Friday Confessions

  • Isaiah had beef jerky and pickles for breakfast one morning...don't ask.

  • In church last Sunday, the thought of hair extensions came to mind and although Pastor was giving a wonderful message, my mind kept drifting to hair extensions...I don't have hair extensions and I honestly don't know anyone (personally) that I have no idea why I couldn't get the topic out of my brain. I'm pretty sure that's not what God was wanting me to get from the sermon.

  • I am SO ready for this election to be over.

  • While on politics, I just want it to be known that I don't agree with the bailout.

  • I've let Isaiah stay up until 10:30 every night because I want to spend a little extra time with him. Getting home late from work sucks!

  • I feel guilty when I leave work because there is so much to be done.

  • I also feel guilty when I'm not at home...something's gotta give.

  • Oh, now I guess I should confess that I said the word 'sucks' mom hates that word.

  • I watched Dirty Sexy Money the other night...and I liked it...this comes after me stating (and I quote) "that show is so trashy and superficial." I guess I like trashy and superficial.

  • I live vicariously through Addison from Private Practice (previously of Grey's Anatomy)...I mean come on, who wouldn't...she's a gorgeous red-head, a doctor, and she lives on the beach...oh, and not to mention the hot SWAT guy that she went on a date with! HOTT!

6 comments...I love comments:

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Oh, yes it is Friday isn't it, oh, I have a few confessions, I will post them after I finally make it to the shower, I've never Watch DSM I don't think I ever get to see TV, I only turn it on when my mother calls and says did you see what is going on, Other than that I DVR TAPS and Lipstick Jungle...Okay I really need to vaccum,,,love you...xoxox

melissa said...

you are seriously so dang adorable! You are the only one that actually makes me laugh out loud on the computer!! I love the gonna do mine pretty soon!! love you so very much

~*Mistee*~ said...

oh yes, who does NOT live vicariously through Addison! ;0)

feather k said...

Who doesn't like trashy and superficial??? The hair extension one cracks me up...I mean, come on are in the house of the Lord ;) better leave your fave 3 on my site...don't forget :)

renee said...

OMGosh!! I LOVE Dirty, Sexy Money! How could you not!! And hair extensions...hmmm?!!

Avery Tales said...

I found your blog through Melissa, a.k.a., Crazy Daisy, and you're not alone on the Dirty, Sexy, Money thing. At least you didn't take your lunch break to go home eat mexican food and watch recorded DSM!! Love your blog!!