Friend Making Monday ☺

It's FMM again at Kelsey's blog - All That Is Good! YAY! It makes Mondays a little more bearable with something fun to look forward to...and what could be more fun than making friends?!

Today's Task: 10 things that just really get you fuzzed up (that means makes you mad)☺

...just on the fly, off the top of my head in no particular order.

1. Injustice.

2. When people are disrespectful to our country or our soldiers.

3. People who are fake...or a flake. I just want people to be real all the time.

4. People who are judgemental. Don't judge, it's not your're not God.

5. People who say cheerleading is not a sport. Whatever! ☺

6. People telling me what to do.

7. Bad coffee. I think the reason why I am so loyal to Starbucks is because I know that every time I go in and order a drink it is consistently good...especially "my Starbucks" (71st and Garnett for any local T-Town people...they have THE best baristas!).

8. People who don't pick up after themselves. (Michael I know you read my blog, so don't pretend you don't see this one.)

9. When people say that the Twilight books aren't good books. Hello! Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius! Everything she writes is amazing.

10. Bad drivers...slow drivers. I think it's my number one complaint on my commute in the mornings. If you're going to drive in the "fast lane", then drive FAST! If not, get out of the way!!

What really gets under your skin?

Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!

23 comments...I love comments:

Impulsive Addict said...

Would you consider someone "fake" if they're incognito or playing an alter-ego?? I'm just curious here...

brainella said...

Bad coffee makes a bad day...too true. Same goes for bad drivers. Bad drivers make you need coffee.

Oh...and we won't discuss number 9. Addict.

jennykate77 said...

Impulsive - You already know I don't think you're a fake...or a flake. I'm totally down with your alter-ego. If you can think of a good one for me I might be interested. ☺

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

UGH! Bad coffee is the worst- especially when that is all you have to drink and need your caffeine fix!!

Fun list! Have a great week!


Amber said...

Love your list. And it's so nice to meet you!

I especially agree on the bad drivers, injustice, judgmental people, those that don't pick up after themselves, and disrespectful of soldiers. Oh & fake people.

But, {gasps, I know} I haven't read or seen Twilight. Okay, I read the first page of the first book. 1/2 of the page. Don't hate me! :)

jenjen said...

Hi there! Good list! I also get upset about inequality. I just think people should treat each other nicely. And I love Twilight - that one made me laugh!

Have a super week!


Tanielle said...

Great list! I love this country, and I too hate it when others put it or our military men and women down!

Have a great Monday!


Love your music by the way!!!!:-)

Julie said...

Love your list! I agree with the Bad Coffee...It seems like most people make it too weak!!! Have a great Monday...Julie

Xazmin said...

Great list. I'm ESPECIALLY with you on #2. That one really ticks me off.

If you want to see what an idiot I am, come read my idiot post (it's a few down)you will quit being my friend!


Kelli said...

Your list made me laugh out loud, especially the last one. I really do think I need to pick up this Twilight book...I must get in on it.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Oh my gosh, I just had the "cheerleading is a sport" arguement with a guy in my office today! That's hysterical (I think I won the arguement, by the way!).

Amanda said...

Love where you put people telling me what to do! So funny and true. Love Twilight too! Have a lovely evening!

Shawn said...

I Loooove Twilight!

Have you read The Host? I'm trying it's just not a gripping as Twilight.

Great list!

Thanks for stopping by seriously-shawn, come back again I'd love to have ya!

Anonymous said...

Good list! Don't care much for #9. Not my genre of book or movie. My husband watched it and thought is was pretty good. It bored me within 5 minutes.... sorry!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a wonderful list. I agree totally with you on the fake people! Just be yourself, is my motto! I love the header on your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing. Hope you have a blessed Monday!

Vivienne said...

Good list! Those who fit the bill for #2 are often the same people who don't understand why there is so much of #1 in the world. It is terrifying to think how much injustice there would be without our brave men and women and their sacrifices!

Thanks for your comment left on my list. The corn-nuts and fritos? Just a horrible aversion to them. Even smelling them if someone opens a bag initiates my gag reflex. ew.

Agree with you on the coffee thing but haven't read any in the Twilight series. I'm more of a Jen Lancaster person, myself.
Have a great week!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I did finally read the Twilight series and felt they were ok but I did not love them like my daughter did. They were just a bit too....out there for me. I thought the first one was terrific but they went downhill from there...sorry. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't rate it but my Twilight loving child didn't like it...said it was not close enough to the book.

My children have no clue how to pick up after themselves either. Especially their rooms. I think they learned from their father. (I hope he doesn't read this comment)

Bad drivers are the worst!!

Darlene said...

I LOVE your list! Hope you have a GREAT day today!

Miti said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I just watched Twilight and my husband just bought the book for me and you know they always say the book is better than the movie. Bad drivers REALLY get under my skin, especially when they drive like maniacs in the parking lot or don't use their signal. And I can't leave out those slooooooow drivers either. Diddo to everything else!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your list is great : ). Fake people annoy me to no end. Oh yes they do! I love your little book log over there on the corner. How cool is that. I still haven't read twilight. I don't know what I am waiting for. An engraved invitation probably. Do you need my address so you can send me one : ).

Xazmin said...

I know I already commented, but I just came back to let you know I have a surprise for you on my blog!


momma said...

it's taken me a while to get back to everyone.

thanks for your comment!

i agree with #2 - our country is great! our soldiers are the best!!

honeysuckle said...

Hi, I am with you on most of your list and bad drivers are enough to make one a bad driver. Thanks for sharing and your comments on my blog. Have a great week.