Fall Decor


As I was belting out Whitney Houston this morning on my drive to work, I look down to see LOW FUEL on my dashboard...HELLO....Low said the same thing yesterday and I'm half-way down the turnpike!

To top things off, I left my phone at home for the second day in a row! Wow...I'm really starting the day off great...



What's a girl to do?
Pray...pray really hard...and turn off the air, set the cruise, and pray some more that you can "coast" for the next 10 miles to a gas station. So, that's what I did.

Finally, the Lynn Lane exit was in site and I was saved!

Excuse the no all my freaking-out, I didn't put my make-up on. That usually happens on the way to work, but I was too busy praying. So, I now have a full tank with no worries in sight of being stranded on the turnpike w/ NO PHONE! Seriously, what would I have done? Just waited there until some nice person decided to stop, then what if they were weirdos? Perhaps a night highway patrol would have come to my rescue? Who knows? Glad I didn't have to find out!

Thank you Jesus for gasoline!



I got a new camera!! YIPPEE!! I'm so excited! Let me tell you I have been snappin' pics for no apparent reason all weekend. I've got quite a few I want to download and blog be on stand-by...I'll be photo-blogging soon :) I bought a Kodak Z1285...12mp...5x Zoom...I LOVE it! I'm still playing around with all of the settings, but so far I L-O-V-E it!!


My Drive To Work...

This morning on my drive to work I was so in a daze...or was that a haze...oh yeah, silly me it was the fog...

I sort of got caught up in the beauty and decided to take a picture...going 80 on the Turnpike...LOL...

So, I kept my camera out the rest of the way to work and snapped a few more pics. I bet people passing by thought I was NUTS-O!
(notice the leaves changing color!)

A trip to work on Friday would not be complete without swingin' by my local Starbucks...

As I'm pulling out, I look down and it's 7:57...

three minutes until I'm LATE, but I don't care because I have STARBUCKS! :)

At 8:03, I finally arrive to my destination...WORK
(this is my lovely office building...I use the term "lovely" lightly...I work on the 4th floor)

But not to despair...many things to be thankful for...

1. I got LOTS of hugs and kisses from my bestest boy this morning before I left.
2. Hey, I have a job!
3. God gave me a beautiful morning to drive to work!
4. It's FRIDAY!
5. Yesterday was payday :)
6. I have STARBUCKS!
7. My sweet friends on the other side of the screen :)


These are a few of my favorite things...

Ok, once again I am writing this blog in response to one of Melissa's (I just love

Here is a list of my favorite things...things I buy on a regular's my top 10...

1. Angel perfume by Thierry's my absolute FAVORITE perfume and the one I wear most often.
2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo...gotta have it!
3. Starbucks...I use it at home and buy it at the stores.
4. Bare Minerals...I'm not a heavy make-up person, so this is the stuff for me!
5. Gain Laundry Detergent (original)...I love the way it makes our clothes smell...mmmm.
6. Gain Fabric Softener and I even buy Gain Dryer Sheets...yeah, I know a little OCD
7. My favorite cleaning product is by Watkins and it's their Lavender All-Purpose cleaner...fabulous products and all natural. (
8. Laughing Cow cheese...I love cheese and this one is low-fat and SOOOO yummy!
9. You're probably going to think I'm a little materialistic on this one, but I can't help myself, I LOVE Coach...handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes, it all!
10. CANDLES...especially my new favs from

My Bucket List

Well, my friend Melissa wrote out her very own "bucket list" know like the one from the movie... The Bucket List, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Which by the way is a great movie about friendship and living life to the fullest. So, in response to her blog (, I'm writing my own. However, this is not a simple task. Every time I put something on the list I'm second-guessing that selfish, should I put that, is that REALLY important...but to heck with the second-guessing...This is in no particular order...

1. Spend the MOST time possible with Isaiah and, dad, granny, grandpa, V...all of my family in general...what ever that takes and in every way possible.

2. Take a family vacation to Europe, including stops in Paris (My other home is in Paris;) and Venice.

3. Go back to the cabin/B&B my mom and dad and I used to visit during the summer when I was younger.

4. Get another tattoo.

5. Drink Starbucks everyday.

6. Spend extra time at Church.

7. Finish my dozen scrapbooks I've started.

8. Go on a missions trip.

9. Set in the North Oval (at OU) and sip coffee like I used to when I was in college.

10. Go white water rafting.

11. Play Christmas music every day of the year.

12. Eat dark chocolate daily.

13. Visit, meet, have coffee with, go shopping with, hang out with (and the list goes on) some of my wonderful amazing friends I've met on Cafemom! ;)

There, that sounds pretty good to me. Now, how about you? What's you're list?


Weekend Ramblings

Well, the weekend started off with a lot of WORK! What? I thought weekends were for rest...nope, not this was WORK and a lot of it! I left work Friday evening and headed straight for Lowes. You know what that equals = WORK! I had to get the rest of the trim for the floor. So, Friday night we finished prepping the rest of the floor...swept some more and laid down more underlayment. Oh, I forgot to mention that the first EIGHT rows we laid down were WRONG! Yes...wrong, so we had to take up those pieces of flooring and start all over on Saturday morning. My life saver was my Aunt Caren coming to the rescue. She came over bright and early Saturday morning and we got to work. She cut all of our small pieces and trim work and gave lots of great advice. Michael and I laid each piece by hand.

(here's Michael laying down on the job...excuse the quality, I'm still using my camera on my phone)

You know there's something about doing a home project. It's something that you see everyday and you know that you did that. It's very rewarding. By the end of the day, Ike started rearing his ugly head and we were inundated with rain showers. It slowed the process a bit, but did not stop us from finishing. By 6:45, we were done!

(there was some goofing usual)

Thank goodness, because my Sooners played Saturday evening...and Lord knows we couldn't miss that! So, we packed up and went over to my Mom and Dad's for some gametime goodness. (Seeing that our living room was still in the KITCHEN!) The Sooners won, so all was well. By the time the game was over, rain was coming in sideways. It was quite a storm. We went home and hunkered down and called it a night. On Sunday morning, I woke up and walked down stairs and was so pleased with the work we had done...I couldn't quit smiling. It was glorious after having concrete floors for a whole week! We still had tons of work left to do. There were a few pieces of trim left to put down. We had to dust EVERYTHING...then there was vacuuming, sweeping, name it. However, the end of the day, we were at my Granny's kitchen table reflecting over all we had done and it was FINISHED! Oh, and Ike was gone and he left behind some beautiful Fall weather...Thank you Lord! This morning, it was like a breath of fresh air as I walked downstairs...I love it! It was worth every second of WORK!


Back In The Saddle

I guess you could say that I had taken a short hiatus from blogging, but this week it's been very therapeutic to blog. I've been blogging over at Cafemom daily, but I decided to turn more of my attention here to my "spot". I think there is a special freedom in putting your thoughts and ideas into words. So, I'm going to try to blog here more often. Plus, there are some fabulous blogs that I like to keep up with and get ideas from...decorating mostly. I am so in the mood for fall and all that it brings. I'm ready for autumn hues, pumpkins, cooler days, mulled cider, harvest festivals, state fairs, sweaters, clear nights with stars shining bright (there are some awesome telescope moments during the fall), football games, and campfires. I'm ready for FALL! Bring it on! I've been doing a DIY project at my house. Last Sunday, this crazy urge came over me to rip out all of my carpet in my living room, and that's just what I did. I tore it all out and went to Lowe's the same day and purchased some new laminate flooring. It's red cherry wood and it's going to look beautiful...when it gets finished...which seems like NEVER! This whole week, my husband and I have been working every evening on the's became the dirty "f" word at our house. Don't mention the word, *loor!

Here's a pic of the progress...

I'm hoping that with the weekend here, we can finish it and be done. Then...FINALLY...I can break out all of my fall decor and decorate! WOOHOO! I can not wait! I'll post pics when everything is back in order. Oh, and by the way, if you see the *loor fairy or the cleaning fairy...could you direct them to my house? Thanks! I would really appreciate it!