I was tagged by Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites to complete a fun questionnaire. Are you ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me?

Here's the rules:

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What is your blogger name?


When is your birthday?

October 1, 1977

How long have you been blogging?

Since May 2008. My first real blog was on June 3, 2008. However, my blogging didn't really start until September, after that there was no turning back. I was hooked.

Who tagged you?

Andrea, aka My Chihuahua Bites or one fabulous blogger ☺

Tell me your five most favorite body parts.

I'm not sure that I have 5 favorite body parts. I'll try. Ummm...I've got great nails. Usually, except when I neglect them. They grow really fast. I like my red's something people remember. I've been told I have a nice smile. However, I am not fond of my teeth. I should have gotten braces when my parents tried to make me, but I was too stubborn. My boobs are ok, not too big, not too small. I think brown eyes are cute, so I like my brown, there's a really great song about brown-eyed girls. ☺

What do you wish most for your birthday?

I think every year when I blow out the candles it's usually health and happiness for my whole family.

What color are you nails right now?

Bare. I'm in desperate need of a mani...I love my nails to be dark, even black sometimes. ☺

Have you had any depressing thoughts lately?

No. I'm generally a happy person.

What’s your plan for the next month?

April? Well, nothing exciting. I really want to take advantage of the longer and warmer days and get outside and exercise.

At what age did you have your first crush?

Maybe 3rd or 4th grade. His name was Chris Edwards. I think every girl at my school had a crush on him. He had like 5 girlfriends at a time.

Have you attended any school reunions?

Yes, my 10 year class reunion. I helped plan it. We want to do a cruise for our 15th or 20th. I actually like the people I graduated with. ☺

Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended like you didn’t smell anything?

Of course...hasn't everybody?

Are you a clean freak?

I have the potential to be one. I used to be one. That was prior to being a full-time working mom.

What era do you wish you were born in?

Maybe 40's...I would have loved to be a teenager in the mid to late 50's. I love the idea of girls in poodle skirts, bobby socks, and monogrammed sweaters! The music was great! The cars were cool! The guys were hot! What more could you ask for?

Are you a vegetarian?

No. I can go without meat for a while, but usually end up craving a big juicy steak or a cheeseburger.

How many pillows do you sleep with at night?


Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?


Do you secretly wear granny panties when your man is not around?

I don't do it in secret. LOL. I mostly wear hipsters or something along those lines. I have a variety, but that's what I wear most of the time.

What is your ultimate dream job?

I like what I do now. I don't know. If I wasn't a mom or married, I would want to live in a big city and work for a Betty on Ugly Betty...except minus the crazy outfits and braces.

What does your husband do that annoys you the most?

When I come home from work and he's been home all day and I can tell that everything is just the way it was when I left...and he hasn't done anything. I get a little annoyed.

What is your dream car?

I'm pretty easy to please, but I wouldn't mind having one of the new hybrid SUV/Crossover type cars.

Do you wake up easily in the morning?

Yes. I'm a morning person.

Do you like hairy men?


How about a man with a goatee? can be pretty hott!

Which would you prefer: a two-hour spa massage, a two-hour Thai massage, or a two-hour foot massage?

Well, I would take any, but I guess if I could only choose one I could pick a spa massage.

Have you ever wished you had a different name? If so, what name?

When I was little I always wanted to change my name b/c Jennifer was soooo common. I wanted something different that no one else Butterfly or something crazy like that. I always wanted something short too b/c my name was so long...something like Jessi or Mallory...those were characters from the Babysitters Club books.

What is the most extreme sport you have ever done?

I am so NOT extreme. I don't think I've ever played an "extreme" sport. I've been water skiing.

Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia? I would take EITHER!

What is your favorite food?


What is your most embarrassing moment while out on a date?

I can't really think of anything. Nothing seems too embarrassing anymore.

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8 comments...I love comments:

~Billie~ said...

Noodles?!? LOL. I think that's the first time I've heard that response to that question. They are good, though.
I'm like you, I can't go long without a nice steak.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so interesting Jenny Kate : ). So very interesting. I am not that interesting. Really! I think you would have been a perfect Butterfly! I wonder what your parents were thinking when they picked Jennifer over Butterfly. Puuuuuuuuuuhlease : ).

I can't wait to see your green picture. I know it will rock the house! : )

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm still stuck on the Chris Edwards answer! OMG! That is too funny. I was NOT into him at all but everyone else was. I was more of a Craig Moore/Brett Robertson kind of girl.

Thanks for the tag! I'll post later tonight or tomorrow. Working 10 hours tomorrow and Wednesday (someone got fired!) so it will get done soon.

BTW...Granny panties are so hott! lol

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed getting to know more about you. Thanks for tagging me. I'll get this done in the next few days.

Brigitte said...

Hi! I made my way here from our Literary Sisters book club blog. I live in Oklahoma as well, so I thought I would stop by and say hello!

Hope you have a great day!

Jessica said...

Noodles are favorite is hard to choose just one! LOL

I think this is my first time to your blog, feel free to stop by my blog and say hello as well!

AndreaLeigh said...

When I come home from work and he's been home all day and I can tell that everything is just the way it was when I left...and he hasn't done anything. I get a little annoyed.

I totally agree! so annoying!