Friday Confessional 03.25

It's time once again to join up with Mamarazzi for Friday Confessional!


I CONFESS...I wrote these in bed late last night, so they're probably lame.

I also CONFESS...I'm too lazy to type them out, so you get the pics of the note from my phone.

I confess...that I wasn't going to post a FC today, but felt guilty to not link up with Mamarazzi because I love her so much (small girl crush here).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!  *muah*


And The Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner Is...

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159. Fresh Mommy said...
Tweeted the giveaway!
MARCH 18, 2011 12:42 PM

I was UBER excited to find out that my long-time bloggy friend, Tabitha aka Fresh Mommy was the winner of my Shabby Apple Giveaway!! 

Congrats, Tabitha!  I'll be contacting you soon with the details!



Do NOT Call Swappers Anonymous

...because you can only help those that want to be helped.

It's like Rule #1 in any addicict handbook.

I'm pretty happy with all of my addictions and obsessions...which include SWAPPING at the moment.

My latest Swap was hosted by the oh-so-fabulous Aly and her friend Molly, titled Spring Has Sprung

My swap partner was Jen, aka Legally Bride from A Girl in Pearls and A Boy with Toys.  Get this, her blog addy is!  You're singing it now, aren't you?! 


Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to

For the price of a dime

I can always turn to you

8 6 7-5 3 0 9 (8 6 7-5 3 0 9)

8 6 7-5 3 0 9 (8 6 7-5 3 0 9)

Which is perfect, because we're both Jennys (Jen, all counts)! 


Raise your hand if your name is Jen, Jenny, Jenni, Jennifer...I bet there are at least 3 of you.  In school, it seemed like EVERYONE was named a version of Jennifer. 

Which is why I wanted to change my name to "Butterfly".  There was not one "Butterfly".  I just wanted a name that was my that too much to ask?!

Anyjennifer, back to the swap!

Here's what she got me.

  • A People Style Watch magazine.  FABULOUS
  • Some CA-UTE springy fingernail polish w/ an amazing file/buffer.  FABULOUS
  • And some adorable headbands!  I'm wearing one today...

Thanks so much, Jen! 

Here's a peek at her swap package I sent her...
to see more, go visit her blog - 867-53oh9!

Hope you're all having a super great day!

Love and Rockets,

8 6 7-5 3 0 9 (8 6 7-5 3 0 9)
8 6 7-5 3 0 9 (8 6 7-5 3 0 9)
You'll be singing this for the rest of the day.  You are welcome.


What Was I Thinking?

Last Friday night, I put on a lock-in at our church.  It was something fun for our kiddos on their last night of Spring Break.

We rented an inflatable obstacle course. (fun for lil' and BIG kids!)

We had a visit from Buzzington!
The kids LOVED him and hugged him and fed him his bottle.  It was sweet.  A definite highlight!

I decided to go with a theme and titled it Big Top Lock-In...and, of course, had decorations to match...

and goody boxes.

I just can't help myself.

20+ kids ranging in age from 6-12.  13 hours.  All after a full days work and month's worth of little sleep due to working on the house (house update coming later this week. promise.). 

What WAS I thinking?

I must have been outta my mind.  It was enough to drive a person to drinking. 

Theoretically, but of course we were at church...just scratch that. 

Actually, it was fun. 

We stayed up ALL night, seriously...ALL NIGHT...I had 3 girls who made it their goal in life (accompanied by a 5 dollar bet from a few of the boys...yeah, first drinking and now gambling). 
They almost made it.  Just minutes from success.  These were taken at 7:05, a mere 55 minutes before the lock-in was over.  However, they still beat the boys, who fell asleep at 5:00.  They were absolutely giddy when they peeped into the "quiet room" and found the boys snoring.

I played Candy Land about 17 times.  No lie.  I'm pretty much a professional now.

I used to kiss boys at lock-ins.

Maybe that's why I made sure there was an adult in EVERY room at all times. I'm paranoid. No kissing at church on my watch!

Look at these little sleeping angels.

Some of them asked me when we could have another one and I said "next year". They started whining and complaining that we should have one EVERY week. Psh. Yeah, right.

The best part?  Yummy hot donuts in the morning...

yep, sugared 'em up and sent 'em home! 

That's how I roll.

Have you been to a lock-in before?  Recently?  Any favorite lock-in memories?

Love and Rockets,


A Little Help From My Friends

I need a little help from my friends.

If you're now singing the theme song from Wonder Years, you can thank me later.  Who used to want to be just like Winnie Cooper?  Raise your hand.  Oh, and is it true that Paul is Marilyn Manson??  This inquiring mind wants to know.  According to, that's a NO.

Anyrandomness, back on topic.

I think at some point in every bloggers life, they evaluate themselves as bloggers and try to see where their at, where they want to go, and how they can be better.  (Yesterday's post was about evaluating readership.)

So, I've been there lately.  Wondering what's my niche?  What am I good at?  What do I want my blog to be?  How am I going to get it there?

I need to know a few things...which requires crowd participation. 

1.  What is your favorite thing about my blog?
2.  What is the MOST annoying thing about my blog? (go ahead be honest.  i put my thick skin on this morning and I'm wearing my big girl panties.)
3.  Do you think I post too many pics and/or videos, just enough, or you'd like to see more?
4.  Does it drive you crazy when I use large or larger text?  What is easier to read?  How about colored text?  I had someone tell me before that red text is unappealing and hard to read.  Since, it's my favorite color, it creeps into my blog posts often.  So, I really want to know how everyone feels about it.
5.  If you could give me one piece of advice regarding blogging, what would it be?

You're all gems.  Thanks in advance for reading and responding.

Love and Rockets,


McLinky Monday - Who Are You?


Today, on The RHOK, Mrs. Edwards (that's me...hehe) wants to know...who are you?

We're talking in blogger terms...who are you as a blogger?  What do you write about?  What do people like to read on your blog? 

What are the top 10 keywords that bring people to your blog?
Here on JennyKate's Spot, the top 10 searched keywords are:
  1. nutrisystem sucks
  2. eclipse printables
  3. eclipse party games
  4. phineas and ferb birthday party
  5. swanky stitch
  6. twilight tattoos
  7. phineas and ferb birthday
  8. csn giveaway
  9. twilight tattoo
  10. brat pack
It's fun to know how people end up on our blog.  Sometimes, it lets us know what people want to read about.  Apparently, lots of people come to my blog looking for Eclipse party stuff, Phineas and Ferb party stuff...and pictures of Twilight tattoos.  My number one searched word is "nutrisystem sucks"...all because of one little post I did about how much I was hating Nutrisystem at the time.  {click "nutrisystem" if you want to read it} Funny.  I had no idea that many people would be googling "nutrisystem sucks".  You just never know what people will be interested to read! (Side note:  I still hate Nutrisystem.)

Also, I asked myself...what is your most viewed post?
Thanks to my Twilight tattoo, my most viewed post is Weekend Recap and Tattoo Pic (circa June 9th, 2009)

Four of my top ten most viewed posts are Twilight related.  Two are party planning posts and three of them are giveaway posts.

Gives you a good idea of what people are wanting to read.

What are you top ten searched key words?  What's your most viewed post??   Tell us about it!  Link up with The RHOK!

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Love and Rockets,


Friday Confessional

I'm linking up with the one and only Mamarazzi for her Friday Confessional.

  • I think my body is in shock from not having anything fried this week.  It's just not used to this level of healthy-ness.  I confess that I wrote that last week, before I went and screwed it up.  I had good intentions.
  • I confess that I want to start a photo meme, but I don't think anyone would play along...and someone would probably tell me that I'm copying someone.  Plus, every good name I come up with for it has already been used.  Apparently, I'm not very original.
  • I confess that I HATE that we now have to add the area code to our phone calls.  I've had to reprogram every number in my phone...and I have to redial EVERY call I make!  SO. ANNOYING.  Do you have to do that where you live? 
  • I confess that I remember when all we had to dial was 5 digits to make a local call.  I sound OLD.
  • I confess that I can NOT believe that is all I have to confess.  Seems as though I've been on my best behavior. 
  • I'll try to correct that before next Friday.
Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!!

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Love and Rockets,


Shabby Apple Giveaway

Last week, I got an email from the ladies at Shabby Apple and I was SO. EXCITED. 
I have ventured over to their site a few times...browsing, day dreaming, "window shopping".  I love their dresses.  They are so vintage, but modern...and sassy.  I have my eye on several styles.  

They are introducing a new line titled Roamin' Holiday

Can you guess what the inspiration for new line is?

Let me give you some hints...pasta (my favorite food group), rolling hills, vineyards, gondola rides, romance, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo...the Sistine Chapel...


They asked me to write about my favorite Italian painting. I LOVE art.  I was one of the geeky people in high school that took classes like Humanities and Art Appreciation...and went to Operas and art exhibits.  So, this is right up my alley.  I also love the Renaissance...which means just sounds so fresh and new.  There were some beautiful pieces that came out of that period.  Michelangelo, a known sculptor, was commissioned by Pope Julius II to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 

From that commission, came this gorgeous piece of art.  No easy feat.  It took him 4 years.  I can't imagine how difficult and consuming that must have been.  This portion of the ceiling is referred to as the Creation of Adam.  It's been used in stationary, cards, books, publications, and television shows.  It highly influences pop culture.  Aside from all of that, I just think it's beautiful. 

So, in honor of Shabby Apple's new line, Roamin' Holiday featuring Italian inspired dresses, they are allowing me to offer one of my LUCKY readers a FREE dress!! 

How exciting is that?! 

Here are the styles you'll be able to choose from...

You can also pick from the little girls dresses: Creamsicle or Pink Panther

They offer dresses in a variety of sizes, for teens, and kids.  Their website is so helpful and easy to navigate.  They have sizing charts, fit guides, and like I said before, they'll even help you find your style!  Shabby Apple also offers vintage-y accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc.  You really MUST go check out their site!

Giveaway Guidelines:
  1. Leave a comment and let me know what your pick would be, if you were to win! - Mandatory
  2. Visit Shabby Apple and tell me what your favorite item is - 1 entry
  3. Like Shabby Apple on Facebook {click here} - 1 entry
  4. Follow Shabby Apple's blog {click here} - 1 entry
  5. Follow Shabby Apple on Twitter {click here} - 1 entry
  6. Follow JennyKate's Spot {that's me} - 1 entry
  7. Like JennyKate's Spot on Facebook {click here} - 1 entry
  8. Blog about the giveaway  - 1 entry
  9. Tweet the giveaway {copy and post into Twitter - @jennykate77 is giving away a FABULOUS dress from @ShabbyApple today!  Go HERE - - and find out how to win!} - 1 entry
I just gave you NINE {9} ways to enter!  So, go...get busy!  Maybe this will be your LUCKY week.

*Giveaway open until Wednesday, March 23rd at 11:49pm*

You can also get 10% off of your purchase by using the code jennykate10off

May the LUCK of the Irish be with you!  Happy St. Patty's Day!

Love and Rockets,


The Things Isaiah Says - Part 2 - Pick Your Battles

Isaiah, who is 7 years old, recognized Snoop Dogg while we were watching Never Say Never (The Justin Beaver Bieber Movie).

Exact conversation:

Isaiah: *whispering as only a seven year old can whisper* "HEY, MOM. That was Snoop Dogg, wasn't it?! MOM, wasn't that Snoop Dogg?"

Me: *whispering like normal people should whisper* "yeah, that was Snoop Dogg. Now, be quiet and watch the rest of the movie."

Isaiah: *"whispering" to his cousin 2 seats down* "HEY, DID YOU SEE SNOOP DOGG?"

Another exact conversation:

Me: You wanna go see the Justin Bieber movie with me and the girls?

Isaiah: Yeah, sure. I love Justin Beaver.

Me: It's Justin BEE-BER.

Isaiah: Yeah, that's what I said...Justin Beaver.

Pick your battles, People.


Some Thoughts On Dieting And Getting Skinny

I've been thinking about assigning a food to my exercises...

This Zumba session is for those fries I'm having later.

These two miles are for that Venti Iced Mocha I'm drinking tomorrow.

These set-ups are for the three slices of pizza I had last Friday.

Maybe if I use that strategy the exercising will seem worth I'm actually getting something for my efforts?!  Well, you know besides the normal benefits of exercising.

Have you watched Zombieland?  It's hilarious.   I also learned a valuable tip.  Cardio is rule #1 in surviving a Zombie attack. 

They eat the fatties first.  Just one more reason to get skinny.

I wish I was "naturally skinny". I want to be one of those girls who HAS to eat a cheeseburger to put on a few pounds.

One last little thought bubble that's in my head - I think if they're going to mess around with genes...altering them and such, they need to focus their efforts in that to clone the "skinny gene"...and transfer it into a fat girl's body.

Now, that is something that I could support.  I'd even make t-shirts.
picture courtesy of
Love and Rockets,


Friday Confessional and CSN Giveaway Winner

Areeeeee yoooooooooooou ready for some Friday Confessions??? (said in my best WWF commentator voice)


I confess that I have a skinny mirror.  I look at myself in it everyday before leaving the house.  It gives me the boost of confidence I need to get out the door.  Without it, I may never leave the house. 

I confess that I sneezed banana nut muffin all over the place in the break room yesterday morning.  I could feel the sneeze coming and had just taken a large bite of muffin.  I couldn't hold it in.  I might have choked to death. 

I confess that laundry is taking over my house.  The clean piles REFUSE to put themselves away and the dirty piles ARE NOT cleaning themselves. 

I confess that while walking out of Applebee's a dryer sheet fell out of my jeans.  I just kept walking.  At least it wasn't a pair of bikini panties.  Happened to my aunt one time was at the chiropractor's office.  True story.  When the receptionist picked them up with her pencil and asked to the waiting room "who do THESE belong to??"  My aunt just sat there and looked at everyone else.  I think there were a couple of guys in there waiting with her...they HAD to have known they were hers.  Hilarious! 

I also confess that the winner of my $40 CSN giveaway is...Entry #37 - Becca from The Texas Darlings!!!! Congrats, Becca!!!!  I'll send you your code ASAP!

Have a great Friday!!

Love and Rockets,


Ask Isaiah

Last week I asked you to send me questions for Isaiah to answer, here are a few of his answers...

(Ignore the messy bedroom...remember, we're in the process of remodeling and moving. Our house is in a constant state of mess.)

Let me just tell you that Isaiah LOVED answering the questions...he was asking for more.  So, keep them coming!  I still have some more that I'll post next week.  If you have a question for him...or just a topic you want him to talk about...leave it in the comments or email me!

Hope you're all have a great day!

Love and Rockets,

P.S.  Stop by and visit me at The RHOK today.  I'm discussing becoming a swimsuit model.  Don't miss it!

P.S.S.  Don't forget to enter my $40 CSN Giveaway!


Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I'm participating in another one of Mamarazzi's FABULOUS Favorite Things Swap!
I can't wait!
I'm a bit addicted to swapping.
I was really needing a hit, so this came just in time...
a day or two more and I might have been in withdraws.
Love and Rockets,

This Will Be Me in 50 Years

Grandparents Rap "Baby Got Back" - Watch more Funny Videos

Don't forget to enter my $40 CSN Giveaway!
Click HERE
Hope you all have a great day!!

Love and Rockets,


CSN Giveaway - $40 Gift Certificate

You guys know how I LOVE giveaways!!  So, you know I was totally stoked when I was recently contacted by CSN to offer my readers a $40 gift certificate to their site!  You'll be able to use the gift certificate on ANY product from ANY one of their sites!

As most of you know, we are currently adding onto and remodeling our house.  So, as I brows through the pages on the CSN site, I see LOTS of things I would love to have.  Something that really caught my eye are these gorgeous pendant lights and globes...LOVE them!!  I seriously wish I would have thought to look on CSN before purchasing mine.  We put in track lighting over our bar area in the kitchen and the nice thing is that it's not ridiculously expensive to change out your globes and give the area a whole new look.  Perhaps, sometime in the (near) future, I might switch mine out to something like this...

or this...

They have some beautiful pieces to choose from.

One other thing I would like to direct your attention to is the new Joss and Main site!  It's part of CSN and they have some super chic and lovely home decor! 

I found this over there that I am going to HAVE to buy...

my new kitchen would just not be complete without it. ;)  It's only 19.95! 

I would also LOVE to have this in my entry way!

They have great prices.

So, go check out CSN and Joss and Main today!!  Pick out something you would spend your money on and come back here and let me know!!

Rules for entry:
  1. You must leave a comment and I must be able to reach you by email!
  2. You must live in the US or Canada.
  3. You must be a follower.
  4. Go check out CSN and Joss and Main and pick out an item you would like to spend your money on!
  5. Post on Twitter or Facebook for an extra entry.
  6. Post on your blog for 2 extra entries.
  7. Entries will be accepted until March 10th at midnight!
Happy shopping!  Good luck!

Love and Rockets,


Happy List - 03.05

Once again, I'm linking up with the seriously cute, Mamarazzi for
The Weekend Happy List!

One tall iced skinny caramel macchiato, please!
This is happiness in a cup.

Mmmmmmm...a New York Dog at Sonic. Have you guys tried these?? They're SOOOOO good. Not on THE diet, but delish!

They make me kinda happy.
Spring is in the air!  That makes me VERY happy!!

We're also moving in...there's furniture in the new part of the house!! 

Pictures coming soon!

You know that makes me UBER happy!

What about you??  What's been making you happy lately?  Stop by and link up with Mamarazzi's Happy List!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

Love and Rockets,


Friday Confessional - 03.04


Like every Friday, I'm joining in with, the woman who is about to make 40 FOXXY, Mamarazzi @ Dandelion Wishes, for Friday Confessional.

Let the confessions commence.

I confess that Pizza Hut, Subway, Arby's, and Taco Bell have cooked our dinners the past couple of weeks. We've almost exhausted our small town selections. So tonight, it's McDonald's or Sonic.

Brown bag special anyone? I'm cooking.

I've confessed before that I often take notes of things that could be on my Friday Confessionals. This is all I had for the week...

So, I confess that I can NOT be trusted to be left alone in a doctor's office. I will steal something...a tongue depressor, some band-aids, cotton swabs...something. It's my way of combating boredom. It's like a special form of kleptomania.

I confess that I've had TWO opportunities to get on this week.

1st offense - I wore these on my Saturday shopping trip.

They're only like 3 inches too big on the heel. I had been working in the house and wearing Michael's sandals around. Then, I decided to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and as I stepped out of the car, I realized I had never changed into my own shoes.

2nd offense - I wore blue panties under a light colored dress. Last night, when I walked in the door, Michael said "you did NOT wear that all day". To which I replied, "um, yeah, I did...since when are you the fashion police". To which he said, "you're so gonna end up on the and I'm gonna laugh". Don't you love his support?? Sad thing is that this wasn't the first time...AND I went to Panera Bread, Starbucks, AND Hobby Lobby like that.

Michael said he's just gonna call me "Blue". Gosh, I love that man.

Look for me on the "new pictures" tab...I'm waiting for my 15 minutes of fame.

I confess that I am back on the diet bandwagon and I've been guilted into feeling the need to go to the gym (*achem* thanks, Impulsive). Soooooo. I guess I'm going to start exercising. I can't promise that I'm hitting the gym or anything like that...that's too much committment, but I do promise that I'll try to do something that burns calories at least 3 times a week.

If Michael reads that, he'll totally be thinking that he's gonna get lucky.

Anything you need to confess?? It's better to get a clean conscience going into the weekend. So, confess already, but make it juicy...even if you have to lie...oh, wait, then you'd need to confess that. More confessions the better, I always say!

Love and Rockets,



Money Saving Queen

Sarah Roe, the Money Saving Queen, is guest blogging over at The RHOK today!

She has some awesome tips for blogging with excellence.  Be sure to stop by and read her post!

Love and Rockets,


The Things Isaiah Says - Part 1

We've all discussed how fast time FLIES by and how we would like a pause button...or a rewind

So, for posterity sake, I'm going to start posting a semi-regular post of things that Isaiah says.  That way one of these days when I'm old and senile, I can come to "The Internets" and read about the things that my mind can no longer remember...perhaps even print them off one day and put them together in a little book or something.

There won't be any rhyme or reason.  Just random everyday sayings and happenings.

If you are friends with me on "The Facebook", you might have read these already, but just humor me.  Mkay?.

After a long day
Me:  Isaiah, why don't you make us some dinner.
Isaiah:  Mom, I can't.  I'm not supposed to use the stove.
Me:  Well, it's ok just this once.  Maybe you can whip us up some grilled cheeses.
Isaiah:  MOM.  I don't know how.  I'm just a kid.
Me:  You've seen me do it enough.  I think you can manage.
Isaiah:  I'm not a cook.  I'm an artist.

Do not call DHS or CPS.  We do not allow our 7 year old to cook on the stove (unattended).  I was being facetious.

Valentine's Day
Meemo (my mom):  Isaiah you should open your Valentine's Day card.
Isaiah:  Why don't you read it for me.
Meemo:  I'm pretty sure you can read it yourself.
Isaiah:  Meemo, I'm not a reader.  I'm an artist.

Clearly.  He's an artist.

At El Chico's - while ordering our meals...with the waitress at the table
Isaiah: (takes a large drink of Sprite) BUUUUURRRRRPPPPP.
Me: (horrified) WHAT do you say??
Isaiah: Excuuuuuuuseeeee me.  Good thing it came out that end and not the other.

No matter what his dad says, I did NOT teach him that.

And lastly, he likes to play...

(Note: Ignore the gaping whole in our wall.  We're under construction, people!)

Any questions you would like to ask Isaiah??  I'm going to do a segment once a week (or might start to get boring) titled Ask Isaiah So, if you have questions you want me to ask him, leave them in the comments or email them to me @ jennykate77(at)gmail(dot)com. 


Love and Rockets,


And So She Vlogs


The lovely and talented Shawn from Seriously and Mamarazzi from Dandelion Wishes are hosting a new vlogging link up. 

I was actually really excited about it when they first mentioned it.  THEN I realized how annoying my voice is, how I hate my facial expressions, the fact that I need to lose 100 pounds (I already knew that, but vlogging drove it home), and I'm not that good at vlogging.

I almost backed out.

This is horrible. 

It's the worst kind of peer pressure. 

I'm so weak.

I have succumbed. 

So, here's my vlog(s).

(my iPhone hates me and won't let me download a video longer than 2 minutes so bare with me)

If you need to, you can treat me like a bad American Idol contestant and just look away...or cover your face with a pillow.  That's what I would do.

You've gotta watch the next one to find out...

Here's my "hidden talent".  I use that term loosely.

And FINALLY, my Show and Tell...

I'll pay you in Girl Scout cookies to continue to follow me after watching those.