Friday Confessions

I've really been trying to be EXTRA good this week...Christmas is just around the corner...and we know who's watching, huh? You may be surprised, but my list isn't very long. Not much to confess. I've been eating extra healthy, on time to work, not late dropping Isaiah at school, I haven't read TOO much, my house is fairly in order. The normal things I confess about are just non-existent. I know, shocking! Don't be disappointed, there are still a few things...I'm far from perfect, so here goes...

  1. My mom and I purchased a Christmas CD at Starbucks and we've already listened to it...twice. It's November for the love of Pete! (Who's Pete?)
  2. I pre-purchased Twilight tickets...pathetic.
  3. on-line and ordered a shirt...not just any shirt, a Twilight shirt...I'm planning on wearing it to the movie, where I'll be using the ticket that I PRE-purchased. I'm not 16! geez. what is wrong with me?
  4. Isaiah kept asking me how many days 'til school is out...I lied and said a few.
  5. I love rap music...especially old-school rap and old-school hip hop...Rob Base, Tone Loc, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Dr. Dre, MC Hammer, Sir-Mix-A-Lot...makes me want to dance...seriously. I'm so gangsta. (kidding)
  6. My Starbucks confession for the week is that I went there every day, but I was good when I went...I had a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate w/ a shot of espresso ONCE (I so could drink this everyday!)...the other days I had a skinny latte. So, not too bad.
  7. I let a 4 year old rationalize his way out of a bath...I think he's going to be a lawyer.

Seven is gonna have to do this week. :) Now tell me your confessions...I'm listening :)

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4 comments...I love comments:

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

those confessions sound pretty good to me...I bought 3 items for'm bad or obsessed...Love you..xoxo

~Billie~ said...

Gansta! Too funny.
I would pre-purchase tickets if we could - but sadly there is no such thing in this tiny town.
I want to see your shirt!!! I've been looking at a few online.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I have been looking for that Salted Carmel drink, but I thought it was a coffee. Hot Chocolate? NOW I am even more interested. With a shot of espresso? Amazing!! Oh and I am listening to Christmas music now...but it snowed this morning so I am OK!

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

HMMM I haven't had starbucks in a long time, I might need to go out and get some tonight so I can finish cleaning! :)