Huntington Beach Mini Movie by the Fabulous Movie-Maker, Becca Darling

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Two of my last three posts have been about Huntington Beach and how awesome it was.  Deal with it...'cause Honey Badger don't care.  "Toniiiiiiiiight...we ARE young!!!"

If you want to smile today, you should watch this.  It has that affect on people.

A ginormous THANK YOU to Becca @ The Texas Darlings for the video.  (She does this as a business, if you're interested.  They make great gifts!!)

Hope you're all having a super great week! XOXO



14th Wedding Anniversary and Underage Marriage

Fourteen years ago today I married, Michael.  I know.  I know.  You guys are sitting there counting on your fingers, doing the math and thinking "how is this possible?  She's been married 14 years?  She must have just been a baby!"  Well, I wasn't technically a "baby", but I was only 10.  Kidding.  Plus 10.  I live in Oklahoma, not Arkansas.  Give me a little credit.  (*hold up hands in defense*  Totes kidding.  I love Arkansas.)

I remember that day so vividly. There was the missing iron, and then the missing best man who was supposed to have went and found the said iron. I later found out that my mom and aunt dropped two cheese trays and salvaged the cheese cubes that were "on top", so if you ate cheese at my wedding reception, don't 
worry...I'm pretty sure they followed the 5 second rule. 

Thanks to one of my lovely servers, who was also the star goalie on our HS soccer team, my cake was saved from hitting the floor...well, some of the cake. It was a mess, but fortunately we got some nice pics, had more in the back, and got a free cake out of the deal. 

Ah, yes...those are things that come to mind when I think back on one of the most important days of my life.  More importantly, I think about the "dash" that is between 1998-2012...I think about the love that Michael and I share. I think about Isaiah and how I'm glad he's here. I think about the home that we've built. I mean, we technically built a home and did not get divorced. Although there were a few days that were touch and go. If you want to try your marriage, build a house...and live with your in-laws for 6 months while you're in the process. I will pitch a tent and pee in a can before I do that again. Our life may not be exactly the way we thought it would be this far down the road and every moment has not been perfect.  There have been knock-down-drag-out fights and I threw a phone at Michael's head once.  We are both "passionate" people...nice way to say bullheaded and stubborn.  But I wouldn't have it any other way. There is not a trial or valley or mountain or even a little hill that I would take back. Each one has put us on a this path and kept us moving along life's journey. I'm just glad that I'm on this journey with Michael.   Hopefully he doesn't read this, it'll go straight to his head.

If you're reading this Michael, I love you!  I can't wait for the weekend!



Oh, Look! Palm Trees! Californication or #HB7...whatevs

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since we got back from Cali.  It kinda feels like a dream on some days.  Especially, when I'm slaving away, punching numbers all day.  I can't just look out my window and say, "Oh, look!  Palm trees!"

Have you guys seen the sand and seashells in Cali?  AH-mazing.  At least to people who don't live on the beach...and who've had *achem*toomanyglassesofwineandsakeandpossiblyshotsoftequila* a little too much sun.  Yeah, that sun will totally go to your head.  You've really gotta watch that when you're in Cali.
Also, you know how when you've been with good friends and you have little inside jokes and then you come home and those inside jokes aren't as funny.  Yeah, there's that.  Totally pisses me off when I can't get anyone to laugh at "'scuse, the lady" or "Honey Badger don't care..."

Where are these people's sense of humor?!?!  I mean, seriously.  Makes me want to just jack their shit up. 

*skip the snoring and go straight to 0:30* (Sidenote: I love Viv's mom voice at the end "be good"...did you hear that, Skillz?!)

Sorry about that, Skillz.  I wouldn't ever jack your shit up, you know. I love your face.  It would be totally rude for me to do that or oh, I don't know, say, chunk a shoe at you or something like that...

Yeah, that wouldn't be nice at all.

I'm so thankful for sweet friends, who never take pictures or videos of you for blackmail purposes, and never throw you under the bus...ever. 

(Sidenote:  He looks like he's holding a purse...but he wasn't, totally straight.  His girlfriend told us to "keep it klassy"...uh huh, ok.  Sure.)

There are just not enough people like the #HB7 in this world.

I'll be back soon with more from the Cali trip!  There are just too many pictures and videos for one post.  *waiting patiently for Becca's awesome mini-movie! 

If you want to see more, go visit one of these girls...Impulsive, Seriously Shawn, or Connie.


While you're at it, link up to TTUT w/ Skillz and Shawn! 

Hope you're all having a great week!! XOXO



A Gift For The Bride: Wedding Day Survival Kit

Last month, when I did the wedding shower and reception for a close friend, I was looking for something that I could give her that would be useful.  I had already bought the lingerie and the wedding gift.  So, I was wanting something for the wedding day that she could really use.  This is what I came up with. 

A Wedding Day Survival Kit:

I found the adorable white satin, quilted bag at Michael's and I filled it with everything she could possibly need on her big day.
  1. A snack - Nutella on the Go!
  2. MIO - a little energy to squeeze into a bottle of water
  3. A small first-aid kit for any blisters or boo-boos
  4. Purell - never know when you need a little hand sanitizer
  5. Visine - can even be used to reduce the redness of a last-minute pimple pop-up!
  6. Nivea Lip Balm
  7. Tylenol
  8. Hand Lotion
  9. Pepto - for any pre-wedding jitters/upset tummy
  10. Blue finger nail polish - just in case she forgot her "something blue"
  11. Kleenex pocket-size tissues
  12. Orbit gum - Dirty mouth, clean it up!
  13. Travel-size sewing kit - for any last minute emergencies!
  14. Wisps - for fresh breath with no mess
  15. Q-tips - for eleventy million uses
  16. Shout Wipe & Gos - you just never know what will happen from dressing room to alter
These would make great Bridesmaids gifts too!  You could even tweak them a little for Bachelorette party favors...add in some "hangover remedies".

The Bride loved it!  She said it came in really handy on her wedding day!

In other news, I'm heading to Huntington Beach in 10 DAYS!!!  Sofa king excited.  Seriously.  I'm sure you've heard already, but I'll be meeting up with Impulsive, Seriously Shawn, Viv @ The V-Spot, Becca from The Texas Darlings, Connie from The Young and Relentless, and Jen from Harried Mom of Four*name dropper* It's a repeat of our trip from last year...

BUT we're headed to Cali instead of Texas and we're adding in Connie!  I just read my Friday Confessions from last year's trip and I'm bouncing in my seat from excitement!  Bring on the fun, friends, and fornication...KIDDING.  I wanted to tag our trip #Californication, but they informed me there would be no fornication...and that name was already taken. 

I'm linking up today to TTUT hosted by my skinny ass friends Impulsive and Shawn

No rules, just fun.  Stop by and link up!  XOXO.Photobucket


A Black and White Wedding

My first wedding EVER...on my own.  I've HELPED with most of the processes and planned my own...I've put together many many parties, bridal showers, and baby showers...but never a whole freakin' wedding!  Can you say "anxiety"?  I hope so, because I had it.  Bad.

To add to the overwhelming pressure of making a bride's special day perfect, I only had a WEEK!!  After putting together her Bridal Shower, and it being a success; the Mother-of-the-Bride asked me to step in and help them with the wedding after the Wedding Planner bailed.

I won't bore you with my internal turmoil.  I'll just get on with the details and pretty pictures.  

The color scheme of the wedding was plum, black, grey, and white, of course.  Such an easy pallet to work with!  I found most of the decor at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  Most of the paper items (programs, tissue poms, etc.) on Etsy.  Again, with little time to work with, I had to make exceptions and do the things I had time for...skip things I normally would have done, and make compromises.  So, this is what is looked like when it was all said and done...

There were twenty 85 inch round tables that sat ten people, one extremely long head table, and three food tables.  Plus, a side bar for drinks.  All of those surfaces had to be covered and decorated.  So, we went with white floor length table clothes on the round tables and put black organza overlays on them.  The long head table and all of the food and cake tables had floor length black table clothes with black and white damask table runners.
For a touch of whimsy and to fill up some space due to the very high ceiling, I tied a mixture of black, white, and silver balloons on the backs of the chairs at the head table.  These were multi-purpose, because when it was time for the departure, I went through and snipped them all off, passed them out to the guests, and had them release them as the newlyweds left on their honeymoon!  It was really cute!

I did all the flowers myself.  I stopped by Sam's and seriously bought them out of white flowers.  Then, I looked for anything "plum"...and then picked up a few green stems, greenery, and baby's breath.  I think I spent about $150 all together and I was able to make 10 mini arrangements for the head table, a large arrangement for the food table, and 10 more "small" arrangements for the guest tables...I also make 22 tussy mussy bouquets that went down the center aisle in the sanctuary.  (I wasn't in the ceremony, so I don't have any pictures yet. BOO.  I made 30 of the tussy mussies (paper cones with a ribbon handle)...I'll have to do a post on them when I get some pictures from the photographer.)

The bride loves vintage.  So, I tried to put little touches of vintage wherever I the pearls and the black and white photographs...I also those the candelabras were a bit "vintage-y".

When I took on the role as "wedding planner", they still had not bought or decided on any kind of wedding favors.  After racking my brain, I thought about a CD with songs from their wedding.  The bride and the groom are both musical people, so it seemed to really fit them.  The bride loved the idea, so I got to work making a playlist in my iTunes account.  Then, I burned 85 CDs, made some labels w/ a thank you from the bride and groom and a list of the songs.  I put the CDs in some clear jewel cases and tied them off with some raffia.  If I would have had more time and a bigger budget, I would have ordered something like these...

They are from - amazing site for wedding favors!

Here's a few of the pics that I was able to snap quickly as I was buzzing around like a bee making sure drinks were full and the food table was stocked...oh, yeah...AND running the photo booth! <--another post all in itself!

All in all, I think the wedding was a huge success.  Everything pretty much went off without a hitch...the bride and groom were happy, which is all that matters.

And they lived happily ever after.


Remember, if you see anything you like or want to know more about, just let me know in the comments and I'll reply through email or just shoot me an email from my contact tab!


A Touch of Tiffany Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

"I'll tell you one thing, Fred, darling... I'd marry you for your money in a minute. 
Would you marry me for my money? "
"In a minute."
"I guess it's pretty lucky neither of us is rich, huh?"
-Breakfast At Tiffany's
A couple of weeks ago, I put together a Bridal Shower on a last-minute's notice.  I had to act fast, so I just went with a few things I knew about the bride-to-be...

  1. She loves vintage.
  2. She loves Audrey Hepburn.
  3. I love Paris...oh, wait.  This wasn't about me?  Ooops.
So, I just started throwing things together.  Stop #1, my go-to bakery for some truffles and petite fours.  I knew I had to get this order in first!  I decided to go with petite fours in white with black Os (initial of Groom's last name) and chocolate with white Os...white cake with lemon filling and chocolate cake with raspberry filling, in case you want to know the finer details...or something to drool over. 

My Stop #2 was Etsy.  It's my go-to place for DIY original party supplies.  I found just what I was looking for and everyone was so helpful in getting me my PDFs in a timely fashion and customizing all of it to my color scheme.  My main purchases were some personalized party games, dessert table labels, tissue paper pom poms, french soaps for favors, and some adorable lips and moustache straw flags! (click on the items for links back to the Etsy shops

For the rest of the decor, I just used what I already had...I'm a lover of all things Paris and French, so I had a few Eiffel Towers lying around.  I picked up some damask black and white ribbon and some Tiffany blue ribbon at Michael's to use on the dessert table...and wherever else needed some ribbon. To add a little "Audrey Hepburn" into the shower, I printed off some quotes and put them in black and white frames and set them around the dessert table and food area.

I usually ALWAYS use fresh flowers, but like I said, time was short, so I used some large artificial white peonies in some little Eiffel Tower vases.  They looked cute and matched the "feel" of things.

For the favors, I ordered some FABULOUS VINTAGE-Y French Soaps from The French Market on Etsy!  They were a hit.  Each one came in a stamped glassine bag with seam binding wrapping.  So so so French and vintage.  
(photo courtesy of FrenchMarket on Etsy)
My favorite little touch was the French Sparkling Lemonade I ordered from Amazon.  It was DELICIOUS and paired wonderfully with our lasagna, salad, and bread sticks from Olive Garden (I know, not French, but Bride's request).

I also did the wedding last weekend, so I'll do a post on that next week!  It's all black and white and vintage...turned out really cute!

List of links:
Damask/Tiffany Blue Table Tents/Labels - Posh Pixels
Personalized Bridal Shower Games in Tiffany Blue - Duecuori
French Soaps - FrenchMarket
Lips and Moustache Flags - HeSawSparks
Tissue Paper Pom Poms - The Whimsical Pom
Grey Striped Paper Straws -
Lorina French Sparkling Lemonade (FROM FRANCE!!) -

If you see anything else in the pics and want to know where I got it, just ask me in the comments or shoot me an email!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!♥


Hunger Games Swag Bags

Raise your hand if you've been to see the Hunger Games!  Raise your other hand if you loved it like a fat kid loves cake...or like Peeta loves Katniss!  Now, hop on one foot if you think Gale is cuter than Peeta.  Say your ABC's backwards.  Kidding.

I did like any good fangirl would do and I went to the 12:01 showing of Hunger Games last Thursday night/Friday "morning"...and it was AH-mazing!!  I cried like a baby.  Ask Impulsive Addict.  She was there.  So, was Kiss, the girl without a blog.  She sure can kiss though. *sigh* ;)

If you know me AT ALL, you know that I can have a Twilight or Hunger Games "event" without some swag...or a party...or something!  These things must be celebrated appropriately.

So, I decided to throw a little last-minute Hunger Games Swag Bag together for my girlz, Skillz (aka Impulsive) and Kiss.  Here's what they looked like...

What was in the bag:
  • Some tissues...for when you're "weeping at the reaping".  I decided to be clever and I made up some little squares using Avery Postcards (#3381) that I had left over from Isaiah's birthday.  I wrapped them around some personal size Puffs tissues and tied them up with some raffia.
  • I wrapped up some cookies in parchment paper...ya know, 'cause Peeta is the "bread boy" didn't seem very appealing to wrap up bread, so cookies it was!  The cute little "Mellark Bakery" label came from Party Scribbles on Etsy!
  • I had some grey and white striped paper straws left from a Bridal Shower I did last weekend, so I found these really cute FREE printable Hunger Games Straw Flags on Living Locurto! (Awesome website for free printables!)
  • I bought some "tiny bottles" (Barefoot Moscato - YUM, Sky Vodka, and Coconut Rum) and wrapped them in some more labels I bought from Etsy that said "Sleep Syrup", also from Party Scribbles!
  • I also included some cinnamon gum to represent Katniss, the Girl on Fire!
I forgot to take a picture of the swag all put together, but I just put all the goodies in a white craft sack and added some red tissue paper and a little raffia.  Using red and orange tissue paper together would have been cute too, but I was just using stuff I already had.

There ya go!  My Hunger Games Swag Bag!

I posted some links on my Hunger Games post from last week, if you're looking for more Hunger Games party ideas!


Happy Hunger Games Day!

Wow.  So, it's finally here!  The Hunger Games movie will be in theaters tonight/tomorrow at 12:01am.  I've got my District 12 Tribute shirt on, my Mockingjay earrings, tickets, and swag bags for mah girlz...I'm ready!

I've been waiting so long.  I can't believe it's here.  I've been a huge fan of this trilogy since I read the first book in 2008...waited (im)patiently for Catching Fire and even more (im)patiently for Mockingjay.  I have high expectations for the movie and I'm willing to bet that it doesn't disappoint.  The cinematography looks amazing and it's filled with talented actors/actresses.  I get major goosebumps every time I see a trailer.  You would think after a while I'd become immune to the same 2 minutes of footage, but nope.  Impulsive and Kiss are going with me tonight.  I'm sure we will be the picture of perfect line waiters...except for the "provisions" in the form of tiny bottles I've purchased.

As a "Happy Hunger Games Day" surprise, I got an email from a guy who works with The Daily Beast and he asked my permission to include my Mockingjay tattoo into an article they posted today titled '10 Die-Hard 'Hunger Games' Fans and Tattoos' uses the terms "fanatical" and "extreme" to describe the 10 fans' tattoos that are in the gallery.  (Mine is #5, in case you wanna take a peak)  I am SO NOT "fanatical" or "extreme"


To wrap up this HG post, I'll leave you with some ideas, free printables, and past posts about The Hunger Games.  If you haven't read the books yet, DO IT!  NOW.  You could have the whole trilogy read over the weekend.  No excuses.

Party ideas - Living Locurto
Free Printables - Living Locurto
Printables on Etsy - ClickableParty and Party Scribbles (both will customize for small fee)
Amazing Cupcake Ideas - Sweet Tooth (recipe and instructions)
My Catching Fire Review
Mockingjay Tattoo Pic
Mockingjay Post
Mockingjay Review
What to read after The Hunger Games?

Happy Hunger Games!!  May the odds be ever in your favor.



Staying On The Wagon: JK's Weight Loss Story

We all know how hard it is to hang on sometimes…feel ourselves slipping off the proverbial edge.  Some days are harder than others…and sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.  So, here are a few of my personal tips and tricks for staying on track:
  • My #1 go-to is DRINK LOTS OF WATER…and when you think you’ve drank enough, drink some more.  I try; try being the key word, to drink 3 liters a day.  It helps me keep that full feeling, curbs cravings and is just overall good for you.  Bonus is that it helps your skin look nice and healthy too.
  • I like to keep gum handy.  It’s on my desk, in my purse, and on my kitchen counter.  An Altoids helps too…they’re curiously strong.  Just anything to keep my mouth busy when I feel like eating.  I remember my old WW leader telling us that BLTs add calories to your day that you don’t count…not bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches (although that sounds really yummy minus the T)…but Bites, Licks, and Tastes.  When you’re cooking and you taste a little sauce or soup…nibble a bite of the pasta…lick the spoon from the cupcakes…those all add up.  So, keeping something in your mouth will help cut down on the BLTs.
  • Distraction.  Sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk working, I get this overwhelming urge to head to the break room for a snack.  I’m pretty sure it’s just out of habit (and those little voices in my head).  So, instead of eating, I distract myself with something else…like open up a book on my Kindle, or hop on Twitter, browse Blogger…15 minutes of one of those activities and I’m back to work without caving into the snack monster.  I know it might sound delusional, but it works for me.  Plus, I feel like I’m rewarding myself for not caving by doing something I enjoy.
  • Fill up on veggies.  I try to eat at least 2-3 servings of vegetables at lunch.  It helps me get in my goal of 5 servings (optimal would be 7-8) and fills me up on something low-calorie.
  • I read somewhere that you’re supposed to eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch and a pauper for dinner.  I don’t do this on weekdays, but I do try to apply that analogy to my weekend meals…make a big breakfast, have a medium sized lunch, and a small dinner.
  • Add as many steps to my day as possible…take the stairs, park at the back of the parking lot, make an extra lap around Hell-Mart pushing my basket full of groceries…etc.

What are some of your tips and tricks for staying on the wagon?
*weight loss update: I’m no longer in the 200s and it feels good.  As of yesterday morning, I weighed 199 even.  WOOHOO.  Officially the least I’ve weighed in 8 years.



It Was SERIOUSLY Impulsive...Seriously.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I participated in Impulsive Addict's and Seriously Shawn's Seriously Impulsive Swap.

It is my goal to use the words impulsive and/or serious as many times as it takes to seriously annoy you with my impulsive use of terminology...seriously.

I was paired up with the SERIOUSLY adorable, Aly from Analyze This.  I love her, so this impulsive serious shopping was a breeze.  I didn't freak out one time.  Nor did I call Impulsive Addict and have her talk me down from the ledge.  Nope, not me.

Ok.  Maybe I did.  I was taking this swap biz serious, yo.  I usually have mad shopping mojo, but I lost it for a few days.  All my impulsive shopping trips turned out to be serious disappointments.

I'm kind of a last-minute person.  I tend to work well under pressure; and when it comes to Aly's seriously impulsive swap package, I think I can sum it up with "oops, I did it again."

My impulsive and serious swap package from Aly arrived on Friday!  
*three squeeees for happy mail*

She included this seriously funny card...

and LOTS of impulsive goodies...

AMAZING lip gloss...

and some cute thank you cards and post-its...

We bought each other the EXACT same earrings from Target...seriously.  She had also mentioned her love for these yummy Strawberry fruit strips from Target, and she was VERY specific that they HAD to be Archer Farms Target brand.  I put some in her package and she returned the favor...

and I'm hooked!  Sooooooo SO yummy!

She also sent me an adorable scarf!  I seriously love it.

THANK YOU so much, Aly!!  I love it all!!

Go take a peak at Aly's swap package - click HERE

Check out all the other swap packages on Impulsive Addict's and Seriously Shawn's Talk To Us Tuesday!



You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin To Do…

In the words of R. Kelly, there is something I must connnnnnnnnfeeeeeeesssssss I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.


Ok, so that’s R. Kelly’s confession. I jacked it. What’s it to ya? I’m ok with a little bump and grind too. 

For realz, though. Here are a few things I need to get off my chest… 

  1. I got up at 1:07 yesterday morning and made me a peanut butter-blueberry-cream-cheese-low-carb-tortilla-wrap. Ate it and went back to bed. 
  2. I’m not pregnant. 
  3. I know this for a 100% fact because Aunt Flo is visiting this week and she’s been telling me to do bad things. 
  4. I had something VERRRRRAH inappropriate sent to myself at work. Let’s just call it “note cards”. 
  5. I might have had a slight panic attack while out at lunch yesterday worrying about “WHAT IF…what if IT came and Jill, the receptionist, decided to be nosey?” “WHAT IF, one of the drafting guys thought it was for them??” How WOULD I explain myself. Then, I came up with the perfect solution. I bought it for Skillz. Fortunately, I didn’t have to lie. We all know where you go for that shiz. 
  6. I’ve been trying to curtail my potty mouth and any time I try to attempt that I come up with a new catch phrase/fake cuss word/phrase. This weeks’ faux bad word is “MUTHER LOVIN’” Try it out. It feels good rolling off the tongue. Mix that in with a little “sofa king” and “shiz” and I got most of the cuss word groups covered. 
  7. Here’s a fun little game: Any time you feel like letting one fly (cuss word that is), think of a name of someone in the Bible, NOT God or Jesus because that’s blasphemous and we don’t use the Lord’s name in vain…but like Noah or Moses or if you really know your stuff, you could pull out one of those old testament guys that not many people know about, like Haggai…and you put their name with an object that starts with the same letter. Example: “Noah on the Nile!” or “Moses in the Mohave!”…and for bonus points use a name like Haggai…”Haggai in a hammock!””Jezebel in a jalopy!” 
 It’s fun. I swear. 

Well, hope everyone has had a supah fab week.



I Love You Like A Back-Alley Hooker Loves Crack

I love you like a Kardashian loves publicity.

I love you like a pimp loves hos.

I love you like LiLo loves getting kicked out of rehab.

I love you like Snoop Dogg loves gin...and juice.

I love you like Ryan Gosling loves saying "hey, girl."

Yep, I love you guys that much.

Just wanted to say "thank you" for all of your sweet compliments and encouragement to my Weight Loss post last week!  You guys are awesome!!  It definitely gave me some much needed motivation.  I haven't had a weight loss since the day before I posted that and felt discouraged all last week, but every time I did, I just looked back at some of your comments and kept going.  So, THANK YOU!!!

So, it's V-Day!  Do you have any sugary romantic adventures planned?  I think it's a hyped-up-over-commercialized holiday.  BUT I'm not opposed to a little romance.  I just think it's important to tell those that you love that you love them every day.  We shouldn't reserve it for one day out of the year. 

Side note: Just for the record (Michael, this is where you should really pay attention), if there is not at least a card waiting for me when I get home, do not and I mean, do NOT, ask me "how you doin'" and look at me like you're going to rock my world...'cause it's not happening. 

WHAT?!  I'm still a girl.  I have needs and feelings.

Be sure to tell someone you love them today!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you all have a love-filled day!

Stop by and link up with my girls, Impulsive and Shawn for TTUT!