More Edward Sightings

I interrupt your regular broadcasting to bring you breaking news of MORE Edward sightings. That's right, Mr. Cullen himself (pocket size version) has been seen around town getting into the Christmas Spirit.

He's been seen trimming trees and hanging out with other mythical creatures...such as this lovely snowgirl...

Seems as though we were interrupting something here. What would Bella say? A new jingle is coming to mind..."I saw Edward kissing Snowgirl underneath the mistletoe last night..."

Here he is practicing his tree climbing skillz. He feels right at home in this lovely (fake) pine.

Edward believes in Santa. Why would he not? Vampires. Warewolves. Why not Santa? In this picture, he was venturing down into the stockings to see if Santa had made any early trips to leave some goodies. (Sorry, Eddie. All that is in those stockings is lint ball or two. Santa's helper needs to get busy!)

One goodie that Edward did find was not in the stockings, but it the mailbox! He found a SUPER FABULOUS New Moon tag from Jen @ Tatertots and Jello (THANK YOU Jen!!). I'm not sure he's too fond of the whole wolf pack logo, but he posed with it just for me.
He's so sweet like that...and chivalrous, kind, loving, strong...*sigh*...marble-like skin, pale, ice cold, sparkly, strong jawline, straight nose, full lips, bronze hair, topaz eyes, 6'2", slender but muscular a mythical Greek god Adonis.

Oh, sorry. I just get a little side-tracked sometimes.

I still have a few Edward sightings that I'm working on (hot tub, shopping, serving breakfast to my mother, sleeping in my bed, chillin' in the snow, and hanging out with Flat Baloney).

Do you have somewhere you would like to see Pocket Edward? If so, just leave me a comment and let me know!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

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9 comments...I love comments:

brainella said...

These posts are like Flat Stanley for adults. :-) You are too funny.

Carrie said...

this is so funny I love the one with the stocking lol

Have a great weekend girl!


Amy said...

Oh Edward. I am going to try the party too..

shortmama said...

Edward is so festive!

MiMi said...

This just makes me sad...I really really reallyreallyreally want a PJ to go with me on my trip. I think it would be hilarious. :(

Sara said...

I love it, I am so happy that Edward is enjoying the Holidays, will he be enjoying egg nog with a little extra extra, or does he like just plain egg nog:)

Shawn said...

I like pocket Edward in my pocket or maybe my hubby's. "Hey is that Edward in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Fresh Mommy said...

Haha, love it!! Edward is really getting around :) Maybe he'll make a visit to my house!!


Dawn said...

How sweet that she mailed you that Tag!!!

That Edward gets around!