Isaiah Funnies

I've had a few humorous conversations with my 5 year old lately. I wanted to share a few for your enjoyment.

A week ago...

Me: "So, what are you asking Santa for this year?"

Isaiah: "Well, what I really want is a whole box of Transformers."

Me: "but you already have a whole box of Transformers (translation: we don't need anymore Transformers)."

Isaiah: "Wellllll...this will be special because I'm asking Santa for a whole box collection of all the Transformers that I don't already have so that I'll have a whole set of Transformers...they've gotta be in ONE box (I have no idea what the importance of being in ONE box is, but he emphasized it a few times. great.)."

Me: "I'm not sure if there is such a thing. Maybe Santa could just bring you a few of the Transformers that you don't already have and then you can ask for the rest of them on your birthday?"

Isaiah: "Mom, Santa can make anything. He's a toy genius."

Me: (great) "Sometimes Santa can't make ANYTHING...he's a busy guy you know."

Isaiah: "Mom, it's just some little 'ol Transformers...I think Santa and his elves (oh, now he's bringing out the elves. great.) can handle making a collection of all the Transformers that I don't have in ONE box."

Me: "I'll give Santa a call and see what he says."

Isaiah: "YOU know Santa's number?"

Me: "Sure, it's on speed dial."

A few days ago...

Me: "Hey, Buddy...we should get to writing that letter for Santa. We want him to have enough time to make all of the things (a whole collection of Transformers all in ONE box) you want in his workshop!"

Isaiah: (nonchalantly) "sure, mom."

Me: "We wouldn't want Santa to run out of time!"

Isaiah: "Mom, you're the one that said that Santa knows stuff, like when I'm good and bad and stuff like, that must mean that he knows other stuff, like what I want for Christmas. *he thinks for a moment* You know, Mom...Santa's like Jesus."

Great. Now he thinks Santa is like Jesus...I'm not sure that's the direction I was hoping for.


Me: "How was school today, Buddy?"

Isaiah: "Great, but I got in one time out."

*I give him "the" look*

Isaiah: "it was just a *little* time out...see, I was shaking a tree on the playground and I didn't know it was against the rules to shake a tree...DID you know it was against the rules to shake a tree??...because I didn't know it was against the rules to shake a tree!"

Me: *trying to keep my composure and reflect the seriousness of this tree shaking incident* "No, I didn't know it was against the rules to shake a tree...BUT we know now and we should follow all the rules...including no shaking trees."

I love this boy!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!! *loves*

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~Billie~ said...

So sweet and innocent!! Love it!
This post cracks me up. By the way, love the Christmas tree header, with all your "presents" underneath!! =D

Lemon Annie said...

I live that kid! He is a crack up! Love, love, love the new header!

Lemon Annie said...

I meant love that kid!

MiMi said...

Love it! Hilarious! Hey, awesome new header! And isn't shaking the tree some song too??

shortmama said...

He is a funny guy!!

Rhonda said...

How cute and funny! I love the little things kids say!

Nice new header! ;O)

msprimadonna67 said...

Aw, he is so cute! And your new Christmas header is great!

Amanda said...

Isn't it amazing how their minds are working even at 5! They have an answer for everything. Too cute! Love your header!

Kelli said...

I love that age! He sounds adorable.

kado! said...

he is a cutie!!!!

so no shaking trees??? I'll have to remember that...I'm not good with time-outs! ;)

Sara said...

It looks like Santa has his hands full with the big box of Trandsformers:)

He is such a cutie, kids say the cutest things

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Have fun with the BIG box of transformers!!!!!!


Dawn said...

LOL! Those are hilarious. SO funny, in fact, that I read them over the phone to Michelle! Ha!

brainella said...

Gee...Santa...need to get cracking on that box. :)

He's hilarious and that picture is so sweet.

BTW...I use that "I can phone Santa" thing to -- for good and bad. :)

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, how do you keep a straight face through all that?!?

Can't wait to see pictures of the BIG box of Transformers! :o)

Xazmin said...

Love that picture of you two! So stinkin' cute!

I love conversations with mini people...they are so funny!

Hope your week is wonderful!

Darlene said...

How CUTE!!! Don't kids come up with the funniest things?!?! Love it!

Your new header is FABULOUS!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

How could you not love him? He is FREAKING fantastic! Oh my gosh so great! And you are the best Mommy in America!

Jen said...

So Santa is a mind-reader who can give us all eternal salvation? Sign me up :) Good luck getting the Transformers all in one box! Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!