Friday Confessions

Here are my Friday Confessions for the week...bare with me it could be lengthy due to unusually bad behavior...

  1. I honked at and stared down a guy who works in the same office building as me because he cut me off as I was trying to avoid driving through a pond in our drive here at the office. He couldn't even be patient enough to wait and let me turn around and go the other way, no him and his black Mercedes had to fly around me and splash a tidal I honked...a lot...and then I parked two spaces down from him (after finally maneuvering around the pond)...and stared him down...and gave him a dirty look...twice. I think he was scared.
  2. I ate Nutrisystem this week. (Yes, this is a confession in itself)
  3. I threw away my Nutrisystem lunch 3 of those times I ate a cheeseburger in it's place.
  4. After suffering through Nutrisystem one WHOLE day w/out throwing any meals away, I rewarded myself with some Dove chocolate. Not sure that's how it works, but...
  5. I made Michael eat soup or a meal from a can twice this week, because I could not make dinner for him, then make myself eat Nutrisystem. It's healthy for him...he should thank me.
  6. I skipped church last Sunday and went to a craft fair...and boy was it fun...I'm confessing this one for my mom too...she went with me.
  7. I procrastinated for two days and did not order my Oriental Trading stuff for my two Fall/Halloween parties until Wednesday forcing myself to pay for overnight shipping. When will I learn?
  8. I didn't wash my hair on Wednesday because I watched DVR'd versions of Dancing With The Stars and Clean House...BEFORE getting dressed for time left for washing and drying hair...thank you Lord for naturally curly hair!
  9. I told Isaiah the reason he can't watch Power Rangers is because he has to be 10 years old. I also told him that very same thing for why he couldn't buy this humongous truck at the store..."It says you have to be 10 to buy this"...what am I going to do when he starts reading? He's really close too...I'm in big trouble.
  10. Earlier this week at school one of the teachers told me she had to ask Isaiah to stop saying "What THE..." He never finishes the sentence she says, but she's worried he'll say something bad. I'm like, "his dad says that all the time...I'll be having a talk with him." (in my most stunned and self-righteous voice) Not true, I...ME...I say that all the time..."What THE..." I don't finish it usually and if I do I say heck...I do, really...these are Friday Confessions, now would be the time for me to confess.

OK, that's enough of that.

Happy Friday!

7 comments...I love comments:

~*Mistee*~ said...

Oh my word! I am cracking up at you being all mean to the man in the black mercedes! I am super glad you did not just run him over! lol~

I also have had to stop saying "What the" I don't ever finish it, but when I hear my kids say it, I am holding my breath to make sure CRAP does not follow!!! So I have been 2 months sober on the "What the" wagon!! :0)

Tabitha Blue said...

ROFL!! That was a great read... "What THE" That was the best... and then blaming your husband. Husbands are great for blaming things on!! LOL

I would be surprised to see a butterfly now too, but I bet is was gorgeous!

Christy said...

You are too funny! I love reading all your confessions! I look forward to them every Friday! Have a great weekend!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I especially appreciate the "I didn't wash my hair" one. That is a regular occurrence for me! Thank God for cute hats and ponytails!

melissa said...

okay...seriously give TRUE meaning to the three letters LOL. I was laughing so out loud at your confessions...that Anna looked in from thje living room and said, "What is so funny mom?". Oh my gosh....i so love you!!!

I always say, "what the...." that is hillarious!!!

I love you are so dang cute!!!


renee said...

Your blog makes me smile, laugh, cry, and wet myself just a bit! (not sure, but I think this may be caused more from lack of bladder control, and less from your blog...sorry!) However, I believe that the Lord, himself, has put miles between us to save us from getting into trouble!! You would stare down the man...WE would of yelled at him and possible keyed his car! YOU stop with the 'what THE'...WE would laugh about all the different words we could say that would have our moms on their knees, praying! Nic fixes his own dinner! Enough said about that! lol! I love you SO much!!

feather k said...

WHAT THE...?? Ha! I think you may have encouraged me to write a confessional too...maybe...I dunno...we'll see...have a great weekend! xoxo