Chocolate "Muffins"

These aren't really muffins (hence the ""), but they are delicious and pretty healthy. Only 1 point a piece on Weight Watchers, if you make 24 servings. They're so super easy to make and with only 2 ingredients easy on the pocket book too!


1 box of devils food cake mix

1 15 oz can of pumpkin

Add pumkin to cake mix and tip is that you don't use a flimsy spoon...use a wooden spoon because this is going to take some elbow grease and a sturdy seems like it's impossible, but it's not.

It'll finally start to look like really THICK cake batter.
At this point, you could either divide into muffin tins or put in a bundt pan or loaf pan. I prefer to make them in muffin tins because then they are already perfectly portioned! Bake at 350 for 22-25 minutes. They will not come out like fluffly little muffins because there is no egg or oil, but they are moist and oh-so-yummy!

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brainella said...

My son will love these!! Thanks!

Katie said...

Those look great, thanks!!

Christy said...

I have tried these, they are delicious! Also you can add some low or non fat cool whip on top and you will think you died and went to heaven!!! LOL
Thanks for tagging me you are so sweet! I will have to figure out how to do that and maybe do my own awards!(as Im still learning all of this)

My Place of Peace said...

I'll definitely have to give this a try...1 point and chocolate? What's not to love!