Weekend In Review

What a great weekend! Saturday morning, Isaiah and I took a trip to the donut shop and bought some donuts and sausage rolls (this will be on my Friday Confessions later in the week). We took them to my mom and dad’s and had breakfast with them. They supplied the coffee...I supplied the donuts! We all just lounged around on the deck, it was a gorgeous morning. I took a call from my cousin Lindsay and we caught up on our chit-chat. The game was at 11:30. We played Baylor and it wasn’t much of a game. The score was 21-0 in the first quarter! However, my Sooners looked good and they played well, so I was happy. Sooners ended up winning 49-17. After the game, my parents and I took Isaiah to the Tulsa State Fair. There were people EVERYWHERE...very interesting people! Do you like to people watch? I LOVE to people watch. I’m nosey by nature. I just can’t help myself. You have to remember that we live in Oklahoma and let me tell you, we have one of every kind...and rednecks flock to the State Fair. The weirdos come out in herds. They’re attracted to all the pretty lights. I was standing in line waiting on my fair favorite, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, and as I stood waiting there were 6 people in front of me...a cowboy (we are in Oklahoma), a punk rocker (or at least a wannabe), a lady with her underwear (ok, maybe they were not "technically" underwear)on for shorts and a hot pink cowboy hat, this she-man (no kidding, this lady had more hair on her body than Michael), and this guy in a wife-beater with a mullet (see I told you...rednecks!). It was entertaining to say the least. Isaiah was totally into riding the rides this year, but he needed ME to go with him on a few. So, I got to ride this boat that went around and around and around...a little nauseating...and we went on the fun slide (ok, I admit that was!)...oh, and then we went in this Indiana Jones “fun house” thing...I prayed most of the way through...a little scary!...but we made it and Isaiah had a blast!!! Sunday was spent at church and then at my Granny and Grandpa’s. We also took a drive out to the farm house that my mom and dad are remodeling. It’s looking great, by the way! In the back yard, there’s a pear tree and it has TONS of pears right now, so we picked a bag full of pears. Last night, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law drove from Norman and met us for dinner. It was a good weekend. I’ve got tons of pictures, so enjoy the slide show! Hope you all had great weekends too!

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The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Jenny that little man of yours is so so cute,,I just want to hug him. What fun, Gunny would be right in line for the Cheese Curds with you he loves those things, Sounds like you had an awesome weekend...I love the photos, you are so cute, I love you.,lisa

melissa said...

awww...i loved the slideshow!! You are so dang adorable...and Isaiah...oh my gosh...he is the cutiest!! I love the picture with him blowing the trumpet! Love you so much!!