Friday Confessionals - 2.11


I confess that I only read fiction.  Usually it's YA (young adult) fiction at that.  I'm so mature.

I confess that while snowed in for a fifty-two days (or 5 + 2, whatev), my monthly week of PMSing perfectly coincided with cabin fever.  Definitely one of my shining moments.

I confessss that I start making notes about Friday Confessionals on Friday...of the week before...immediately after that week's FCs post.  I don't want to miss anything confessional worthy.  Plus, it keeps me from fabricating information for entertainment purposes (i.e. lying.  You know where you go for lying right?  Coweta.  It's a town about 15 miles from here and they were our rivals in school while I was growing up.  I've always said that.  Sorry if anyone from Coweta reads my blog.  I guess I don't still feel that way, but old habits are hard to break.)

I confess that I felt like I had been transplanted in Alaska last week.  Where's my igloo?

I confess that I am addicted to My Life As Liz on MTV.  Yes, I'm 16 (x's 2 plus 1).  I love that girl.  While being snowed in I watched the Season 1 marathon.

Yes, I'm easily addicted to things.

Have you been hanging around these parts long?  Never. Ever. Ever. introduce me to crack...or meth...or crank or coke or LSD...or any other illegal stimulant.  My track record says that I'd be dead in a gutter missing all of my teeth in less than a month...but from what I hear I'd be skinny.

Hmmmm...tempting...very tempting.

Anycrackwhore,  I also need to confess that after watching the Season 1 of MLAL (we're on acronym basis now), I really want to go to prom again.  Let's have a prom!  Who's with me?!

Speaking of crackwhore habits, I went 7 days without Starbucks.  *GASP*...big huge *GASP*.  I've been admitted to the Radar Institute and am currently undergoing intense therapy.  You can forward all of my mail and correspondence to:

c/o Radar Institute
78000 Crackwhore Drive
Tulsa, Ok 74146

I just made that up, so do not try to send me mail there.  You'll waste your 44 cents.

Love and Rockets, 

49 comments...I love comments:

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Laugh out loud funny! I mostly read YA fiction, too. But my reason is that two of my sisters are school media specialists and they are constantly reading, reviewing, and recommending YA books. Some of them are really great. (My third sister, a former bank VP and then a stay-at-home mom, is now a library aide to one of my other sisters. We can't escape the library.)

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Oh - and I used to be the Probation Officer in Coweta, so I definitely have to agree with you on that score. LOL

Mamarazzi said...

i like's like reality TV only better because my imagination is awesome and i can create lots of stuff in my head.

i totally start my Friday Confessional weeks in advance. i have 3 in my drafts. stuff hits me all the time and i need to put it somewhere.

same thing with my happy list posts.

coweta sounds like a very scary place.

i was gonna start watching that Liz show. i see previews when i am watching teen mom and...umm i mean i read about it in news week.

skinny, anycrackwhore....bwah haha ha ha. you kill me.

i a all in for a prom. i never went to one. because i dated stupid older boys who didn't think it was cool to go to prom after they had already graduated. not sure what reputation they were trying to save, the sill lived with their mom and worked at burger king.

good thing i read that last line before i wasted my spit licking the envelope.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I, too, love reading YA books. Especially, if its a love book where there is conflict in it (ie Twilight). . I need conflict and love triangles or our love is intense that I want to die....yah, those kinds of books. If not, I get bored.

I saw an episode of My Life As Liz once....and the five minute clip got me hooked, but since I don't have a tv, I never know when it is on.

Stacie said...

I love teen books and TV--maybe thats my getting close to midlife crisis. PMS and cabin fever? Did the family survive?

Rachel Murphy said...

I am always snatching the books my teens bring home and devour them in a day. (Try to sneak them back but usually I get caught) Must be the teen girl in me. I keep telling people I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe they will believe me someday!

Really liked that you start your confession early. I do that too! lol

Have a great weekend!

stephanie said...

I love MLAL! And I'm easily addicted to. I'd be right there with you skinny, confused and toothless. But mostly rocking that skinny :)

aubrey said...

I'm glad that I am not the only one who only reads fiction, and mostly fiction written for the people I pay to watch my kids. :)

AndreaLeigh said...

Girl, you know I love fiction. Romance, chick lit, and YA are all I read anymore. Speaking of, check out Karen Moning & Rachel Caine. Just finished Karen Moning's series and it was incredible. I couldn't put it down.

I miss Starbucks. I know it is bad for me but I pink puffy heart love it.

Anonymous said...

I'd DIE if I went that long without Starbucks! Also, I totally read YA. Get it, girl!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I know it is like we've been transplated to Alaska! Ha -we must have a similar "cycle" -I think I'm done today -and I plan to get out today -at least do some grocery shopping -I hope the stores are stocked up again!

brainella said...

You do know that the word "whore" is no longer politically correct -- it's now CSW. Yes, commercial sex worker. Learn it. Be it. Well, don't BE it. That would scare me more than Kum & Go.

My prom dress from 1988 was scary enough to make me never want to prom again. Scary. I even posted about it once.

Kelli said...

You never fail to crack me up! You my friend are priceless. Though I must say that prom is something I want to leave far, far behind. I hope you find a cure for your cabin fever very say a Starbucks trip :)

Pastiche said...

YA fictions Rocks! You make me feel guilty for wanting a snow day last week. We still haven't had any down here but they keep threatening us with it. My kids keep hoping and I keep shaking my head. Coastal Louisiana just doesn't get all that much snow y'all! :) I'm gonna send them to visit their grands in Canada next year. That'll learn 'em!

Connie said...

I confess that I mostly only read self help books.

Cuz I needs help!

banananutmeg said...

mamarazzi's sister meg here.
I confess...
I blog hop. But I don't blurk.
Have you read The Hunger Games? Excellent series. I see that you are a twilight fan...I think you would like the Hunger Games series.
I confess...
I also started The City of Bones series because they came highly recommended, and loathed the first book that I stopped reading. And I never stop reading a book. So I guess take my suggestion with a grain of salt.
But read the hunger games. Cuz it really is good.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG..where do I start? This is BRILLIANT!

Coweta!!! Bwhahahahahaha!!! Does anybody from that sorry a$$ town read your blog? That was total greatness! BOO-YAH COWETA!

I don't watch that show nor have I heard of it and I'm already addicted to way too much tv so I'm not even gonna check it out. I just can't.

Anycrackwhore...HA! Love it!

I'm so proud of you for going 7 days with your Crackbucks. What? It's the same thing as crack...only LEGAL.

Great confessions my friend~

VandyJ said...

I start my confessions early too-I sometimes start to write things in other posts that I look at think--oh no that's a confession and cut paste, presto start of a confession post.
I'd go to prom--I didn't go to my senior prom--no one asked me and I was so not going alone. I'd do one now though.

Carrie said...

I love this I like YA too

Sara said...

I also love horrible teen tv like My Life as Liz, I used to be addicted to the Hill, I love The City and Real World. Look at all those confessions!!!

Thanks for a great laugh.

Following from

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

You know why I love you so much? {Well, one of the reasons} Because you make me laugh! I'm sorry that your snow-in *seemed* like 52 days ;) Seriously, that would drive me nuts too. I love snow and all, but I like to be able to get out!!

Steph said...

I hope you didn't cut out coffee completely. I'd probably kill someone if I did that.

Shawn said...

You make me laugh!

I just drank 2 cups of delicious coffee from my brand spankin' new Keurig.

You made me tinkle a little in my jammies.

Yes, I'm still in my jammies and it's school today!

Coweta sounds scary! Like a bunch of grain fed "fluffy" girls live there and could totally kick my ass for saying a little harmless comment like "fluffy grain fed girls".

Prom! Shut up! Lets wear old prom dresses when we all get together! I'll even buy your corsage!

PBJdreamer said...

yeah I would pretty much killabitch for my coffee

no liz over here

BUT YA fiction --yea please!

My newest YA fiction?

Fallen and Tempted by Lauren Kate

that is all

Anonymous said...

one time is hi schol i did some crack in the bathroom i also been arested cuz i sale it to a undercover polic officer how was rehab ?

Forgetfulone said...

Stamps are 44 cents now? I seriously didn't know that. Guess you can call this a teaching blog now!

I prefer fiction, and I like YA fiction, too. Some of it is pretty good.

Thanks for making me laugh!

Adriane said...

I do the same thing...I take notes all week for my Friday Confessionals. If I waited 'til Friday to post, I'd have forgotten all the juicy secrets I saved during the week.

Ugh, being locked in the house with PMS? Are you sure your family is OK?

Anonymous said...

It has been a week since I had my last Starbucks and could use one. But the lattes I make at home aren't that bad.

Awesome confessional!

Dawn said...

Jenny, you are one funny chick. I love your confessions. The coweta confessional made me laugh out loud as did the anycrackwhore.

I always enjoy reading your posts. I really do. =)

Brandy@YDK said...

i love young adult too. i'm currently reading the mazer runner. totally digging it. ya is just easy. screw grown up books.

i haven't had a starbucks in 72 million years.

i love your face.

^I just threw that in there

And the mlal sounds interesting. i miss tv. when will i have a child that can play by himself?

Becca said...

What are you on today girlfriend?? You are makin me laugh all over the place (not that you don't make me laugh on other posts).

Why on earth have you NOT been to starbucks? That snowed in??


Emmy said...

So with you on the books! Well I might start other more mature books just to try and keep up a good appearance but I never finish them. Now give me a good YA book and I am all in!

MiMi said...

Okay, this is what my husband says too. He gets obsessed with things and he's SURE he'd be an alcoholic or druggie if he tried it. LOL
And? Oh. 7 days?! Was that because you couldn't leave your house???
Also, me and you need to have a personal conversation. Wink wink.

Ed said...

And NOW you owe me 44 cents.

Thanks a lot.

Could have put the disclamer BEFORE the address. Geez.

Tasia said...

I totally have an addictive personality as well! When I like things I tend to really like things!

Also, I'll probably be reading YA Fiction well into my 80s :)

Xazmin said...

Hahaha! Okay, my friends and I have TOTALLY said we should have an adult Prom! We are so on the same brain-wave sista!

And thanks for loving me...Depends and all. I super needed them on my run today. Ew.

Sara Richins said...

I have gone a whole week without a coke. The drink that the other stuff. I don't know how I made it through the week. Oh wait, I didn't. LOL!

I'm totally addicted to Disney TV Movies. Not the new ones, like High School Musical. But the older ones, like Luck of the Irish and the one about the kid from Hawaii but moves to Vermont. Love that one! I too, am a 12 year old girl inside.

Love YA fiction! Can we say Twilight? Or Harry Potter? What about the Hunger Games? Oh yeah, read them all. Cried while reading them all too.

Anonymous said...

I'll read just about anything but I do like some YA, too.

I am SO ready for spring. It's been a looong winter around here.

Anonymous said...

Lmao!!! I always say I have a super addictive personality too. Crack, donuts, armored trucks--I steer clear of them all!

I always love your confessions!

Jolene said...

This Winter has been harsh on so many. First time reading your blog. Love the style. Thanks for commenting on mine and knowing...I'm not alone. LOL

Myya said...

I Heart you, anycrackwhore... Ha ha ha, I freakin LOVE it! I'd be tempted for the skinny part for sure! Prom... Hell ya I am TOTALLY in!! Know what is awesome, my husband is Arabic & their weddings are like prom, wish we had one coming up.

Good call on the starting early Friday Confessional, I must do this! I missed this weeks cuz I have been "blogging"off my phone. No time to sit at the computer, I've had such pukey girls for a few days.

Last but DEFINITELY not least... No Starbucks for 7 days...what the freak??? That is no good, NO GOOD I tell ya. If I lived closer I'd brave the snow just to bring you some. Just in case I'm in the neighborhood, what do you drink?

Shawn said...

Can I just say that a certain commenter is starting to creep me out. I see that "this person" has been here too.


Beth Zimmerman said...

This is hysterical! But I always thought that all liars go to Texas! My hubby, a native Texan, HATES it when I say that!

Life with the Lebedas said...

haha, I LOVE it! :D
I'd rather read ya books anyways! Way better than what i'm stuck reading right now.
I make notes on posts too, lol. And I totally want the skinny part!
My dvr is full right now but i might have to sneak in My Life As Liz just once!

Great Confessions!

Anonymous said...

I love YA books too. Is it horrible of me to want an easier read from time to time? Plus, they're so full of romance and cheese.

Baloney said...

Let's do it. Let's have a PROM RHOK Out. We can even all go "stag" because I know the husbands are not gonna go for it. Everyone can just wear an old bridesmaids dress or something. The cheesier the better, right?

Might be fun this summer. Think about it?

6 Happy Hearts said...

Prom RHOK Out is a must!!!
We could even do it in April when the proms happen.
Love you Jenny Kate!!!

Vivienne said...

" My track record says that I'd be dead in a gutter missing all of my teeth in less than a month...but from what I hear I'd be skinny.'

Thanks for making me pee my pants a little. (Cuz you made me laugh and because you made me skeerda Paul.)

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!