into Isaiah's room.  He's so excited about it.  Excuse the mess.  We've been using it to store some thing that had to come out of the attic in the old part of the house.  

Let me tell you, this house addition stuff is hard work and it's messy.  There are days when I feel like pulling my hair out because of the dust and dirt...and the fact that NOTHING has a place right now.  However, I try to focus on the good stuff.  I know it will be all worth it in the end and the progress is really picking up...that excites me!

For instance, today we got a sidewalk and front porch poured.

I like it!  It's a mess, but it makes me happy.

I promise to update more often.  Say a prayer and cross some fingers...and toes...that we can at least be partially in by Christmas.  That's my Christmas wish!

Hope you all are having a terrific Tuesday!♥


Friend Makin' Monday & A Thankful Heart...all wrapped into one!

I NEVER do this.  EVER.  I'm posting twice today.  This just doesn't happen on Jenny Kate's Spot.  So, mark this day down.  I already linked up to McLinky Monday over at The RHOK with my favorite Thanksgiving food and recipe. Then, I read the message from Becca on Facebook saying that she was hosting FMMs and wanted everyone to post and stop by and link up...I always try to help out my bloggy friends when I can.  Besides, I love FMMs and miss them when I don't participate.  It's how I've met some incredible blogging friends!  I tried to think of a creative way to combine McLinky Monday, FMM, AND 25 Days of Thankful (with Shawn)...but I just couldn't do it.

With this post, I'll be able to link up to FMMs being hosted by Becca @ The Texas Darlings 

and 25 Days of Thankful hosted by Shawn @ Seriously Shawn

Becca asked us to list what we are specifically thankful for in 2010...our Top 10 of 2010, which falls right into Shawn's 25 Days of Thankful!

Here's my Top 10 of 2010...

One - My family.  I love them so much.  Anytime I have a bad day or things are going rough, I remember that I have them to come home to and all is right with the world.

Two - Fun times.  I love to have fun.  Life is too short to be boring.  So, I'm thankful for all of the fun I've had in 2010.  

Three - House Addition. I'll post an update this week!  Pinkie promise.

Four - Twilight.  I know this sounds crazy and a little far-fetched for some of you, but it has brought a lot of great things/people/experiences into my life.

Five - My extended family.  I'm the oldest of 15 grand kids and I am so close to my cousins, aunts, and uncles.  I don't know what I would do without them.

Six - My friends.  I love them so much.  They mean the world to me.  They talk me down from "ledges", tell me it's OK to have chocolate when the world has me down, support my addictions, and keep me sane.  

Seven - Reading!  I love my books and I'm especially thankful for the ones that change my life, make me think, and give me a different perspective.
 Remember this?

Eight - Blogging.  What would I do without all of my friends who live in my computer?!

Nine - Coffee. You knew this would have to make the list, right? I've gotta have my Starbucks!

Ten - My church.  I'm over the children's department at church and I love me kiddos and my church family.

What are you thankful for?

Stop by The Texas Darlings or Seriously Shawn today and link up with a Thankful post!

McLinky Monday - Thankful For Food

This Week's Question @The RHOK is:
What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner?

Lord knows this is a good topic for me.  I love food.  I love Thanksgiving...and I especially love Thanksgiving food!

Our Thanksgiving takes place at my Granny's house.  If you read one of my posts from last week, you know that my Granny is the best cook EVAH!  She's better than the Pioneer Woman, for reals.  She deserves her own cooking show.  We've thought about compiling a collection of her recipes into a cookbook, but how do you do that with a person who cooks with a "little of this" and a "pinch of that"?  I guess Granny's recipes will have to just continue to be passed down and enjoyed by her family.  Lucky me!

So, since my Granny is such a stellar cook, she is in charge of all the important stuff like turkey, dressing, and gravy.  As a side note, we have DRESSING, not STUFFING.  It's a rule at the Barney stuffing.  The side dishes are left up to the rest of us...well, some of us.  There are a couple of people and I won't mention any name *achem, V and mom* who aren't allowed to don't really cook side dishes.  My Aunt Bev makes the best broccoli and cheese casserole you have EVER tasted.  She also makes some amazing hot rolls.  Somebody makes mashed potatoes...there are a couple of people who are qualified to do that.  (We take this food making business serious.)  I like to believe that I am pretty good at making green bean casserole.  I've confessed my LOVE of green beans on the blog before.  I think that if you really love something, that kind of helps you to be good at, I'm a good green-bean-casserole-maker!

Here's my recipe: (I prepare for a large family, so excuse the quantities.  You may need to cut everything in half)

4 cans of green beans
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup milk
1 large can of french fried onions
Worcestershire sauce (If you can say this correctly, I would like to give you some sort of award)
black pepper

Combine green beans, soup, milk, worcestershire (to taste), black pepper (to taste), half of french friend onions and 1 cup of cheese.  Put ingredients into baking dish.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350.  Then top with remaining cup of cheese and french friend onions and bake for an additional 10 minutes (cheese should be bubbling/melty).

Sometimes I even substitute the cheddar flavored french fried onions.  It's delish!!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Head over to The RHOK for more Thanksgiving dishes and recipes!!


Friday Confessions & A Thankful Heart -- Day 2

First things first, something I'm thankful for.

Yesterday, in my comments, Shawn reminded me just how good I've got it here where I work.  Today, I am thankful for my great job.  I really do have it good.  I have a kitchen I can "whip up" something in anytime I want.  A boss who allows me to bring Isaiah to work with me any time I need or want to, like today.  He's been sick the past couple of days.  He's on the mend, but not well enough to go back to school.  So, he's spending the day with me.  
I'm oh-so-thankful.
(This is the point in my blog post where I would LOVE to be able to insert Shawn's adorable link/picture to her 25 Days of Thankful, but Blogger is being a butthead and will NOT let me.  I'm *this close* to throwing my monitor out of the window.  I'm counting to 10...backwards...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  OK, better.  So, you should totes go over to Shawn's blog and read more thankfuls and link up with your own!)

I also thought I would squeeze in a few Friday Confessions, since I missed out on posting them last Friday.  Speaking of last Friday, what a day...what a week last week was.  Amongst all my CRAZY BUSYness, I managed to get a flat tire on Thursday, almost run out of gas, AND lock my keys in my car the morning of the 1st grade Field Trip.  I was like the Bad News of 1.

Here's a few more confessions, courtesy of my iPhone:

    I eat LOTS of croutons.  I love them.  They're my favorite snack. Good to the last crumb.

    When it comes to all things Twilight, I can't help myself.  I not only buy it, I buy it in mass quantities.  

    I voted, so did Edward.  Did you?!

    I did not mean for this to turn into a "oh-look-at-what-a-Twi-nerd-I-am" post, but seems as though we're going there.  So, while we're making a stop in Twitardia, I might as well mention that next week I'll be in Dallas at the Twilight Convention.  WHUT?! WHUT?!

    Any confessions you need to get off your chest before the weekend?

    Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS Friday!  
    I ♥ each and every one of you BIG time.