Nutrisystem SUCKS!

Yeah, that's what I sucks. I can't sugar coat it and no other word can describe how I'm feeling about it right now. I told my mom I would try it with her for a month, but Lord Jesus help me! That would be the ONLY way I could make it...a true miracle! It's been totally disgusting so far. Now I know how all these people on TV have lost so much weight...BECAUSE THEY STARVE!! I have thrown my lunch away two days in a row. I also threw my breakfast away yesterday morning...YUCK-O! I decided I would rather just drink coffee. I'm thinking of setting it on fire in my driveway. If you see smoke, you'll know what happened.

I'm going to eat a hamburger.

Why can't fat be healthy? Why can't I just have a super high metabolism? I really don't eat that unhealthy, I just really love food. No kidding. I eat my vegetables and fruit. I drink dairy...skim too. I try to only consume red meat once a week. I eat a variety of whole grains. I just apparently (really it is totally apparent) eat TOO much. If my granny has told me once, she's told me a thousand time "Sis, just push away from the smaller don't need any of that fancy stuff." I know Granny...i know. However, I don't. Maybe if she hadn't introduced me to peanut butter and syrup at such an early age I wouldn't have this issue! Truth is though, as much as I hate eating Nutrisystem is as much as I hate being over weight...and I'm pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to not be here anymore!

So, I guess I'm going to suck it up and have some Minestrone soup with "beef"...and they say this snack stuff is a "zesty herb mix"...nothing zesty about it and I'm not even quite sure what it is...this can't be good.

please pray.

Jesus, turn this soup into some yummy pasta. Amen.

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The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

sweet pea did you ever read my article on real solutions for weightloss I still stand by what I wrote there sure the first two weeks suck but after that you will be thanking me...I'm off to the dentist I will email more later...I love you bunches...lisa

Miranda said...

I'm sorry, but laughing with you at the same time. I too am in need of an extreme makeover. I hope you have a better day.

melissa said...

oh my precious, beautiful jennykate!! I just love you...and you make me laugh. I wondered about that nutrisystem!!!

I know what you are feeling. Before i had kids...i could eat whatever i wanted...and i would stay ity bity. Now i swear it seems like just the sight of junk food makes me gain weight! This week...I am trying yet AGAIN something new. For dinner i blend chocolate slim fast with a bunch of frozen strawberries. It actually filled me up, and i was not hngry once before dinner. So we will see....i just want this last 30 pounds gone so sick of messing around. I love food to's so's really NOT FAIR *im doing a major pouty lip*

I love you so much Jenny....I know that somehow someway u will do it (lisa's plan WILL would not be easy...but it will work) i love u soooooo very much!!! xoxoxo

Christy said...

I have been told Nutrisystems food was horrible...The only thing I have ever found that works for me and been able to keep it off is Weight Watchers...I bought the book & a point calculator on Ebay 3 years ago, I did it with a friend (we kept each other motivated). I exercised when I could which back then wasnt alot and I lost 25 lbs...I have been able to keep it off, whenever I feel Ive gained some I kinda go back to the WW and just watch my points.
Email me if you want more info.
Keeping you in my prayers that it all turns to pasta...LOL

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh yuck! I have a friend who lost a lot of weight on Nutrisystem, but I have never tried it so I don't know. I am so sorry it is such gross food!

~Billie~ said...

Oh, I feel for you girl! Sorry. Hubby is doing some new diet thing. He drinks a special protein drink (forgot the name) 5 times a day and then has a bar for the other meal. God bless him! LOL!

Sandy Toes said...

This post just CRACKED me up! How funny are you...I love it!!! I am with you girl!!!!! Why can't diet food be good....

-Sandy toes

melissa said...

okay...i need to edit some of my comment above. I reallyu need to start proof reading!

I meant that I did not get hungry again before i went to bed!!!

luv u

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh my goodness, that is too funny... I'm sorry that you are suffering Nutrisystem. Hope it gets better! I will pray for you :) Pray that it turns into much more edible and tasty food!!

Funny post!!

Drama queens mum said...

My Mom did nutrisystem & lost 50lbs. She's done it a few times. Lost the weight & gained it back & then lost it again. She said they've changed the food. I think it's pretty gross too. She's given me some of the meals. I do like the snack bars.

Katie said...

Oh I'm so sorry, your post was so funny and cute. I eat small portions throughout the day and don't deprive myself anything. I don't sit down much. I really like popcorn at night even though it has some fat in it, it fill you up with a diet coke and it tastes so good. I also love guacomole and chips and fresh salsa. It is kinda of healthy. I'm not big on heavy creamy foods. I think the less you think about it the less your hungry. I have tried these health kicks and trying to be healthy and all I can think about is eating. It just doesn't work. Moderation, have more kids you never sit down!! (:

Sarah Clapp said...

OMG!I saw this post and I had to stop by. I feel the same way about weight watchers. THEY STARVE YOU with their points system. THANK YOU for the valadation!

I say, if you can give blood, why can't you donate fat?

Sarah Clapp said...

OMG!I saw this post and I had to stop by. I feel the same way about weight watchers. THEY STARVE YOU with their points system. THANK YOU for the valadation!

I say, if you can give blood, why can't you donate fat?

feather k said...

Friend-you CAN do this! You've done it before...I definitely know how difficult it is...I'm believing for that soup to turn into pasta for you too! But yes...all dieting SUCKS...oh...exercise does too...

Tabitha Blue said...

Thanks for the well wishes!! Baby Blue slept 'like a baby'!! Although I did check on her once and she was on the floor... must've fallen out of the bed!! But she was back to normal this morning!! LOL

Lori said...

Hi Jenny!

Thank you for reminding me that I am procrastinationg (big time!) as far as my blog is concerned. I need to get at it now, or I will never start again. I think I have commitment issues..

I wanted to mention Dr. Barry Sears to you. My brother was the first one to read his books, then passed them along to Anthony. I don't recall how much Adam lost, but Anthony has lost at least 40lbs. (baby weight, ya know!), without even adding in excersise yet. It's all about balancing protein and carbs. It's more of a lifestyle, than just a fad diet. And, it is meant for everyone to follow for a healthier body and life...not just people trying to lose weight. If you Google his plan, The Zone, there are plenty of positive things mentioned about it...but not really anything negative.

I have found all of his books at the library. You should grab one and take a look.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

cincinnatiCat said...

Wow! I second your emotions! I used NS 3 cycles last year & lost 15#---gained it back and tried one month of NS last month. I lost 5#, but was so overwhelmed with the YUC factor on the entrees!I cancelled the next order-and NEVER AGAIN! I can portion snacks and cereal into tiny 100 cal.bags and save money. The entrees are not worth the cost - especially if you are about to gag at every bite. WWatchers here I come! Real food and real strategies to live with good tasting food!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I tried this shit too. It really is nasty.

BigChef said...

Here's what works for me. I am a chef (a real one) and I have developed this style over many years and much trial and error.
I'm no fan of acronyms but s.p.f. (like the sunscreen)helps me remember this regimen.
Simply put for the 7 days of the week, in any order you like, you have s-s-s-p-f-f-f.
S stands for soup or salad (it's also a catch all for all vegetables). 3 days of this.
P is for protein. One night nothing but lean protein, whatever you want. Then come the 3 f's.
One f is for fish, at once a week it's good for you and no chemical or mercury worries.
One f is fruit, try to limit the tropical varieties, lots of sugar but any other fruits you like.
The last f is for free night. Pizza, wings, a burger, pasta, whatever. Watch the portions but eat whatever you want.
Remember what Julia said, "All things in moderation... even moderation".
I can maintain my weight easily this way, I don't get too tired of eating the same thing all of the time and it gives a wonderful variety.
Best of luck!