Friendship Award! :)

Wow! Thanks a million to my blog-land friend Mistee over at Our Family Blog #2 for this friendship award! I value friendship so much, so that makes this the BEST award!! You should go check out her blog!

Ok, I now have to answer a few questions and pass the award along.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? Yes! Absolutely! I cherish my old friends. I hold them close and try to never let them go. My bff and I have been friends since 9th grade. Renee over at My Glimpse of Life is my cousin and bestest friend since forEVER! Seriously, we've been friends so long I can't remember when it all started. I'm also still close to at least 3 or 4 other girls who I went to grade school and high school with.

2. What do you value most about your friends? Loyalty. Isn't that what makes the best friends?! Also, humor...I thrive on finding things funny and humorous. I have to be surrounded with people who find the brighter side of things. Like my sweet and totally adorable friends from Cafemom, Melissa and Lisa! Love you girls!!

3. Are your friends sounding boards? Sometimes. Yes. Isn't that what girlfriends are hear you out when no one else will, to give you sound advice, to tell you the things that other people won't?!?!

4. What is your favorite activity to do with your friends? Well, I am a girl, duh! So, shopping and chatting...and sharing a good cup of coffee! :)

Now it is time to pass the award on to some well deserving ladies! :)

In no particular order.

Melissa @ - What you might not know about Melissa is that she is the sweetest person EVER...she's always hot on the button with a compliment, smile, or whatever it takes to raise your spirits! She's wickedly funny, beautiful inside and out, the best to talk to and I wish we lived closer so we could see each other on a daily basis!!! She also has her VERY OWN Etsy stores, Crazy Daisy Candles and The Crazy Daisy...go check her out! The candles are amazing! Love you!

Renee @ What you might not know about Renee is that she is seriously funny...not just your run of the mill humor, but quick-witted and she will have you crying from laughter in a heart beat! She has great fashion sense and she knows how to have a good time! That's why we've been friends for so many years! Love you!

Lisa @ What you might not know about Lisa is that she is amazingly crafty, sweeter than cotton candy, and super fun to talk to! I know Lisa through Cafemom and hope one day we will meet in person!! She's also 35 and gorgeous...just thought I'd throw that in there! She also has these two fantastic Etsy stores, The Pumpkin Pink Cottage and The Creative Crown. Do yourself a favor and go check them out! Love you!

Feather @ What you might not know about Feather is that her and I became friends while attending college (The University of Oklahoma...Go Sooners). We were in the same block (classes) and spent many hours together learning how to teach. She taught me a thing or two along the way, as she is FANTASTIC with children! She has a gift! We hit it off right from the start and I'm so glad we're still friends this long after college! Love you!

4 comments...I love comments:

melissa said...

oh my goodness...thank you so much lovie!!! I am so excited to get this awesome award from YOU!!! I love you so very much and I cherish our friendship more than you know!!! love ya beautiful


feather k said...

Thanks!!!! I am so glad that God let our paths cross! I appreciate your kind words about me...xoxo

renee said...

jenny, you are so sweet!! And you know that someone saying I'm funny is the greatest compliment. :) I love you tons!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Congrats on your award!!!! It's great read and learn a little more about you :)