McLinky Monday - 5 Pet Peeves


Pet Peeves.  Today on The RHOK, my Lovie and IRL friend...The Captain's girlfriend, Mrs. Coco wants us to tell her about our top 5 pet peeves.

What grinds my gears?
  1. People with bad grammar.  I'm talking about people who use TO and TOO interchangeably.  Those are usually the same people who use YOUR and YOU'RE interchangeably, as well as THEY'RE, THERE, and THEIR.  These words do not mean the same thing, mmkay?
  2. People who INSIST on driving SLOW in the FAST lane.  I drive like a Cullen, people!  MOVE OVER!!!
  3. Double Dippers.  I feel especially peeved about the ones who think it's not big deal, even if you mention how disgusting you think it is.  Get your nasty-already-bitten-off-of-tortilla-chip outta my salsa!
  4. Debbie Downers.  You know the ones.  Everything is always a disaster or drama.  Their life is always in a constant state of catastrophe.  So exhausting.
  5. Internet connections that move at the speed of snail mail.  DRIVES. ME. CRAZY.  Which means I've been drive to crazy a million times over in the last week.  Thank you, Windstream and Snopocolypse 2011.  You've been awesome.  Don't expect a Christmas Card.
I also have a love-hate relationship with this...

    Happy Monday...hope it's not manic.  Perhaps it will be MAH-velous?!  Hmmmm?!

    Hop over to The RHOK and tell us what grinds your gears.

    28 comments...I love comments:

    Life with Kaishon said...

    I am voting for a marvelous Monday : ). I am sorry your snow issues with the computer. That is the worst. I know your internet provider is going to be absolutely devastated NOT to get a Christmas card. I don't want to be in their office tomorrow morning when they find out.

    Mamarazzi said...

    oh man i use to get all worked up about people who would mess up those words THEN i did it like 3 times in a row on Facebook and i was shocked. I never mess up on stuff like that and i seeeriously didn't think i was using the correct word when i did it, i wasn't even paying attention, it was an honest typo. i know the difference between they're, there and their. really. i do.

    it kind of blew my mind.

    but i still get a little steamed when i see OTHER people do it. especially when i know they're just dumb...or lazy.

    speaking of typos...once i sent a kindergarten match workbook to print and didn't notice that i dropped the o in the word count about 12 times. i found out when parents started showing up in my office and calling the school.

    luckily no one got really mad, but it is the WORST typo experience of my life.

    Lauri Rottmayer said...

    You totally need to look at Gini Dietrich's blog post from last week: I was totally obsessed with it, could not leave it alone. LOL! :-)

    Anonymous said...

    My pet peeves are people who write checks at the grocery store and snoring husbands.

    Hope you have a marvelous Monday! Mine is looking pretty good so far. (Of course, I haven't left the house yet.)

    Stacie said...

    Bad grammar is the worst. Sometimes it is all I can do to read someone's Facebook posts without editing, in my head, as I read. It takes everything I have not to leave them a comment about what word is mis-spelled or used inappropriately.

    Mom Mayhem says: said...

    I agree on those -Some grammar mistakes bug me -But, it really bugs me when I notice I've made a mistake -Grrr - I guess it can happen to all of us. Lol -I was wondering where you'd fit in Twilight -Drive like a Cullen ;) That reminds me awhile back in T-town I saw someone's license plate said- Volturi!

    Anonymous said...

    Bad grammar tops my list every time. I also really hate it when women wear shoes that show their toes and don't have their toenails painted.

    love jenny xoxo said...

    LOL I love the phrase "drive like a Cullen" so funny!!

    I totally agree with your pet peeves... especially Debbie Downers.


    Brandy@YDK said...

    i'm feeling all debbie downer because the snow has sucked the life out of me! thank gawd i'm back at work today. woohoo.

    FreeFlying said...

    Double dippers are disgusting!!!

    VandyJ said...

    I hate "safe" drivers--the ones who go everywhere 10 mile below the speed limit because they feel safer that way. Most of these are older drivers. If you can't go the speed limit--get off the road!

    Steph said...

    I'm with you on the drama queens. It's exhausting and I don't have time for it.

    JG said...

    I fucking hate people with terrible grammer. It really pisses me off knowing that theres spell check out there and what not and yet people still mangel the English language.

    Me? I always check my grammer.


    Yogi♪♪♪ said...

    Wow, the RHOK ladies are really cranky today.

    1. You live in Oklahoma so you aint got no problem with the weigh wee thalk around heah. Gotthat, you kud alweighs go too somwheres else.

    2. You know 50 mph is pretty close too the nasnhnal spied lhimt was untils 1988. I dreive in the lheft hand lhane cause I likeit.

    3. You jest to particlear to lhiv in Oklahomea. Didnt u lhern hau too shair in graid scuul.

    4. Jess cuz God is coming too cast judgmnt on hour zinners soooon. (er than some thank eye'll thell ya)

    5. I lhov my aol and the youse got mhal. U should trie it too.

    MiMi said...

    OH!!!! I hate when people say "would of."
    It's would HAVE people.
    And their, there and they're. ACK!

    Rachel Murphy said...

    Good list! Have to agree with every thing you listed. Though I have to admit sometimes I still mix up my words.. so embarrassing!

    Kelli said...

    I agree with each and every one of those. I had to let a Debbie friend go recently because I couldn't take it anymore!

    Baloney said...

    Haha - good one Yogi. :)
    I think we are all showing our ugly side today. Don't you?

    Becca said...

    I have been fighting with a slow MAC and a slow iPhone for 2 days - I swear I am going to tear my hair out!!!


    6 Happy Hearts said...

    Double Dippers should be shot : )
    Just kidding - I give them their own bowl, problem solved.
    Stay warm & sane! xo

    Myya said...

    I agree, MOVE OVER!!! I don't go outragiously fast, but come on if you are in the fast lane you should be going at least 5 miles over the posted speed. Soo annoying!

    Double dippers... GROSS!!!

    Debbie Downers just suck. Plain & simple - go away & stop ruining my day!

    Slow Internet connections should not exist in this day & age, unfortunately they reside in my house. Ummm hello I pay for the fastest you got where the heck is it???

    Dawn said...

    Great peeve list. I totally agree with the slow drivers. You crack me up with your Cullen driving.

    I'm also completely cracking up at JG's rant about grammar yet didn't spell it correctly. Ha. Okay. that was bad. I can't help it.

    Sandra said...

    I admit it: I'm a double dipper in my own home. At parties, I won't...but damn it's hard resisting when you have half a tortilla chip in your hand and there's a big ol' bowl of salsa in front of me! Please don't judge me :)

    Leanna said...

    LOL...I just left the same as your #1 over at The RHOK! Than instead of then!

    Remind me to get my own bowl of salsa next outing... I really like to share and don't mind if you double dip. LOL

    Back over at The RHOK ... my serial killing ex-friend was a major drama queen...totally had to disconnect!

    Seriously agree with #5...just had that today somethin' fierce!

    Anonymous said...

    OH no, I have pretty bad grammar, but I am working on it! Luckily, I know the difference between TO and TOO, YOUR and YOU'RE, and (the most famous one) THERE, THEIR, and THEY'RE. So, I'm halfway through the battle.

    I hate slow driver PERIOD. I can't stand them. I have pretty bad road rage.

    Misti said...

    I actually got out of my house and went out to eat and did some shopping, so Monday was definitely mah-velous.

    Bad grammar irks me as well. Especially your and you're. Get it right, people!

    Xazmin said...

    Good peeves! Haha...I am totally a double dipper. But not in the company of others! Just with my family...they deserve my germs!

    Anonymous said...

    So with you on the slow drivers! I don't like them in any lane!

    I only double dip with the hubby!