Happy List - 02.26


This week, the things that make me most happy are house related.  

We are finally to a stage of the building process that I can help with.  I'm now just DAYS away from getting to move our things over, organizing, starting to decorate, buying a few new pieces of furniture...#icannotwait

It makes me happy. Decorating and organizing make me happy.

Last Thursday, Michael and my uncle started pouring our concrete counter tops.  LOVE them.  

They make me happy.  Is that silly?

Also, you see this little cardinal


See him?

Well, I love birds...especially red birds.  I would love nothing more than to get a beautiful, vivid shot of this lovely cardinal that lives in the tree outside of my Granny's kitchen window...but he will not let me.  

I know it's a "he" because HE is being so difficult and stubborn. 
The day I get my shot will make me very happy...maybe this weekend?

Lastly, I wish I were having a fancy Oscar party tomorrow night.  I would make everyone wear gold and we would fill out ballots and give out our own Oscars.  It would be great. sigh.  That would make me happy...but I'm not.

However, I am happy that my chances of seeing this guy

<----on the red carpet tomorrow night are looking pret-ty good.

Anyfangirl, hope you all are having a great weekend!

HApPy hApPy HaPpY

What's making you happy these days?

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Love and Rockets,

19 comments...I love comments:

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so excited for you Jenny Kate.
: )
Have a happy weekend!

Rhonda said...

How exciting!! I love Cardinals too. I've taken quit a few during the snow days!

MiMi said...

SO FUN that you get to organize and decorate it now!! I'm jealous.
I love your cabinets!! And? Concrete countertops?? You must tell me about this...I've never heard about it but it sounds awesome and INDESTRUCTIBLE. :)

aubrey said...

Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! And your counter tops are making me ten different shades of jade... Happy Rob sighting tomorrow.

Kelli said...

New counters...who wouldn't love to see that. exciting. I can't wait for the tour that you're going to give us (hint, hint). I love cardinals too and want to get a nice bird feeder so that we can watch them. Have fun watching the Oscars.

Life with the Lebedas said...

Your kitchen's looking really nice!

Have fun at the Oscar Party tonight! :)

Mamarazzi said...

my girlfriend just had concrete counter tops poured...they are stunning. when she first told me she was doing it i was not sure about how they would turn out, gorgeous!! she also pulled up her flooring and lacquered her concrete beautiful.

i love the color you chose for your kitchen.

i love this part of moving, the organizing, decorating and unpacking. so fun!!

did you guys build this all yourselves? how long have you been working on it? when do you move in?

Thank you sooooo much for my fantastic package of happiness. it came at exactly the right time. everything is perfect and it all makes me HAPPY!!

i just posted about it on my blog. you girls are awesome!!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Concrete counters are very cool!
I'm impressed w/your design style, but I always have been.
Your home will be beautiful!
Love the Cardinal.
Hope you have had a great weekend!

Baloney said...

Concrete counters - I hadn't heard of that! Can't wait to see pics of it all finished. It's going to be amazing. I don't know how you have lived like this for so long. I know it must be challenging!
So, who do you love more Edward or Rob?

Brandy@YDK said...

I love your kitchen. I bet you are giddy. I'm going to pretend like that if had a fabulous Oscar party that you wouldve invited me, k? Just go with it.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your house is coming right along!

Your Cardinal is definitely a He. The females aren't red. We have a "married" couple that live in our backyard. They yell at each other all the time! It's so funny!

starnes family said...

James Franco. Prior to the Oscars. I love him. But, this is not good.

Impulsive Addict said...

I love your happy list. I'm happy that I'm better than yesterday but I still want to go back to bed for the entire day because that's how bad I feel. Unfortunately, momma's don't get sick days.

Steph said...

Maybe if you talk to the bird he'll let you take a picture of him. Pretty bird, pretty bird. :)

April said...

I love the color of the walls in your kitchen! Sure hope you'll post pictures of what it all looks like when everything's completed! I'd give anything to be in your shoes...we just can't seem to get our house to SELL...UGH!

Dawn said...

I can NOT wait to see the finished product. I so want to redo our kitchen at some point.

And, an Oscar party would have been so much fun. There's always next year. =)

Vivienne said...

I love your kitchen! Love!

(Do you really like Love & Rockets, or is that just some cool thing I am too dorky to know about...?)

Connie said...

How exciting about your house!!!

Xazmin said...

Reading your blog makes me happy, even though I'm a billion posts behind!

My grandma used to collect cardinals. Not that it matters to you, but reading this made me think of her.

I so wanna come to one of your parties!!