Friday Confessions and a Game/Giveaway!

It's time for Friday Confessions! I'm going to try to keep these short and sweet. I have a little game I would like to play at the end of my post, so that means you have to read the entire post...or jump to the end, but IF you do that it would be considered cheating, and you would need to confess that. I'm just sayin'.

First let me start off by saying that I'm a very passionate person. This is not a confession, it's just a factual statement about me, but sometimes my passions can lead to obsessions and confessions. I'm not one to do things half-heartedly or half-way. I'm usually a full-steam ahead, gung ho kind of person. This week instead of just telling you my confessions, I would like to show you my confessions.
  • I'm passionate about books, which is not bad. However, my passion often turns to obsession. For example...these books I purchased THIS week. I'm also a little obsessed passionate about vampire books. I have no idea why.

  • I'm passionate about chocolate, which is not bad...what? It's not. However, once again my passion turns to seen below.

  • (Please note that I purchased this chocolate from a child of a co-worker. So, I'm pretty sure that counts as a good deed.)

  • I'm also very obsessed passionate about all things Twilight.

Here is where my little game comes into play. I would like you to compare my pictures from this weeks confessions to my pictures of the same things from a couple of weeks ago. See if you can tell me the newly acquired Twilight paraphernalia. The first person to tell me the exact newly acquired items wins a small Twilight something and a Starbucks gift card! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and make it easier to find the new items.)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!

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17 comments...I love comments:

Xazmin said...

I'm not even gonna try to guess! I did read, and enjoy the books, but haven't been swept up in the movie craze yet!

I do watch old seasons of Buffy and Angel though, does that count?

Yay for the weekend hope yours is awesome!

Miti said...

Oh Boy! I've got a chance to win a Twilight goody and scrumptious Starbucks card. Count me in! It looks like you've got
1) a new Twilight game
2) Twilight sweethearts
3) a new Edward doll
4) a new GQ mag

Miti said...

hey I wasn't finished
5) a new Entertainment WEekly mag

How did I do?

Darlene said...

Your obsessions are funny. I am not going to try to guess all the new Twilight stuff but I noticed the book from Charlaine Harris. I just got the boxed set of (I believe it was) 7 books. Do you watch the HBO True Blood series? I enjoy it but not so much the episodes that might have a sex scene (those seem to be a bit graphic for my taste).

Lori said...

1st Photo:

2 boxes of Twilight Sweethearts Candy

Edward Figure

Twilight the Movie Board Game

2nd Photo (wall):

GQ cover

Entertainment Weekly Cover

Miti said...

I'm back...just wanted to inform you that I finally did my 8 things. Thanks for the tag. I had fun with it.

Impulsive Addict said...

Aw man! They already beat me!! I'm way good at this game btw! Your picture confessions are wicked cool! Good job!

Vivienne said...

Question: If the New Kids On The Block were to announce they've written a self-help book for Twilight addicts... would you read it?

Life with Kaishon said...

You are SO funny. And so wonderful! Buying chocolate from a co workers kids TOTALLY counts as a good deed. You rock, Jenny Kate! Have a sunshiney weekend with all of your obsessions!

The Novelista Barista said...

oh twilight, i love it!

Dawn said...

I think they've already guessed them all! Waaaa!!

And, your new books are ones I've read or am reading!!

I just picked up 3 new vampire books yesterday as well. We are crazed!!! Lol! said...

I could so tell that you are a passionate person. you posts always have so much energy!

Lovin' your blog and your confessions on Friday


Shawn said...

Because I too am a Twilight you go.

On the filing cabinet you have added an Edward figurine, 2 boxes of terrible sweethearts, really they're horrible don't eat them, and the trivia board game. And you have removed the hole punch.

On the cork board you have added the GQ and Entertainment cover. Moved one of the small pictures to be with the other two, moved the cast picture above the QG cover and removed the I heart U banner.

Love your confessions!

Thanks for visiting my blog, come back any time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny!!! Thank you, I love to read your blog!!

You have a wonderful Weekend to!

Doreen said...

In the 1st picture, an Edward Twilight doll, Twilight Sweethearts and a Twilight game. 2nd picture: a GQ Magazine & new Entertainment Weekly.

Anonymous said...

I am passionate about books too! I love to escape into a good book.

AndreaLeigh said...

i just started a new paranormal series by ilona andrews and I really like it so far. i'm telling you, this kindle is dangerous!

thanks so much for your kind words about my uncle. i really appreciated hearing from you!