Favorite Things Swap Revealed!

I'm not sure how I got so lucky.  There's no way I deserved it.  You all know I can be bad.  So, it's funny to me that I got matched up with the Queen of Swapping, Miss Mamarazzi herself!  How did that happen??!!
Well, let me tell you, she knows how to spoil a girl. 
What is even crazier is that we have SO many favorite things in common!  Every time I opened another gift...and there were SO many...I was like "SHUT UP...that's my favorite TOO!"
I was in need of some sunshine yesterday until THIS showed up on my desk...
Funny how that works out.
Her wrapping was so CUTE and so "Mama"!  Adorable polka dots...and brown paper packages tied up with "string". :)
Here's what she sent me:

  1. Spitz.  She said they are her favorite summer tanning snacker!  I think Micahel will confiscate them to munch on while he's watching the Cubbies.
  2. Orbit Sweet Mint.  Holla!  It's my fav too, Mama!  You just saved me from buying a new pack!
  3. Dial NutriSkin.  She said that it makes your skin soft and smells SO good.  Can't wait to try it!
  4. Little boxes of cereal.  Yum and cute!  I love small packages.  She said they're her fav late night snack. 
  5. Downy Wrinkle Releaser.  Yep, that's my method of  "ironing" too!  I despise ironing, so this is the trick for me!  Thanks for the little bottle.  I stuck it in my bag that I take to work with me.  You know just in case I forget to "iron" before heading out the door!
  6. McCormick Salad Toppings.  SHUT UP!  Mama, this is my absolute FAV thing to put on my salad too!  So so good.
  7. Warm Delights Minis.  150 calories of molten chocolate cake goodness.  I'll definitely be indulging in one of these soon.  She said I didn't have to share, so I don't plan on it.
  8. CUTE pink pedi set w/ pink polish, of course!  Her favorite way to keep her toes looking cute and PINKTASTIC!  I knew there would HAVE to be something pink in my package...I mean, it's Mama's favorite things we're talking about here! 
  9. Beauty Rush lipgloss from Victoria's Secret.  LOVE!  I needed some new lip gloss.  This went straight to my purse.  I'm wearing it now!
  10. Cadbury Mini Eggs.  She confessed that she ate one of the bags she bought and for that I would like to say "THANK YOU", because you saved me from eating them both!  Look at it as your good deed for the week.
  11. A new mini journal/notebook.  Thanks, Mama.  How did you know I was needing one?!  I'm glad it's your favorite way to keep track of your thoughts.  It's already getting put to good use!
  12. Her Favorite Playlist.   I'm currently listening right this moment.  It's good stuff...Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Colbie mellow and happy.  Thank you, Mama!
  13. Rice Krispie Treat...extra large!  They're Mama's favorite road trip snack.  Maybe I should save it for Austin.  I'll share with Impulsive.
  14. Fun card games.  Go Fish, War, Old Maid.  She said it's her FAV way to spend time with her family. 
  15. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  My fav too, Mama!  They are magic.  I have a little boy who is fond of art and they've saved my walls more than once.

Can you believe that isn't all?!  I know.  It's ridiculous.  She also spoiled Isaiah.  I thought I had a cute video of him, but turns out I forgot to push record.  I'm such a retard.

She sent him a $25 to Game Stop, Legos, silly putty, and some Baskin Robbins gift certificates...for a Mom/Isaiah date!  He LOVED that and was over-the-moon-happy about it all.  

Mama, thanks again! 

You rock! 

I already knew that, but you just solidified your status as Swapping Queen!

If you don't already follow Mamarazzi, you should!  Get over there and check out all of the other boxes of Favorite Things and see what I sent her!


26 comments...I love comments:

Amy said...

YOu really hauled in some sweet stuff! THese swaps or so addicting...even my daughter asked, "When's the next one?"

Brandy@YDK said...

she spoiled your face off. super awesome stuff. i LOVE cadbury mini eggs. so much that i had a dream about them.

Carrie said...

wow what great stuff! I look your new look :)


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! That is a NICE package for sure. I love that you got some sunshine at the end of your day!

Dawn said...

Awesome stuff!! She DID spoil you.

Have you ever used McCormick Salad Supreme? If not, buy some and then follow the recipe on the back.

I make it with spiral pasta instead of spaghetti. I use black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes (which I know you don't like) and red onion in it. It's delicious and people always love it.

Happy Tuesday!

Janna said...

She is the Queen...and one of the best swappers around...


I love the new journal...and the lip gloss is one of my favorites!

MiMi said...

Holy mackerel! I got nothin to add...just HOLY MACKEREL! Awesome!

Stacie said...

Jealous! You racked up!

stephanie said...

Holy shamoly! That's great! And a lot of those were my favorites too :)

Molly said...

Great swap package girl, you hit the jackpot fo sho!

Sheila said...

Freaking awesome you DID get spoiled!! Great job! :)
And the beauty rush lip gloss - my FAV! I have like 6 different kinds. Some are my "winter" flavors and some are my "summer" (fruity) flavors. Yeah...I'm weird like that - switch out my lip gloss for the seasoN! HA!!!
And isiah! Totally rocked it!!

sarajo said...

Lucky girl! Total score for you! Mama sure knows how to spoil a gal. And her son! That's awesome!!
Enjoy all your loot!

Impulsive Addict said...

Dude...she hooked you UP!

I'm new to the salad toppings but it is a fav around here since January and I totally use Downey Wrinkle Release.

I like how you two labeled out your shiz. I'll do that next time!

Paul said...

yay! i am glad you liked my favorite things. it was a fun package to put together!

i love EVERYTHING you sent me, seriously sweet package!!!!

i am also stoked that Isaiah liked what i sent him. i decided a Game Stop card was a safe bet for a boy his age.

shortmama said...

What an awesome package!!

Emmy said...

Awesome package! I have always loved those little boxes of cereal. I always wanted my mom to get them but she would always say they were a waste of money.

And my son would be very jealous of Isaiah right now.

Jessica G. said...

Hey, I sent a pack of that same gum to my partner, too! My dang kids keep stealing mine...might have to switch to a hot cinnamon kind so they'll keep their paws off.

Mamarazzi said...

looks like Paul commented again...sheesh. i really need to get better about checking who i am signed in as.

Shawn said...

Look at Mama being a rule breaker! She most definitely spoiled you and Isaiah.

I've never tried salad toppings, do I need to make a run to the grocery store?

Amazing stuff for an amazing girl!

Jenerally Speaking (aka Life with the Lebedas) said...

wow ... jealous! I wanna sign up. Love all your gifts!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Wow! You got spoy-elled! She's so great.

Myya said...

Well she keeps outdoing herself doesn't she! What a super duper awesome package!!!!!

Becca said...

Definite Swapping Queen!!



Becca said...

Definite Swapping Queen!!



Anonymous said...

Mamarazzi is most definitely the swapping Queen! You got some awesome stuff .. I especially like the mini cereals - cereal is my fave!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, sorry for my delay getting on over here!


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!