The Things Isaiah Says - Part 1

We've all discussed how fast time FLIES by and how we would like a pause button...or a rewind

So, for posterity sake, I'm going to start posting a semi-regular post of things that Isaiah says.  That way one of these days when I'm old and senile, I can come to "The Internets" and read about the things that my mind can no longer remember...perhaps even print them off one day and put them together in a little book or something.

There won't be any rhyme or reason.  Just random everyday sayings and happenings.

If you are friends with me on "The Facebook", you might have read these already, but just humor me.  Mkay?.

After a long day
Me:  Isaiah, why don't you make us some dinner.
Isaiah:  Mom, I can't.  I'm not supposed to use the stove.
Me:  Well, it's ok just this once.  Maybe you can whip us up some grilled cheeses.
Isaiah:  MOM.  I don't know how.  I'm just a kid.
Me:  You've seen me do it enough.  I think you can manage.
Isaiah:  I'm not a cook.  I'm an artist.

Do not call DHS or CPS.  We do not allow our 7 year old to cook on the stove (unattended).  I was being facetious.

Valentine's Day
Meemo (my mom):  Isaiah you should open your Valentine's Day card.
Isaiah:  Why don't you read it for me.
Meemo:  I'm pretty sure you can read it yourself.
Isaiah:  Meemo, I'm not a reader.  I'm an artist.

Clearly.  He's an artist.

At El Chico's - while ordering our meals...with the waitress at the table
Isaiah: (takes a large drink of Sprite) BUUUUURRRRRPPPPP.
Me: (horrified) WHAT do you say??
Isaiah: Excuuuuuuuseeeee me.  Good thing it came out that end and not the other.

No matter what his dad says, I did NOT teach him that.

And lastly, he likes to play...

(Note: Ignore the gaping whole in our wall.  We're under construction, people!)

Any questions you would like to ask Isaiah??  I'm going to do a segment once a week (or might start to get boring) titled Ask Isaiah So, if you have questions you want me to ask him, leave them in the comments or email them to me @ jennykate77(at)gmail(dot)com. 


Love and Rockets,

23 comments...I love comments:

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

But what was the answer to the second something he was thinking about? LOL - He was clearly exasperated with you (at first) when you didn't know the action figure's name. :)

Myya said...

These are some of my very favorite posts about my girls. There is definitely something really cool about going back & reading the things they say or the little quirks they have. Sooo fun, kids are hilarious!

Oh & could your little man be any cuter? I wanna play that game with him just so I can get him to tell me... "This one is more tougher". So cute!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh yes! I would love to know of your little artist what he dreams of creating one day with his magnificent art skills.

Kelli said...

An artist...I love it!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Haha! So funny! He is clearly an artist that loves to burp and shouldn't cook! Haha!

Becca said...

Love that boy!!!

Can you imagine him & Viv's Grant in the same room together? I wanna be there for that one!!


Sheila said...

HA! Thats hilarious -he's an artist!!

Impulsive Addict said...

He just makes me smile! I know where he gets his energy from....the POP between his legs! LOL!

I love that he says he's an artist. I see him using that for every excuse to get out of trouble.

My question for Isaiah is this:

If you could have an imaginary friend, what would his name be and describe what he looks like. (He may NOT WANT an imaginary friend but I had one for YEARS.)

Vivienne said...

We must never, ever get Grant and Isaiah together. Ever.

(Unless the mommy's have cocktails.)

I started my blog for the very purpose of chronicling Grant's activities.

aubrey said...

Hahaha! He and Stinky would get along swimmingly. :)

MiMi said...

He needs to come hang out with my boys. Seriously. We have that conversation at LEAST once a day.
SO what was the thing with the glasses? Was it you??

April said...

Your Isaiah is a funny little guy! You sure he doesn't want to become a comedian one day? He could make a MINT! :) Hmm...let's see. How 'bout you ask Isaiah what's the first thing he would do if he were President of the United States?

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

HA! I was *just* thinking . . . "Get Isaiah and Grant together. That'd be a dangerous combo!" :) He could not be more adorable if he tried . . . "Does it have two heads?" Where does he come up with this stuff? And you lucky girl, winning Breeze!

Anonymous said...

I totally guessed Breeze! I had to think of the hero factory stuff my son had. Isaiah is such a cutie pie!

My question for him is Do you like Transformers and if you do who is your favorite?

Brandy@YDK said...

hilarious. and adorable.

Connie said...

I don't know what a hero factory is...and I totally didn't think that description would be Breeze!!

I want to know where Isaiah would go on vacation if he could go anywhere.

Mamarazzi said...

forget my previous marriage proposal to you.

i want to marry Isaiah.

ok ok ok...i will get myself a little girl and SHE will marry Isaiah and we will just be grannies to their kids together.


the kid cracks me up.

Q1: What is the funniest thing your mom does?
Q2: If you could make ONE wish, what would it be for?
Q3: Why is the sky blue?
Q4: If you HAD to change your name (like for the witness protection program or something) what would you want your name to be for the rest of your life? (It cannot be an awesome name like Isaiah, it HAS to be something else).
Q5: What are you most talented at?
Q6: Tell me about something your dad taught you how to do.

6 questions, is a good start!

i once opened my blog up to questions for our family. J really loved answering the ones directed towards her.

6 Happy Hearts said...

Hero Factory?! Who would have known that one...his mommy!!!
If you really think about it...Your one smart mom!
Now try to think about what I'm thinking about...this is a tough's something that is tropical, yet cool, coconutty, yet sweet...
Fun post. That boy is a doll!

Anonymous said...

All boys get that behavior from their fathers.

Anonymous said...

He is too funny and so cute!

brainella said...

It's amazing how boys that age ALL act alike. That is SO Dominic. :)

Xazmin said...

Bahaha! So funny and cute!

I'm honored to be friends with the mother of an ARTIST!!

Shawn said...

I thought it was Bumble Bee but he's a Transformer not a whatever he was talking about.

I so want to watch Isaiah and Grant play together. I would even pay admission!

Here's a question for Isaiah...What do you think your Mommy does all day while you're at school?