Weekend Review!

Let me just tell you, I had the best weekend!

So, we went to Arkansas this weekend for a couple days of crafting (like the buying kind, not the making kind)...and it was sensational! Saturday morning I got up and cleaned house on turbo speed. We left town around 1:30 and got to Springdale, AR around 3:30, usually an hour and a half trip, but we made the necessary stop at Burger King on the way...hey, girls gotta eat. We checked into our room at the Sleep Inn & Suites, which by the way was great! My mom and I both commented on the fact that the room actually looked just as good as it did on-line when we booked it! We had a shorty with us, so we got a suite w/ a hot tub...that keeps kiddos entertained for hours! Our hotel also had an indoor pool, so we took Isaiah to swim for a while to exert some energy...much needed after a 2 hour car ride. The lady at the front desk informed us of another craft fair at the Embassy Suites in Rogers, just a 10 minute drive down 540. After our dip in the pool, we got dressed and hopped back in the car and headed for some crafting! This was totally unplanned and spontaneous. Our entire trip and been planned around going to War Eagle on Sunday morning. However, this little jaunt to Rogers reaped a car load of goodies! The craft show was indoors (of course) in their convention center...nice, carpeted, large, and spacious! We found so many great things and even had to tell ourselves no...*gasp*...a time or two, because we knew we were going to War Eagle the next day...and we had to be able to get all of our treasures back home to Oklahoma! We had contemplated tying things to the roof, but you just never know when a rain shower could occur...I mean we are talking Oklahoma is spontaneous! Around 9:00 we returned to our hotel room for some R&R...and football. We ate dinner and watched the end of the Texas/Mizzou game. Texas won, of course. OU won too...they beat Kansas 45-31! Go Sooners! Sunday morning, was breathtakingly gorgeous! We set out about 8:30 for War Eagle in a small farm town called Hindsville near Springdale. The drive was beautiful...this is in the Ozarks, so it's a lot of hills/mountains and valleys. The trees are changing and they are all shades of red, orange, yellow, and green. It was so picturesque...but you'll never believe what I did...I left my camera at my office!!! Friday I had downloaded some pics, so my camera would have plenty of space to hold my pics from the weekend...then what did I do...I LEFT it!! I was so mad at myself. My mom had hers, but it's just not, I reluctantly used it. War Eagle Mills is where the craft fair is set. It is such a neat place with an old rickety covered bridge that the War Eagle river flows under. There is also a Mill, hence the name War Eagle Mills. The Mill is ran by the water that flows down the river. It is thickly populated with these old towering trees and as the wind blew it snowed leaves...seriously, they were just falling like snow flakes...everywhere...covering the ground. Beautiful! The crafts were just as good as the scenery. There is definitely something for everyone. Mom and I bought anything from handmade sweaters to personalized Christmas ornaments to decorative get the picture...we bought it all!

LOL...well, maybe not ALL, but a lot. Oh and the food was amazing...roasted corn, tater twisters, chocolate dipped cheese cake! YUM! Our vehicle was definitely loaded down as we made our way back home. We felt totally accomplished in that we did what we set out to do...relax, have fun, craft, shop 'til we drop, and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Here's a shout-out to some of the crafty-crafters we bought things from:
  • For these great candle "gems", wrought-iron pieces, etc. -
  • For handmade and personalized Christmas ornaments -
  • For these handy-dandy magnets that are memo holders...they can hold up to 5 pieces of paper and come personalized for free...I got one for Isaiah's artwork to put on the fridge, it says "Look what Isaiah did!" -
  • For a one-of-a-kind bracelet made from bottlecaps...I told you there was something for everyone...I bought an OU one, of course, but she had all sorts of college teams, pro teams, causes, kitche stuff, trendy name it! She said if you e-mail her, she would send pics -

I am totally frustrated right now because my not-so-great-but-all-I-had pictures from the weekend are trapped in my mom's not-so-great-but-all-I-had camera! ARGH! I'm even typing with angry beating the that's going to help. Well, I guess those are all the pics you get until I take my mom's not-so-great camera to Wal-Mart and get the not-so-great pictures put on a cd! UGH! *sighing*rolling eyes*

HAPPY MONDAY (I meant to type in all caps...I'm yelling...)

Oh, and be on the look out for a giveaway...I've got a few goodies I'm willing to part with! :)

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~*Mistee*~ said...

I always look forward to your weekend review posts on Mondays!! :0) Glad you found lots of fun stuff! I loved the bracelet!!!!

Miranda said...

Great stuff. Love the "Live Simple" plaque. I have a friend that could make that. I may steel copy your "Weekend Review" idea for my blog instead of trying to blog every single day of the week. Weekdays are not too a schedule...can blog before E gets up for school. I am definately a morning problem. The weekends, however, finding time is crazy as our schedules go out the windown Friday at 3pm. when school lets out. Besides, I have always told Emily when she comes home to tell me or I hear her telling a friend, "she copied me"...that should be taken as a compliment to know that somenone thinks you are cool enough to copy. BTW...if you lived close enough you could have had all the leftover lemonade you could stand. It's coming out of our ears. HA!

Katie said...

I used to live about an hr from where you went. We could have meet up, now I live all the way in Ohio. Looks like fun!!