Pictures from Thanksgiving Weekend

I know that Thanksgiving has already come and gone, and that we're already posting things about Christmas, but I wanted to share some of the pics from our Thanksgiving weekend.

Here's my lil' Indian...This was some of the things Isaiah made at school to celebrate Thanksgiving and Native American Days. He was doing his Indian call here...I should have taken some video to post. Quite entertaining.

Thanksgiving day at my Granny' doing what they do best...sleeping and watching football.
We had lots of YUMMY pies! Isaiah's favorite were the pumpkin!

My cousins Natalie (Nat-Nat) and Noah (No-No)

More of my cousins...we were scouring over the Black Friday ads...making our lists and mapping it out! Do you see the intensity on every face?

The day before Thanksgiving I got off work early and my cousin Allison and I went to see New Moon for the 3rd time! Whut Whut?!

On Saturday, Michael and I went to the Bedlam game in Norman and we had Thanksgiving with his mom and dad while we were there...good times on both accounts. Sooners won and Thanksgiving with the in-laws was good! However, if you talk to Michael, he's probably going to bring up the fact that I LOST our tickets. Yeah, probably the mistake of the year. It'll take a while to live this one down. I was carrying my cute red clutch that Julie got me and I kind of have a nervous habit of snapping it shut and unsnapping it...not thinking about our tickets being tucked inside. So, I think during the time we were waiting in line to get something to drink before going in to the stadium, the tickets slipped out of my clutch. Not good. Last game of the year...our biggest rivals...most costly face value, we already had tickets and now had to buy more! Yeah, as I said...not good. The good news is that we got some more tickets for a fraction of face value price and went in to the stadium to find out seats unoccupied, so it ended well....and my Sooners won!
That was my Thanksgiving weekend. Hope your's was wonderful. Counting down the days 'til Christmas!

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Carrie said...

Looks like a great time! I hope you have wonderful weekend :)

Amy said...

What a fun time. I hope to see this movie soon..

MiMi said...

I would have FREAKED if I lost my tickets. Scary.

Darlene said...

Isaiah looks soooooo CUTE in his Indian gear!!!! Looks like a great Thanksgiving with everyone. I can't BELIEVE you lost those tickets!!!!! Glad you could get more.

Hope you are staying warm.♥

Fresh Mommy said...

FUN weekend... and New Moon again, jealous! :)

Dawn said...

I ALMOST bought that OKLA shirt you are wearing when I was at Affair of the Heart! But, I didn't want to dish out the $38 bucks! LOL! It's super cute!!

Dang, you all have a lot of pies at Thanksgiving! Wowsers and Yummo at the same time! LOL!

shortmama said...

Love how serious all the girls are over the ads!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving! Sorry about the tickets but I'm glad that it all worked out!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my.... the tickets. That could have been stressful! It is a good thing he loves you anyway! : )