Friday Confessions

**Notice: If I've never stated before how much I ADORE my DH, I'm stating it now...I adore him...LOVE him...he's the best thing since sliced bread**

Ok, now for my Friday Confessions. If you can't tell from the previous statement, DH has found out about my blog and...Friday Confessions. Do not worry, Friday Confessions will not be compromised. I would just like you to know that I have a few philosophies that I live by, one is 'tis better to ask forgiveness than permission, and two is...well, there's not technically a two, but let me just say that I believe if you tell on yourself it's not as bad as someone finding you, on with the show...

  1. I have a new addiction...or should I say distraction...or maybe an alternate reality...I have discovered Twilight thanks to the adorable Miss Melissa over at The Crazy Daisy...Thanks, Melissa! This book is phenomenal! I think I'm the last person on earth to start reading it, but if you haven' MUST!
  2. I have a new crush...Edward. Yeah, I'm pretty sure if he walked up to my door and said, "come with me", I would say "ok". I never saw myself as the vampire kind...I'm no where near goth, but it just works for him...and's HOT!
  3. I have a new friend...the manager at the Starbucks at Garnett and 71st. Not that any of you know where that is, but it's the closest in proximity to my place of employment. The manager and I, we are on first name basis. I think we're mainly friends because he makes me coffee.
  4. I have two new pairs of shoes...this is only a confession because, well, if you saw my closet you would know why. I don't have room for another pair of shoes, I don't need another pair of shoes...I have enough shoes to wear a different pair every day of the next month. My rule is that if I buy something, anything, a pair of pants, shoes, shirt...anything...I MUST give something away of equal type. However, I went through my shoes and did not see one pair that I feel like getting rid of...this is a problem. Aren't rules made to be broken?
  5. I woke up at 3:15 Tuesday morning and decided that I wasn't tired, so I got up and you know what I did? I made Lisa's Apple Crisp recipe. I have no idea why I was baking at 3:15 in the MORNING! I thought maybe I'd feel tired after that and go lay down, but nope. So, I made 3 more name banners, then I washed the dishes from baking the apple crisp, and then I watched the DVR'd version of the OU/KState game from last weekend. Football at 4:30 in the morning? I'm so may not want to be my friend could rub off.
  6. I have been such a scatter brain this many things to do, so little time to do it in! You know the kind of week! My bff was leaving Wednesday morning for STL. I went over late Tuesday evening to drop off 3 birthday gifts that I had been meaning to take over for all 3 of her girls. I figured they would enjoy taking them with them. Well, my mom had given me something to add in to one of the gifts and I had stuck it in a Gap sack along with some pants and a shirt of Isaiah's. Well, in the rush of getting the sacks ready to drop off, I put Isaiah's pants in w/ one of the birthday gifts. So, I'm picturing Gabi opening the gift and like pulling out these boys pants...that have already been worn and "wow, thanks for the used pants"...LOL...Jordana probably thinks I've went nuts-o...glad she's my bff. I've lost it.

If you're still reading this, God Bless you...

7. I talk too much.

I think that's all I've got this week...that's enough though, right?

Happy Friday!

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8 comments...I love comments:

Miranda said...

You are too much...I think the pants in the girls gift is a scream. My BFF would not be so surprised at my if I did that. She would probably just pet my head and call me "special". LOL

~*Mistee*~ said...

Oh my, I told you! This I am almost done with book 2 and I bought book 3 yesterday at Target. I am scared to finish one without having the next one to go right into!! I am so glad I was not reading it when they came out! I would have had a fit if I had to wait months to wait for a new book to come out!

Yes, I would leave with Edward too! I have discussed this with my husband and he seems to be ok with it! ;0)

melissa said...

Seriously...I look forward to reading your friday confessions all week!! They crack me up! I just love you to pieces!!

Randy hates Edward..he is so sick of hearing about him!! I am almost doen with the 2nd book. I am running out to have the third in hand!! I love you so very much...u have no idea!!!


melissa said...

i mean...i am running out to buy the third that i have it in hand! Geese,,,,,when i am going to learn to proof read these darned comment of mine???

luv u

Christy said...

You always crack me up! I can sympathize with the being scatterbrained this week. I dont know which way is up, too much to do too little time!
I love checking in on you to see what you will come up with next!
Have a great halloween!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are crazy! I was up at 3:30 the other night and just laid there until 7:00, wondering how I would get through the day with no sleep. Why didn't I make an apple crisp instead? :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, too funny. I love that you wrapped the boy pants in her gift!! Oh, and I totally understand the shoe thing... me too! I'm now the last person left who has not read Twilight yet... thanks for leaving me!! With all the hype, I plan to, just haven't yet.

Drama queens mum said...

I just started hearing about Twlight on people's blogs. I'll have to get it sometime. I never seem to get time to read. So how does hubby feel about the blog?