Tuesday To-Do's

I'm blogless! This hasn't happened to me in a while...nothing to blog pics, no adventures, no mishaps, nothing new...I would have tons of pics to blog over if I had only remembered my CAMERA, but that was then and this is now...I'm living in the now. So, what to do, what to say?

I decided to do a to-do list for the remainder of the week, then I'll try to blog about each thing as they happen...

1. Finish planning Fall Festival for the church. Now, I'm not totally in charge of this event. My mom and I are mainly over the inflatables that we rented and the games we are setting up. However, we also have to buy the prizes for the games and candy to hand out at the inflatables. This is an outreach our church is doing. It's free for our community and we want the kiddos to leave with a bag full of candy! So, that's first on the list. I plan on tying up loose ends on this one procrastination!

2. Finish planning the Halloween Party for the American Legion. Now, this one I am totally IN CHARGE of...the whole thing. It's a party we put on for the children of the American Legion members (children, grandchildren, nieces, get the idea). I am a member of the Auxiliary and I am currently holding the position of 2nd vice, so it is my job to plan all holiday parties. This is a perfect job for me. I love (with a capital L) LOVE party planning! So, I still need to finish planning the games, get the candy and prizes, be sure I have my Halloween cd...locate a cd player for the Musical Monster game, talk to the ladies tomorrow night about who will bring what, make sure we have plenty of goodies to eat, decorate the hall...yeah, this is a whole list in itself! All to be done by Sunday!

3. Buy 2 baby gifts for 2 baby showers this weekend! Who doesn't love a baby shower?! I love baby showers, but I'm pretty sure if I put one more thing in my agenda for the weekend I'll scream!

4. Keep house tidy through the week, no time for house cleaning on Saturday morning!

5. Make appointment for Isaiah to get a hair cut, so people won't start thinking he's a girl. However, if they did think he was a girl, he would definitely put them in their place and let them know that he is NOT a girl...I'm not sure if he even likes girls right now? I'm pretty sure he's already convinced that they have cooties.

6. Take Belle to the groomer because she STINKS!

7. Have my not-so-great pictures from the weekend put on a CD!

8. Attach my camera to my body someway somehow so I never forget my camera again...EVER!

That's enough rambling for now...I'll bore you no more.

7 comments...I love comments:

Miranda said...

You'll be a busy bee with two parties, buy oh what fun...I think. HA! Happy planning!!

renee said...

I love you! You're amazing!! But being 'blogless' stinks, I know! :D Have fun with all your 'party planning'!! Oh, something I thought about that made me laugh...remember when I saw you and your mom at Walmart, and you opened the back of the car and cans fell out! Your mom's reaction...SO FUNNY!!

melissa said...

That darnned Bloggers block!!! I loved hearing your week agaena donating your time is so wonderful!!

I have to say On this day I am DEFINANTLY not bloggless....i can hardly wait to blog about what i will blog about later!!! I love you so much...i just got your text from phone was in the car thjis time...all night!! I love you so much!! xoxoxo


Christy said...

Wow your to-do's sound like mine! Make sure you leave time to sleep in there...
Thanks for the compliments on the pics! I hope to get new faces to photograph soon!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I know what you mean about being out of ideas sometimes...I usually write blogs about a week in advance because I do come up idea-less sometimes and that usually gives me enough time to come up with something! :)

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I know what you mean about dogs...yucko BO was stinking so I broke down and bathed him myself instead of forking out 40 bucks for it...and the camera, I am so guilty of that I always forget you..xoxo

Tabitha Blue said...

Hey, pretty great post for being blogless!! What a gret event your church is putting on... I'm sure you'll do fabulous, you've got passion for it!!!! Sounds like so much fun for the kids! Have fun with all the other projects too!!! ...the showers, the hair cuts and the attaching of the camera, perfect! :)