Y'all know what today is? It's Bedlam! Are you excited? I am!! This is the time of year where OU (THE University of Oklahoma) faces OSU (the OTHER State University...jk...Oklahoma State University)! It is always a good game, but today's game is a more important than most. Whoever wins this game will determine their own destiny. For OU, it means going to the Big 12 Championship and on to the National Championship. The OU/OSU game is always high-energy and intense and this year will only be better. The game will be aired on ABC!

It's football at it's's Bedlam!



Friday Confessions...The Black Friday Version :)

So, it's Friday...time for Friday Confessions...
  • My first confession should be that I am writing these on Wednesday...there's so much badness that needs confessing between Wednesday and, I'm sure there are things that will go unconfessed until next Friday. There's no way I would be able to actually write these on Friday morning...seeing that I'll be in Tulsa at Starbucks by 3:00AM!, that's why they are being written on Wednesday.
  • While you're reading these, I am shopping like a fool. IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!
  • I'm probably pushing people out of the way (hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do).
  • I'm also probably on my second or third Starbucks of the know they opened at 3:00 AM this morning...and there's a Starbucks on every corner...and in Targets!
  • I'm probably ticking someone off, pulling out in front of someone, failing to use my turn signal, ignoring traffic lights, stealing a parking spot or mumbling a profanity under my breath as someone steals mine. If you've ever been out shopping on Black Friday, you know what I'm talking about (again, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do).
  • I'm also probably complaining about long lines and all the CRAZY people(like I'm NOT one of them)!
  • I'm buying things that aren't on my list.
  • I might be contemplating taking something out of someone's basket, because it's the last one in the entire store...but DON'T...I'm not that bad, geesh!
  • AND more than likely...I'm scoring good deals, enjoying the season and the sales, sharing conversation with my mom and friends, catching a movie, laughing over lunch, and making plans to do it all over again next year!

Happy Black Friday!


Thursday Thankfuls

My last Thursday Thankfuls of November. You know when I started these I was planning on just doing them through November...'til Thanksgiving, but I just love them so much that I'll probably continue doing them...for a while at least. We'll see. So, here are my last Thursday Thankfuls of November:

1. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For having the hope of a better tomorrow and the peace of knowing I'm in his hands. Like I say in my bio, He is always so full of grace and mercy. I totally don't deserve it at times, but I'm so THANKFUL that He gives it anyway.
2. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my family. They love me in spite of myself and I'm sooooo THANKFUL for that! They are the reason I am who I am.
3. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my friends. They mean so much to me. They're there for me when I need them the most. They listen to all my crazy ramblings. They love me for me. I couldn't ask for more.
4. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the yummy Thankgiving dinner I'm about to eat...and for all of the extended family that will be surrounding me...and for those that couldn't be here.
5. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for Black Friday...yeah, I know pretty pathetic...but I'm thankful for the girl time I'm going to have tomorrow, the laughs, the sales, the good buys, the start to the Christmas season, Peppermint Mochas, more laughs, good times, a movie, breakfast/lunch/and dinner out, mom and me time, time with friends, more sales, more good buys, a car full of goodies, and then finally getting back home in the wee hours of Saturday :)
6. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the fact that I get to start putting up my tree and all the Christmas decor and legally listen to Christmas music!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful blog-land friends!!! Love you all!


OU/Texas Tech Game

Saturday night's game was probably the best game that I've been to at Owen Field EVER!! For me it was more exciting than the OU/Nebraska game in 2000. OU was #5 and Texas Tech was #2...the stakes were high...the stands were loud...and the shoot-out was on!

The crowd was a whopping 85,000+! At 30 minutes prior to game time, the Pride of Oklahoma took the field and the electricity was almost visible. We were packed in there like sardines. Stoops had called us out. He said that OU wasn't the loudest stadium he'd ever been to and that the fans weren't that pivotal in a game. Reverse psychology? Maybe. Whatever it was, it worked!! Everybody was loud, proud, and on their feet. We had Bradford and Harrell in the same stadium...we were sure we were going to see some action and just praying that it was in OU's favor. The first quarter got off to a great start with OU's defense stopping the Raiders and the OU offense making the first touchdown of the game. That's key. It kind of sets the momentum of the game. No one was going anywhere...thirsty, you'll have to wait...need to pee, well that'll wait too. Mike and I hadn't ate since we left Wagoner, like 5 hours prior, but that didn't matter either. With every touchdown the excitement grew...we were screaming and yelling and jumping up and down...high-fives everywhere. They started playing that old song Jump Around by House of Pain (maybe?). Imagine 85,000 fans all "jumping around"...crazy! At half-time, the score was in our favor and the momentum was going our way. There was an interception and the crowd went wild! The second half was no different. The crowd was off-the-hook and Sam and crew were right on target. The defense was shutting Tech down. It was great! I don't think anyone thought that it would end like it did. I myself had felt good about the game, no bad feelings (like I felt when we played Texas), but never did I think we would win so decisively. BOOMER SOONER!!

Here's some more pics from the game:
*remember to pause my playlist before starting video*

Cold much?

Final score

Sooners win!

One of my favorite places on campus.

Student Union

Our favorite place to eat after a game...Raising Cane's Chicken...YUMM-O!

Boomer Sooner, Baby!


Here are pics of my No-Sew Tote Bag from Monday's blog, Monday With Martha:

Here's a pic of the final product. I don't have any of the process. Sorry, next time.

Here's a pic of the inside...that's where you use the duct tape and there are staples underneath to hold it all together.

Another look at the "seem" can also tell that it's covered in the iron-on vinyl, which gives it a nice protective coating on the inside.

One more pic of the tote :)
*Idea: You could make some of these and use them for re-useable shopping bags. Eco-friendly :)

My Twilight Movie Blog

Twilight is completely AWESOME! Like Melissa and others have said it is amazing...and awesome...and well, amazing. I just can't sing its praises enough. I have thought about the movie like non-stop since I watched it Friday at 5:50 central standard time. Now, don't get me wrong...I did sit there and scrutinize. There were a few parts that weren't exact from the book, but I realize for entertainment purposes the director has to change things. I get that. The casting was so right on for most of the roles. I mean Kristen Stewart, she is Bella...she is exactly like I pictured her to be while reading the books. Rob Pattinson is cute and all, but playing Edward Cullen is what makes him HOTT! I also think they were right on with Alice...she so cute and pixey like, just as I imagined her. The movie is a great translation of the book. Let me just say that it was better than I ever could have imagined and I LOVE it...and can't wait to see it again...and I don't mean waiting 'til it's out on DVD! However, I will be purchasing that as well...but I've already made plans to see it again on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Here's a pic of my ticket!

This is where we went and watched Twilight :)

It was in theater 13...not sure why I felt the need to take this picture...I'm so weird.

Here is me and Mary after the movie. I tried taking a picture while in the theater and you would have thought I had committed a crime...geez, can't a girl capture memories?!?!

Here we are in front of the theater in our "Team Cullen" shirts, you can't see them very well, but they were SO cool! (We're complete dorks)

If you haven't already seen the movie, go see it!!!

Twisted Tuesday...The White House

Ok, there is this house on our way to Isaiah's school and it is painted white...*gasp*...I know some of you are thinking, "yeah, so is mine." Well, this particular house is painted white from "head-to-toe". I mean they've even painted the front door white...and their city-issued trash bin (up by the garage...I know it kinda blends in), and their city-issued meter, and their garden hose , and their fence, and their mailbox...need I say more? Weird, don't you think? Anyone have any guesses as to WHY they would paint EVERYTHING white? I'm just curious.


Tag...You're It!

I was recently tagged by my blogger friend, Mistee, who has a fantastic blog! This is my first tag blog, so here goes:

8 TV shows I like to watch

  1. Private Practice
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Ugly Betty
  4. Dancing With The Stars
  5. Army Wives
  6. American Idol
  7. Clean House
  8. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
8 places I like to eat
  1. Pei Wei or PF Changs
  2. Abuelos
  3. Carrabas
  4. Panera Bread
  5. Bros. Hulligan
  6. Fish Daddy's
  7. Red Lobster
  8. Olive Garden
8 things that happened yesterday
  1. I was at my in-laws
  2. I kicked EVERYONE's butt on the Wii
  3. We watched the space shuttle Endeavor go over Oklahoma...totally cool.
  4. We spent time w/ the Dietzel's
  5. I made Renee 2 mini banners
  6. I read half of my new book...The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (*highly recommended)
  7. Drove (well, I rode) home from Norman
  8. Went to bed WAY too late

8 things I look forward to

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Spending extra time with my family
  3. Black Friday
  4. Christmas bonus
  5. The Holidays in general
  6. Decorating for Christmas
  7. Planning Isaiah's 5th birthday
  8. Watching Twilight...again :)

8 things I love about Fall

  2. Changing leaves
  3. Falling leaves
  4. Warmer clothes
  5. Hot drinks
  6. Cold nights
  7. Crisp mornings
  8. Thanksgiving
8 things on my wish list
  1. I wish for everyone to know God
  2. I wish for world peace
  3. I wish for no one to go hungry
  4. I wish for everyone to know love
  5. I wish for a smaller hiney (you didn't think they could all be noble causes did you?)
  6. I wish for a bigger house
  7. I wish for happy holidays
  8. I wish I had some Starbucks...oh, wish granted :) One down, 7 to go!
8 people to tag
  1. Melissa
  2. Renee
  3. Lisa
  4. Feather
  5. Katie
  6. Brainella
  7. Tabitha
  8. Shelly (or Michelle as Melissa calls her:)


Monday With Martha

You all know how I love Martha...Martha Stewart that is. Well, my friend and co-worker, Mary, and I ran across this awesome "no-sew" craft on the Martha Stewart website. It is a No-Sew Tote! Yeah, NO-SEW!!! All you need is one yard of your favorite fabric (Tip: Make sure the fabric is a repeating fabric that looks the same from all sides.), 1 yard of nylon webbing for straps, iron-on vinyl for lining, duct tape in complementary color, pencil for marking, scissors, staples, and iron. Here is the link with all the instructions: No-Sew Tote Bag

These are the instructions from the Martha Stewart website:

No-Sew Tote Bags How-To

1. Cut a 20-by-36-inch piece of home-decorating or upholstery-weight fabric. Line the back of the fabric with iron-on vinyl to protect and reinforce.

2. Fold fabric in half, right sides together, to create a rectangle 20 inches wide by 18 inches tall, with the fold at the bottom.

3. Fold down and crease the top raw edge to create a 2-inch hem on the top, front, and back.

4. Mark where you would like the straps to go and staple the straps onto one side of the bag. Only staple through the strap and the folded over fabric, so that the staples do not show on what will be the front of the bag. Repeat on other side.

5. Use two strips of duct tape to cover the staples and "hem" the top of the bag. Trim the extra duct tape with scissors.

6. Fold the bag so right sides are together. Mark a seam line 1/2 inch from each edge. Staple up the sides of bag along the seam line. Cover seam with a long piece of duct tape, folded lengthwise over the raw edge. Trim the extra duct tape.

7. Create a gusset by flattening the inside-out bag with the seams together. Mark a line perpendicular to the seam, about 3 1/2 inches from the "point" at the bottom of each seam. Staple along this line. Cover the staples with duct tape and trim excess.

8. Turn bag right-side out.

*The size of your bag will vary depending on the size of the fabric you buy...My friend Mary made the cutest over-night tote or weekend accident :) She bought some of the 56" fabric...too cute! So, you can cut the fabric and get two or sometimes 3 bags out of one yard of fabric!!

I have already made one, and I have pics and everything, but forgot my camera this morning (which totally stinks because my pics for my Twilight Movie blog are on there too...ARGH!!!) So, I'll have to post pics at a later date.

I've bought some more cute fabric and can't wait to make another one!!! Enjoy


Friday Confessions

Fridays...oh, how I long for Fridays. It is truly a coveted day. End of a work week for most. The beginning of the weekend. Sometimes there's a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. This Friday however is even better...because TWILIGHT is here!! Can I get a woot woot?!?!

  • So, I'd like to start off my Friday Confessions by saying that I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve that Twilight...the HERE! My pre-purchased tickets are for the 5:50 show...TONIGHT! Yippee-skippy!
  • My weekly tally at Starbucks...3 plain-skinny-lattes, 1 plain-regular-latte, and 2 Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates w/ a shot of espresso, and 2 Madeline cookies. On the menu for next week, Peppermint Mocha...mmm. This is the drink I save for Black's tradition...I can NOT drink one until the wee hours of November the 28th...3 am to be exact. Did y'all know Starbucks is opening at 3 AM on Black Friday?!?! Can I get another "woot woot"!
  • Saturday I worked and after work we took Isaiah to Taco Bueno. Can I just say there is nothing "bueno" about that's very not bueno. What's the spanish word for bad?
  • I just Googled the spanish word for bad...malo...Taco Bueno is very malo. I google lots of words. I even googled myself. That's weird. Have you ever googled yourself? I came up with like a whole page of me...jennykate or jennykate77...I'm everywhere. I felt so exposed.
  • I have had two cases of road rage this week. Melissa can vouch for one...I was on the phone talking to her :) Why must people pull out in front of me and stop in the middle of the intersection and not use turn signals...and make me use my horn...a lot. WHERE DID YOU PEOPLE TAKE DRIVER'S ED...or did you take Driver's Ed? That's probably the better question.
  • I let Isaiah stay up 'til 11:00 on Wednesday night, because I had to catch up on my DVR'd versions of DWTS and Private Practice. Which, btw, PP was an excellent episode! The hot swat guy...need I say more?
  • I sit around and think up my own sequels to Twilight.
  • On Tuesday, I ate a Twix...not a miniature, a whole one, both myself.
  • I ate popcorn for dinner while working late last night. (that's like a 3-in-1 confession)
  • While I'm writing these, I'm counting down the minutes 'til Twilight.
  • While you're reading these, I'm still counting down the minutes 'til Twilight, well, unless you're reading these AFTER 5:50 pm central standard time.

Glad all of that is out in the open. I feel better. *hugs*

Enjoy your weekend!

*Side Note: I've got a special crafty blog coming up on Monday :)*


Thursday Thankfuls

Another week has went by and another Thursday Thankfuls is coming right up! This week they are brought to you by the letter 'I'! It's Isaiah's favorite letter...go figure!
  1. I'm thankful for Isaiah :)
  2. I'm thankful for Iced a Venti Iced Latte at Starbucks!
  3. I'm thankful for dark chocolate, coach purses, manis and get the drift :)
  4. I'm thankful for Ideas...just anything new and fun.
  5. I'm thankful for Incredulous...I know it's just a word, but it's a fun word to use...I recently added it to my vocabulary while reading the Twilight Saga.
  6. I'm thankful for "Idiot Lights" in my car...because without them sometimes I would be stranded on the side of the road waiting for AAA to bring me some gas.
  7. I'm thankful for Illustrators...especially those of children's books. They make things so much more Interesting :) Some of my favs are Eric Carle and Jan Brett.
  8. I'm thankful for Individualism.
  9. I'm thankful for Imaginary Friends. I had two while I was growing up as an only child. There names were Fred and Elmer. I'll have to tell you about them sometime, but that's a whole other blog in itself. Now you guys are my "imaginary friends"...LOL...some things never change!
  10. I'm thankful for the Internet...can you imagine life without it? Impossible!

Other Thankfuls posts:

If you're posting Thursday Thankfuls, stop by and let me know...I'll add you to the list :)



OMGosh, y'all! Crazy Daisy Candles saved my life! Seriously, over the weekend my electricity went out and if it had not been for Crazy Daisy Candles, I would have been the dark. Thankfully, I had plenty of Crazy Daisy Candles on hand. So, I had light, the old-fashion way...and my house smelled delish! Thanks, Crazy Daisy Candles!

BTW, Melissa (owner of Crazy Daisy Candles) is having another giveaway! Hurry over to her blog for the details and get your name in the don't want to miss it!

What if your electricity goes out? Are you prepared?

Crazy Daisy Candles...there when the lights go out! :)

Whatcha Talkin' About Wednesday

What did you say? Huh? You said what? NO WAY! Say that again. Seriously! You've GOT to be kidding me! SHUT...UP!

Twilight will be coming out in less than 2 days! Count! I'm beyond excited! As you all know, I PRE-purchased my tickets last week. I have my t-shirt and I'm ready to go. Every since I finished the last pages of Breaking Dawn last week, this is what I have been looking forward to! I'm going to the 5:50 show (that's central standard time). I know a few of you share my excitement and a few of you are sitting on the other side of the computer screen shaking your head right now...and that's ok. I'm sure if I had not read the series and I had no clue what people were so stoked (yeah, I went there) about, then I would be sitting on the other side of the screen shaking my head and thinking they were all CRAZY! Twilightaholics! There should be an "anonymous" group sprouting up any time. This is pretty much "THE" topic of conversation around the water cooler (just kidding, I just wanted to say that...the water cooler is in the kitchen and we don't stand around there and chit-chat).

The other "hot topic" around here is OU Football. We have a very precarious situation, in that, this Saturday we (OU) are playing Texas Tech...who beat Texas...who beat us. Did you follow that? Supposedly this game is THE game to watch. So, tune in and if you're not a Tech fan, root for the Sooners :) It's nationally televised on ABC. Look for me...I'll be the one in red :P

Last night, I went to my first of many Thanksgiving dinners. It got me thinking how everyone celebrates differently...different traditions, different places they go, and different foods to eat. We've already planned out our menu for Thanksgiving. Usually a couple of weeks prior, we sit down at my Granny's kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon and hash it out...who will bring what. One thing is always the same, my Granny makes the turkey, gravy, and dressing. She's the best hands-down! The rest of the side items include mashed potatoes, my Aunt Chrissy's hot rolls, my Aunt Bev's broccoli and cheese casserole, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and all the yummy pies you can handle! (I think we have a thing for casseroles) We gather at my Granny's, eat, watch football, and nap! Oh, and then of course, we break out the sale ads for Black Friday. All of us girls hover around the cleared off kitchen table and we start making lists! There's always games of monopoly or tripoly...or card games. We know how to have a good time! This year, we're picking up an old tradition that we used to do all the time, and we're drawing names for Christmas gifts. Our family is getting so big and we felt like it would be a way to exchange gifts without everyone buying for EVERYONE. So, we'll see how that goes. Can't wait! I'm excited already! I love the holidays!

So, what are you talkin' about?


Twisted Tuesday

I think I've decided that I'll do a blog every Tuesday called Twisted Tuesday. It's just going to be random...sometimes crazy, sometimes funny...or off-the-wall...or whatever strikes my fancy. You all can join in too, if you want! I'm going to get a cute little header made asap, but I haven't done it...yet! But I promise I will...soon!

This Tuesday I'd like to talk about this doll made by Fisher Price. It's one of the Mommy and Me dolls. It recently made the news around here in Oklahoma. Some parents who bought this doll for their 3 yo little girl realized that the doll says a certain phrase that is mixed in with the coos and jabbering. I hadn't seen one in person until this past Saturday. My mom and I took Isaiah to Toys R Us as a reward for being so "helpful" at work. To my surprise, there was one of the dolls on the shelf. So, I picked it up and started playing with it, not expecting to hear this before mentioned "phrase" so plainly...but I did...and it was a little shocking. This is some really bad footage of the talking doll I took from my phone...the saying is "Islam is the light"...listen carefully. (you might have to turn your speakers up...oh, and pause my playlist)

Now, I'm not trying to offend anyone, but for me as a Christian, I sort of took offense to this doll. If I can be honest, (which I can, because this is my blog), it kinda freaked me out. I don't know about you, but I don't want my child playing with a doll that says "Islam is the light"...that's just me.

I think it's a little twisted.


Weekend Review

My weekend was full and busy. Saturday I worked. Which was interesting because I brought Isaiah to work with me. He worked too, of course...punching a lot of holes in paper and stamping things...and stapling a LOT. Yesterday, was church and then a lot of my family went to the bowling alley in town. My aunt and uncle recently purchased it and they wanted us all to come down. It was fun. My family is Crazy (with a capital 'C')! So, here are some pics from the weekend. This is sort of backwards, but I'm just gonna go with the flow...that seems to be the story of my life these days.

Last night I made a pot of stew/soup. It's kinda my own made up recipe, but oh-so-yummy.

Jenny's Stew/Soup
  • 1 lb. hamburger or ground turkey
  • 1 can mixed vegetables
  • 1 can diced potatoes
  • 1 can tomato paste
  • 4 cups beef stock (or broth)
  • season to taste (or throw in a beef stew seasoning pack)

Here's a pic of Isaiah and my Aunt V's new puppy, Annie...isn't she cute. I know she looks possessed, but she's really sweet :)

This is Jake, my cousin's little boy, and Isaiah "playing" video games. They apparently win EVERY time! They're professionals.

This is Noah, one of our newest additions! He'll be one in December...isn't he adorable?!?! He slobbers a lot. :)

I know this is everyone's back-side, but it's one of the better "group" shots...starting on the far left, Jordan with the crazy hair, my Uncle Dave, cousin Josh (yeah, they all have long hair...they're in a rock band), cousin Curtis, cousin Caleb (in blue shirt w/ long hair), Jen (long blonde hair) who is married to Josh, my Aunt V (dark hair sitting down), and Michael's arm.
Good times.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!



My sweet friend, Mistee, over at Our Family Blog #2 gave me two...yeah awards. This just never gets old. It's always nice to know that others enjoy reading your blog. It feels good, you know? So, I'm gonna pass them on to my top 12 bloggers, some that you all know and love and others that are new to blog-land. Here goes...

  1. Melissa @ The Crazy Daisy - her take on life is just one of the best around! She's also a really really great friend and one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! I love her much!
  2. Renee @ My Glimpse of Life - need to laugh so hard you pee your pants? Go see Renee! My cousin, my friend...I love her!
  3. Lisa @ Pumpkin Pink Cottage - want new craft ideas? Lisa's your girl! She's got an eye for design! Love you, Lisa!
  4. Shelly @ Cubicle Confessions - she's new, you should go check her out :) Also, Melissa's sweet sister...make the connection?! :)
  5. Feather @ Yes, It's My Real Name - for a fun read and everyday adventures! Have you seen her new tattoo? Really cute!
  6. Lori @ Simple Shutter - for amazing photography, yummy recipes, and a fun look at life in Nebraska!
  7. Carrie @ Buzzings of a Queen Bee - this girl has some GREAT crafty ideas! What a decorator! She's totally into monogramming...go over, you'll get hooked too!
  8. Miranda @ Enjoying the Ride - She's got lots to be thankful for and she's sharing them everyday!
  9. DeeDee @ Praises2Sing - she's a new friend with a really uplifting blog!
  10. Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy - her blog is so chic! I love it! The photography is amazing and that Baby Blue is so cute! She also has a store :) Go have a look!
  11. Brainella the Librarian - what a fun girl! We have similar interests and I just really dig her blog.
  12. Sandy @ Shell In Your Pocket - she's craft, and she's got great recipes, and she's fun to read...what more could you want from a blog?

Enjoy your awards because you guys totally deserve them!!


Saturdays and Starbucks

So, here I sit at my desk on a Saturday. Seeing that I'm working on a SATURDAY, you would think all I would want to do is work and get the heck out of Dodge! Not true. I can't help but do a littly bloggity blog blogging. It only comes naturally.

Notice I'm well equiped as a Starbucks cup resides on my desk in it permanent position.

Which brings me to my next thought, Starbucks Gold Cards. Have you heard of them? Well, if not you should have by now. These are fantastic. You buy them, that's the kicker, for 25 bucks. Then you get 10% off all your future Starbucks purchases, excluding gift gards and downloads. I'll have this baby paid for in no time. Plus, you can register your card on line and get tons more benefits. Not to mention a free drink on your birthday! What more could you want? :)

Well, here's to Saturdays and Starbucks!

Crap...busted...Isaiah just looked up from his doodling and said, "Momma, that doesn't look like working!"

No, the Hershey's bar isn't lunch...what kind of mom do you think I's breakfast, silly...chocolate falls into the breakfast category. Chips will be on the menu for lunch :) JK. Kidding! Microwave popcorn :)

cya :)


Y'all Have GOT To Read This!

Here is an account of an intervention. You must read.

Friday Confessions

I've really been trying to be EXTRA good this week...Christmas is just around the corner...and we know who's watching, huh? You may be surprised, but my list isn't very long. Not much to confess. I've been eating extra healthy, on time to work, not late dropping Isaiah at school, I haven't read TOO much, my house is fairly in order. The normal things I confess about are just non-existent. I know, shocking! Don't be disappointed, there are still a few things...I'm far from perfect, so here goes...

  1. My mom and I purchased a Christmas CD at Starbucks and we've already listened to it...twice. It's November for the love of Pete! (Who's Pete?)
  2. I pre-purchased Twilight tickets...pathetic.
  3. on-line and ordered a shirt...not just any shirt, a Twilight shirt...I'm planning on wearing it to the movie, where I'll be using the ticket that I PRE-purchased. I'm not 16! geez. what is wrong with me?
  4. Isaiah kept asking me how many days 'til school is out...I lied and said a few.
  5. I love rap music...especially old-school rap and old-school hip hop...Rob Base, Tone Loc, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Dr. Dre, MC Hammer, Sir-Mix-A-Lot...makes me want to dance...seriously. I'm so gangsta. (kidding)
  6. My Starbucks confession for the week is that I went there every day, but I was good when I went...I had a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate w/ a shot of espresso ONCE (I so could drink this everyday!)...the other days I had a skinny latte. So, not too bad.
  7. I let a 4 year old rationalize his way out of a bath...I think he's going to be a lawyer.

Seven is gonna have to do this week. :) Now tell me your confessions...I'm listening :)

More Confessions:

1. Pumpkin Pink Cottage



Yippee! I love giveaways and this one includes two of my favorite things...My friend Lisa and TWILIGHT! How did she know? How did she know that doing a giveaway and including the word Twilight would get my attention so? Well, here's the deal...she's reached her 101st post! Can you believe that...101! WOW! She has a great blog - The Pumpkin Pink Cottage noteworthy and adorable as can be! She's doing a giveaway and it's a little bit of a surprise! Who doesn't like SURPRISES? (Well, except for Renee :) You have to post a blog about her giveaway and add a link to her Cafepress store, which by the way has some new Twilight related t-shirts!! REALLY really cute! You have to go check them out! Her giveaway will include a couple of these little birdie ornaments she's been making, which are irresistible and possibly a Twilight related something!! So, hurry on over and post your own blog and let her know about it! The winner will be announced on the 22nd...the day after the Twilight movie premiers!

Thursday Thankfuls

Here are a few things I'm thankful for...brought to you by the letter 'K'...
  • I'm thankful for...Knowing God - because it's the best thing in my life.
  • I'm thankful for...Kids - because he's my greatest gift :)
  • I'm thankful for...Kindred Spirits - because they're so rare, so loved, so needed.
  • I'm thankful for...Karma - because "what goes around, comes around" makes living a good life worthwhile.
  • I'm thankful for...Kleenex - because of those Hallmark commercials...with Christmas around the corner they are UNavoidable and because I've been terribly emotional lately.
  • I'm thankful for...Kit Kat Bars - because they're chocolate.
  • I'm thankful for...Kisses - because it's an expression of love.
  • I'm thankful for...Knowledge - because without it life would be void.
  • I'm thankful for...Kindness - because it matters.

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Wednesday Webbies

On Wednesdays, I'm going to give a shout-out to some of my favorite websites. Believe it or not, I do have other sites I visit besides Blogger...I know, I're shocked! Well, for my first Webbie, I would like to shine the spotlight on a very special website that so many of us know and love...Cafemom! If you've never been to this site, or if you've been there and haven't signed up...well, you should! If you're a mom that is. It's a fantastic site just for mom's...of varying interests, faiths, ideas, values, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Where else can you find help on lactating and a new recipe for dinner all in one shot?! If you're a current Cafemommer, leave me a comment and let me know...I'll stop by your page and say HI! Oh, and it's Cafemom's 2nd birthday this week, so there are tons of contests and prizes you can win! Go take a look!


Tuesday...just Tuesday

I was thinking of doing a new blog for Tuesdays...they seem so boring sometimes. So, I was thinking something like Tuesday Triumphs or Tuesday To-Do's or well, you get the idea. Anybody else got a blog title they'd like to throw around? Tuesday Triumphs was sort of my fav, but then I was trying to think of enough things to really make a blog about...and I'm not sure I have that many "triumphs" in my life right now to write a good blog about them. Hmmm...what to do, what to do. There was also Tickle Me made me laugh, but I'm not sure what the heck the blog would be about...jokes or funny stuff? maybe.

Tuesday Tantrums...that might be a good one for my world right now.

Tell All Tuesday...but isn't that the idea of Friday Confessions...surely to goodness I don't have that much to tell about between Friday and Tuesday...I'm bad, but not THAT bad. sheesh.

Well, then there is the obvious...Twilight Tuesday or Tuesday Twilight...nah, y'all are already sick of me posting about Twilight, so it definitely doesn't need it's own day...right?

Tuesday Mornings...oh, wait that's a store.

Ruby, a restaurant.

Trendy Tuesday? This one has some possibilities.

Tacky Tuesday?

Tantalizing Tuesday.

Tuesday Talents...OK, that one's retarded.

So, do you have any that you would be willing to do with me? I hate flying solo. Any ideas of your own? Don't leave me hanging. please. I said "please". :)


Weekend Review

Weekend was my weekend? Well, let's just say that it wasn't great, but I'll leave that for another day. Let's focus on the positive, shall we?

I did have one exciting moment...I ran into the Incredible Hulk...I know, I're jealous.

Who is this cute kid? Yeah, I said kid...he's definitely not a baby :( Saturday my sweet cheeks got a hair cut. Isn't it crazy how they go from a baby to a big kid in a few short snips!! Love this face!

Also on Satufday, my Sooners beat A&M! Boomer Sooner! Penn State lost to Iowa! AND Bama beat LSU (do NOT like LSU...Les Miles is crazy I tell ya!)

Yesterday we went to church and then to Granny's for some fried chicken...can we sound any more southern or traditional? I'll throw you for a loop...then we took my Granny and Grandpa to the Casino. Nothing says tradition like going to the casino on Sunday! After spending my 40 bucks, I found a nice comfy chair by my grandpa (I was put on Grandpa Duty) and I read like 6 chapters of Breaking Dawn! I'm over half way finished! I can't believe that I almost read 4 books in one week...does that make me a bad person?

Call me weird, but this morning I actually thought to myself..."Thank God it's Monday!"

No Spoiler

*Just another Twilight post. I think I should say that I really do realize that this is just a fictional book, about people who don't really exist. I get the feeling that some of you may be questioning my sanity...I too do this often. So, I wanted to reassure you that I totally understand that it's JUST fiction...well, most of the time...THEN there IS this gray area between reality and fiction and I think I'm lost somewhere in between....hmmm, before I start sounding any more incredulous than I already do...Here is another post like the one before. It's been edited and is free from any spoiler comments. If you read my previous post, don't read this's the same, only different.* (just for you Melissa :)
There are a few things I need to say. One, Edward is...well, perfect. Two, most nights I go to sleep hoping that I'll dream about him. Three, I just think Bella Swan is the luckiest girl in the world. To have two people love her the way that Edward and Jacob love her...WOW! Imagine that kind of love coming around twice in one lifetime! I think that is what is so captivating about this saga. I realize that fictional things are fictional for a reason...because they don't happen in real life...but oh, if they only did...*sigh* Sometimes, when I'm reading, I come to a spot where I just have to stop and *sigh* and think I just WISH that someone would say that about me. When Edward tells Bella that if he could dream, it would be about her...*swoon* There's just a million little instances like that...the book is just oozing with chivalry and perfection. I was watching the trailer for the movie and thinking to myself that if Robert Pattinson was not playing Edward Cullen, he wouldn't be quite as appealing, but the fact that he IS playing Edward Cullen is what makes him so unmistakably HOT! Total eye candy.

I ask myself often, "why do I love this saga so much?" I'm not goth. I don't think I believe in vampires...the verdict is still out on this one:) So, why? Well, it is one of the BEST love stories I think I've ever read...EVER. Among many other reasons.

I read this blinkie the other day and it said "What's a nice Christian girl like me doing reading VAMPIRE books? They're THAT good!" Yeah, they're THAT good.

I'm sorry to say, but there will be more pointless posts about Twilight...I can't help but talk about it. But this will be all for today and I'll leave you with this...

"...three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him- and I didn't know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."~Isabella Marie Swan

Monday Monologue (girls only)...

*So, talking about menstrual cycles...

**I'm warning you, if you have a Y chromosome, turn back don't want to read this...seriously...

(DH has found my blog and I would rather him not read this one...not sure if that really worked, but it was worth a try. Did you hear that Michael?? DO NOT read this! And IF you do, do not hound me about it later, K? I warned you!:)...
*Also could be a slight spoiler if you have not read through Eclipse**
There are a few things I need to say. One, Edward is...well, perfect. Two, most nights I go to sleep hoping that I'll dream about him. Three, I just think Bella Swan is the luckiest girl in the world. To have two people love her the way that Edward and Jacob love her...WOW! Imagine that kind of love coming around twice in one lifetime! I think that is what is so captivating about this saga. I realize that fictional things are fictional for a reason...because they don't happen in real life...but oh, if they only did...*sigh* I was reading in Eclipse last week and this one particular paragraph really captured me. Edward was talking to Jacob the night that Jacob drove Bella back home and she had punched him in the face for kissing her...her hand was broke. Edward, ever so calmly, informed Jacob that he was never to bring Bella back home in any shape other than perfect...just the way she was when he (Edward) had left her. It was so...just right in the moment...and totally perfect...and you read that and just WISHed that someone would say that about you. When Edward tells Bella that if he could dream, it would be about her...*swoon* There's just a million different instances like that...the book is just oozing with chivalry and perfection. I was watching the trailer for the movie and thinking to myself that if Robert Pattinson was not playing Edward Cullen, he wouldn't be quite as appealing, but the fact that he IS playing Edward Cullen is what makes him so unmistakably HOT! Total eye candy.

There will be more...I can't help but talk about Twilight. But this will be all for today and I'll leave you with this...

"...three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him- and I didn't know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."
~Isabella Marie Swan


Sunday Snapshot

Twilight Cast

*Disclaimer: This is not my snapshot. It belongs to Vanity Fair. (


10 Way To Know You're Totally Obsessed With Twilight

  1. You go to sleep at night hoping your old vampire nightmares come back.
  2. You expect to look up the word 'perfect' in the dictionary and see Edward's face.
  3. You hear thunder and think vampires are playing baseball.
  4. You pull up beside a volvo and your heart skips a beat.
  5. You want someone to DAZZLE you? Frequently.
  6. You sprinkle glitter on your significant other and think SPARKLE dang it SPARKLE!
  7. You hate driving slow.
  8. You have OCD...Obsessive Cullen Disorder.
  9. You now like the bad guy.
  10. You think November 21st is a national holiday.


Friday Confessions

I have some THINGS to confess...
That shouldn't surprise you by's blatantly obvious...I'm bad. Melissa and I were discussing though, that at least we're willing to admit it when we're bad...that's the first step to recovery...I'm just stuck on step one. So, here's my confessions...
  1. This has to be top on the list because...well, I'm obsessed...I have discovered the Twilight Saga...I have seen the light! If you haven't picked up this amazing read, you should. I know this was part of my confessions from last week, but the problem, or addiction I should say, has only strengthened...and I must confess it again. I *heart* Edward. He melts me. When my office gets cold, because the people in control of the thermostat are having a hot flash, I pretend that it's because Edward is close by.
  2. I am sleep deprived. I haven't went to sleep before 1 'o clock in the morning since last week.
  3. I've skipped breakfast everyday this week so that I could squeeze in just an extra 30 minutes with Edward.
  4. My house is a disaster! No explanation needed.
  5. My mom moved me up to the top of her prayer list...because I'm reading books about vampires. When I've went off on Twilight tangents this week, she usually brings me to a halt with "Jennifer Katherine" (in the most annoyed and appalled voice)...that's when I know I've went to far.
  6. Michael hid my book from me...this is more of a confession on his behalf...but I'm sure there's something I'm guilty of here...I just can't quite put my finger on it...
  7. On more than one occasion this week, I had Starbucks more than once a day. This too could probably be accredited to Twilight and sleep deprivation.
  8. I had another brush with road rage. Apparently, this big 'ol 18-wheeler felt that I was following too closely on my drive to work a few mornings ago, and when I FINALLY made it past him, he rolled down his window and flipped me off!! I was so ready to take him and my little HHR. So, what did I do? What any rational person would do...slammed on my breaks and got back behind him so he could see how furious I was that he flipped me off (how childish, btw). Then, he threw on his brakes and blew all this smoke in my face (well in my car's face). I was boiling by that time! My mind was racing trying to think of my next action, and about that time he took an exit. aRgH! It took the remainder of my ride to work and a Starbucks to feel better. What an idiot!
  9. I didn't want Barack Obama to be president, but I will still do my best to be positive and appreciate that fact that we have choices in this great country of ours...even though things don't always turn out as we would like.
  10. I can't just have 9 confessions, it's too uneven (I'm a little OCD).

I'll leave you with some quotes:

You're melting, right? ;)

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Thursday Thankfuls

So, it's already the second week of Thursday Thankfuls. What a week this has been. I had hoped to be thankful for a few different things come today, but there is still so much to be thankful for, so here goes...

  • Above all else, this morning I am thankful that God is still God...and that's where my faith resides.
  • According to Wikipedia, "Democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is held completely by the people under a free electoral system." I'm thankful for democracy.
  • Each morning I'm reminded of one of my greatest blessings in life...Isaiah. I'm so thankful for him and that God intrusted me to be his mom...what a gift.
  • When times are unsure, I think we turn to take inventory of our bare I'm thankful for my my family, friend, home, and job.
  • On a lighter note, I'm thankful for the Twilight Saga...what a glorious escape from reality it is...I *heart* Edward.
  • Also on a lighter note, I'm thankful for Starbucks and all there winter drinks that are making their seasonal debut :) If you haven't tried it already, the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate w/ a shot of espresso is AMAZING!
  • As always, I'm thankful for beautiful blog land friends...without you there would be no sense in having Thankful Thursdays...who would read them?

Count your blessings. Name them one by one.

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Alternate Reality

I know by reading this title to this post, if you know me well enough, you're thinking this is going to be a post about Twilight...since that is often my own personal "alternate reality". However, this is about something more real and on a more serious note. As most of you know, yesterday's election did not go the way I had hoped and prayed. I'm not sure if I was living in denial or what, but I truly felt like there was a chance that John McCain would be our next President. So, needless to say, I was highly disappointed when he was not elected. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a bad dream. Not that I think Obama is a horrible person, it's just not the person I wanted running the White House. For me, these definitely feel like uncertain times. One thing is for sure...God is still in control. That comforts me and lets me know that everything will be fine. I agree with several others who have made posts today, that we should continue being proud Americans...proud of what we stand for...proud of our brave men and women who fight for our freedom...and proud of the fact that we get to voice our opinions and vote...even though it doesn't always turn out just the way we want. I'll continue to pray for our country and our President...even if his name isn't John McCain.

Not the reality I had prayed for, but the reality I am left with. We must do the best with what we have, right?


Weekend Review

I know it's a little late, but I've been "preoccupied" on my free time and haven't downloaded my pics from the weekend until today. So, here's my weekend review...

The weekend started off with some good 'ol trick-or-treating on Friday night. We went over to my mom and dad's. We just hung out, had dinner, and handed out candy...Isaiah's favorite part was handing out candy and he handed it out by the HAND FULLS! Those kids probably thought they hit the jackpot!

Waiting patiently for the next group of trick-or-treaters...

Stopping briefly for a photo-0p with mom...

He ain't afraid of no ghost!

My little Darth Vader..."Luuuuke, I ammmm yourrrr fatherrrr."

Back at Papa's to hand out some more candy.

On Saturday, we traveled to Norman for the OU/Nebraska game. If you know much about OU, you know that this used to be the biggest rivalry. Not so much anymore, but still feels nostalgic for those of us who remember. The game was pretty much a blow-out (62-28), but it was still a great game. Here's some pics...

These kinda got out of order, but here is a pic of pre-game w/ The Pride on the field and the huge Oklahoma's awesome!
This is a panoramic pic I took...isn't it cool?!

"O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A. Our chant rolls on and on. Thousands strong join heart and song in alma maters praise. Of campus beautiful by day and night. Of colors proudly gleaming red and white. 'Neath the western sky, OU's chant will never die. Live on University!"

We scored!

Campus Corner at of my favorite spots.

Good times.