OMGosh, y'all! Crazy Daisy Candles saved my life! Seriously, over the weekend my electricity went out and if it had not been for Crazy Daisy Candles, I would have been the dark. Thankfully, I had plenty of Crazy Daisy Candles on hand. So, I had light, the old-fashion way...and my house smelled delish! Thanks, Crazy Daisy Candles!

BTW, Melissa (owner of Crazy Daisy Candles) is having another giveaway! Hurry over to her blog for the details and get your name in the don't want to miss it!

What if your electricity goes out? Are you prepared?

Crazy Daisy Candles...there when the lights go out! :)

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cjubilee said...

Too cute! Not that your lights went out rofl..but about crazy daisy candles...Melissa is a peach! Thanks for coming by and saying such sweet things. cherry

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

you are so you...xxoxox

Katie said...

Oh I'm so glad she came through. I bet it smelled great at your place.

Sandy Toes said...

If it was up to me..NO but my husband grew up with hurricanes so he is ready!! thank goodness!
-sandy toes

AndreaLeigh said...

Thanks to the threat of Hurricane Ike, I am now equiped with two flashlights. LOL.

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

okay if you get new jammies or slippers or even both you have to show and you..xoxox