We Want To Know Wednesday : Friends


I'm linking up today for the first ever WWTKW with Impulsive Addict, Mamarazzi, Shawn, and Janette. This should be a fun mid-week meme...hopefully keeping me out of hiatus status, so I stay off of Impulsive's "big trouble" list. Each week there will be a new set of questions for us to answer on our blogs and link up with the Fab Four!

Let's get started... (cue the video for some scrolling/reading theme song for this post.)

Yep,  my friends are beautiful.  Wanna hear about them?  Here it goes...

IA, M, S, and J asked us to answer these Q's about our friends:
  1. Do you make friends easily?  Um, yeah.  I think I do.  I'm social and pretty easy to get along with.  I seem to have friends from every area/era of my life, so I think that equates to making friends easy.
  2. What 3 qualities are a MUST in a friend? 1 - honesty/trust.  You just can't have a good solid friendship without that.  2 - humor/fun.  I am a fun-haver...and I love to laugh, so if we can't do those things, our friendship is likely to be short-lived.  3 - common interests.  Let's face it without things to talk about or things to enjoy together, can you really have a "friendship"?  I think not. 
  3. What makes YOU a good friend? I'm loyal and trustworthy.  I LOVE to have a good time...and I have no shame in sacrificing my own dignity to make that happen.  If we're friends once, we're friends for life.
  4. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes? Tell us about the meet up. No? Who would you love to meet? So, yes.  I've met several blogging/online friends.  The first person I ever met from the blogging world was Melissa.  She used to be a regular blogger on a blog called The Crazy Daisy.  You can read about my trip to Denver to surprise her for her birthday HERE.  I've also met Julia from Brainella.  We met up at the Starbucks in Owasso while she was here with her family visiting family.  We talked non-stop and had a great time!  Of course, I've met all of The RHOK ladies, who I met through blogging and a few of them ended up coming to my first Twilight premiere party I threw for New Moon.  The rest is history.  Plus, I've met a lot of bloggers through our RHOK Outs.  Meeting bloggers is a favorite pastime!  I can't wait for next month when I get to hang out with Impulsive, Shawn, Becca, Vivienne, and Jen for a couple of days in Austin!!  It's going to be epic!
  5. Who is your best friend? Tell us about them. I kinda hate this question.  I don't like putting my friends in categories, per say.  However, I'll answer to the best of my ability.
First, there is Jordana.  She is one of my oldest friends.  We've shared a million and one experiences together...the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We've known each other since grade school, but we've been best friends since I was in the 9th grade.  We went our separate ways at college...she attended OSU and I attended OU.  You would think that would have been a deal breaker, but we managed to stay tight although we attended rivaling universities.  We both married Michaels.  She's always been there for me...maid of honors at each others weddings, births of our children, funerals, etc...and although we don't see each other in person as much as we would like, I know she would be there for me, no matter what...and she knows the same is true for her.

Then, there is Trisha.  We met through blogging...and we've never met in person.  BUT she's my person.  She is who I tell my deepest darkest secrets how much I weigh, and the dream I had last night involving Rob Pattinson and a volvo.  We talk on the phone occasionally, but we keep up with each other's daily lives through text.  We like share the same soul.  She's a kindred spirit.  I swear most of our text start out with one of us saying something and the other one saying "ME TOO"!  The top of my bucket list has Trisha's name on it...we must meet in person ASAP. 

I can't leave my cousins out of this list of BFFs. My cousin Lindsay has been in my life since the day she was born.  We've always had a special bond and it reaches across the miles, as she moved away and left me a few years ago.  We share everything and we count down the days until we'll see each other again. 

The same goes for my cousin Kristen.  She's my girl.  We share a love of shopping, Coach, and Starbucks.  She even indulges my Twilight addiction and went to The Twilight Convention with me last year.  She's getting married this September and I'm so looking forward to witnessing this next phase of her life.

And there is Alison.  My long lost cousin...who we didn't even know each other existed until she moved to Oklahoma from Arizona about 5 years ago.  It was kismet.  We were meant to be together.  We share an undying love for all things Twilight and Rob Pattinson.  She helped me plan my last premiere partner-in-crime.  She is my sushi-lovin-twilight-watchin-movie-going-wine-drinkin friend.  She left me and went back to Phoenix, but we are still close and miss each other like crazy.  Can't wait until she's here in November for Breaking Dawn!!

And of course, there are my 3HOs3...Impulsive Addict (Skillz) and Mona (X-Rated).  I love these girls like Charlie Sheen loves crack and whores.  We have the best time together at our monthly GNOs.  I've known IA for about my whole life.  We go way back to grade school, but we've just recently reconnected and made it a point to hang out.  Mona and I have been friends since the 6th grade when she moved to Dub Town.  She was in my wedding and we've remained close friends through the years.

And of course there are all of you guys...I love my BBFs!  What would I do without you all?!

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29 comments...I love comments:

Connie said...

Look how cute you are in that cheerleader outfit!!

How fun that you surprised a friend in Denver. No wonder you like it here so much.

Brandy@YDK said...

you are so fun circa 1995.

you are lucky to have so many great people in your life. esp ones that just get you.

and you look super pretty in all your pics.

Mamarazzi said...

ok that circa 1995 is AWESOME!!

i love what you have to say about friendship and i cannot wait for the day WE meet face to face.

it will also be epic.

you are soooooo pretty!! and i super love that pic with your and your cousin and your straight hair.


Conni said...

I agree with the others, great cheerleading picture!!

You sound like a great person to be friends with, nothing better than being able to have a good time with someone, and for it not to feel forced

Thanks for sharing

VandyJ said...

I agree on the common interests. Those are necessary.

ashley said...

Common interests, that's probably more true than most of the others I've seen! I didn't even think about it. Gooood one!

Impulsive Addict said...

You will NOT be on my bad list this week. I PROMISE!

You totally make friends easily. You're one of the most outgoing people I know! ANd you love to party which is a bonus. And now you love the Captain so that's an added bonus on top of the other bonus.

I LOVE the pic of you and Jordana. I am missing my youth about right now. And my skinny self. Why didn't Mona gain any weight?

You look gorgeous in ALL of your pictures! Wow. TOTAL GIRL CRUSH.

HOLY MONA BIG BOOBS!! Bwhahahahahaha!

Thanks for posting today. I know it was hard on you so thank you! *LOVE*

Megan Harmeyer said...

Visiting from IA & ODW. I will overlook the fact that you were a Cheerio to comment on your awesome post. LOL I love the pics of your besties. You've met quite a few bloggers - how fun! I see your countdown clock for Breaking Dawn - can NOT wait.

sarajo said...

You cheered too!?!?! Awesome!

And you are too cute with your shout outs! You have been blesses with lots of great friends! Lucky gal!!

Kelli said...

I wish I was going to Austin...sniff, sniff. I love this meme, it tells so much about you and what you value. How blessed are you to have such wonderful people in your life. I'm proud to call you a bloggy friend!!!

Amy said...

Its so great to have lots of friends.

Love the song...I'm jammin! :)

DId you see Rob on Ellen today? Ahhh, it was good! :P

April said...

You were a cheerleader, too? Some of the best times of my life! I agree...honesty and a sense of humor are a must with friendships. It definitely sounds like you're surrounded with lots of great gal pals...LIFE IS GOOD!

Xazmin said...

Cousin friends are so awesome, aren't they?

I'm with you, categorizing my friends was hard - and I'm still second-guessing my post!

Love the cheerleader picture! Rah Rah!

Text me okay...because I got a new phone and I don't have all the numbers transferred from my old one!

MiMi said...

What??? You were a cheerleader??? So was I!
Okay. Only in my nightmares. I mean dreams. DREAMS!!!
We would be besties. I know this. Me and you. And all the other ladies too. :)

Johanson Family said...

I love how you write.. so stinkin' fun!! I am also following you now..
I am clueless.. what is RHOK? I feel like I live under a rock. heh..

stephanie said...

What a sweet post! It's so neat to see what qualities people value in friends :)

Stacie said...

Really, do you ever take a bad picture? It's not fair! Great seeing all of your friends.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Can I just say I love the theme music!! I am always thinking of songs when I blog.....I swear there is a song for everything. I wonder what my theme song would be walking down the street???hmmm??

I think you are an amazing friend! I wish you still lived in OH then we could hang out for

Becca said...

Yup -that confirmed it - we are meant to be friends - we said the SAME 3 things we look for in a friend! Kismet!!!



Becca said...

Yup -that confirmed it - we are meant to be friends - we said the SAME 3 things we look for in a friend! Kismet!!!



Shawn said...

First let me just say you look gorgeous in the picture with Lindsay!

Look at you, the perky little cheerleader, the year AFTER I became a Mommy! You're such a baby!

I wouldn't recognize my cousins if I ran into them on the street and that's not necessarily a bad thing! When they're around I hear banjos!

Date Girl said...

LOVE the cheerleader pic. I was a cheerleader circa 96! My fav cheer was funky chicken because I got to shake my caboose.

I love the scrolling music by the way, perfect song for this post.

I agree with all of your friends qualities. I didn't even think about common interests but duh, yes you would need that. I have had some friendships end because we had zip in common so that's a great point!

You and your bloggy bffs are adorable! I want to go to Austin. You ladies make bloggy meet ups look so fun!

shortmama said...

I can just tell that you make friends easily...youve got that perfect outgoing bubbly personality!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I am sooooo looking forward to meeting you! Love the cheerleading pix. Awesome!

Myya said...

LOVE that cheer pic, I too was one circa 1993 - my Sophmore yr. Yeah I only did it one year cuz I threated to beat up a girl at another school during a football game. I'm badass huh!

LOVE all the pics. Seriously I DO have a girl crush on you, like for REALZ! You are all 50's vintage glamor. Suppah hot if you ask me. Ok so this is going to a weird place so....

I SOOOOOO wish I was meeting you, one day, ONE DAY I SAY!!! - you totally thought of Dr Suess didn't ya!

Baloney said...

BFF is always a tricky question.
That first cousin pic -- you look GORGEOUS!!
Will you do a cheer for us at Mom's Night Out? Oh yes. I think you will. ;)

Fresh Mommy said...

I think you would ROCK as a friend!!! And I say it all the time... I want to be an IRL friend someday :)


Natalia said...

How awesome that you've met so many friends :)

Dawn said...

You definitely are a great friend. I can agree with everything you wrote about what kind of friend you are and how outgoing you are. You're precious!

So thankful to call you a friend!