Still trying to decide who to vote for?

If you're still trying to decide who to vote for, please go here:, just type in "Obama Infanticide".

One last thing, here's a link that shows Obama's voting record. Keep in mind that "NV" stands for "not voting"...

Many people say things that sound good and sweet, but it doesn't always mean that they are good and sweet.

I'm not trying to persuade you to believe that John McCain is the best candidate. However, I do believe he is the lesser of two evils.

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Tabitha Blue said...

Nicely said... and I happen to agree with you :)

Rebeckah said...

I LOVE your Halloween page : ). Spooky, for sure. Voting stresses me out. Truly! I am praying about it. I read a great post today about what will happen whoever wins. God will still be in control and he is always Sovereign.