Someone From Woman's Day Read My Blog?!

I got this e-mail yesterday. It was from someone at Woman's Day. I scan random blogs all the time, but it's crazy to think that people who I don't know randomly stop by my page....crazy, but cool. Isn't it funny to think that people may Google a word and come up with your blog?!

The e-mail was very nice and it read:

Hi Jenny,

I came across your spring cleaning tips post – good stuff! I wanted to reach out and share some spring cleaning checklists with you. I thought you and your readers might find them handy:


John DeFeo

I thought I would share the links. I checked them out myself and already printed out some of the checklist (because I'm a list freak). There were some really good tips in the articles. If you missed the post he was talking about, you can find it here: Spring Cleaning Tips From Blogland

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Shauna said...


Shilo said...

Fun! You're famous! :)

Heather said...

that is crazy! and exciting!

i got a response to one of my tweets last weekend from patti, the millionaire matchmaker. (i posted that i was watching the show instead of packing like i should have been doing.) i was shocked!

hope you're having a great week!

Vivienne said...

That is soooo cool! (And how funny is it that JOHN from Woman's Day contacted you...?) I guess I just figured it was totally run by the girls. Oh well. Never assume. :-)
Congrats! have a great night

Julie said...

How are famous !!!
Keep us all posted if you get any other correspondence ..Hugs Julie

Anonymous said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing!

melissa said...

wow..thats awesome!! im gonna go check out the lists!! love u

Xazmin said...

How am I friends with you and Tanielle? You're both list-makin', compulsive cleanin', organized machines!

I couldn't be more opposite. Not sure why you guys "hang out" (one literally, one figuratively) with me!

I'm definitely checkin' out the tips though! I like to check out other peoples amazing ideas, get inspired and kid myself into thinking "I can be like them".

Tanielle said...

I now have a famous, NKOTB loving friend! Awesome, that is really cool!

Have a great night!


Miti said...

That's really cool!

Jessica said...

Wow! Small world huh?!? That is so cool!!!