Thursday Thankfuls and an Easy Peasy Greek Pasta Recipe

You have no idea how THANKFUL I am that it's Thursday! It has been quite the week. I've kind of been in a funk this week. It's not been all puppy dogs and rainbows. Monday was definitely a every since of the word. I got in trouble like all day at work. If it was wrong, it was my fault. Isaiah had a soccer game on Monday evening that I knew nothing about. It was supposed to just be practice. We were late and he had no uniform was embarrassing. Speaking of late, Isaiah was late to school on Tuesday. Then he was almost late again on Wednesday. Yesterday was Weight Watchers and I gained 1.6 pounds...exactly what I had lost the last time I weighed in two weeks ago. I looked back in my log and I haven't lost a single ounce since August 19! I'm at exactly the same weight (down to the tenth of a pound) I was in August...two months with no weight loss. It is so frustrating. Even though I've been in this funk, it's still important to list my "thankfuls"...actually more important.

Today I am thankful for...
  • My kiddos I teach at church. They really boost my spirits. We've been getting ready for our Harvest Festival at church and last night we made posters to decorate the church. Our theme this year is Superheroes...I can't wait!
  • Party planning for New Moon. I LOVE party planning and I LOVE Twilight/New Moon, so planning this party has been the most fun! I'll start posting some pics of the things I've bought so far and let you guys know what I have planned.
  • Party in the USA! "Noddin' my head like yeah...movin my hips like yeah..." You guys know this song, right? The new Miley Cyrus song. If you haven't heard it, you must. I play it in my car or in my office at least 5 times a day.
  • Edward and Jacob in my office. No matter how bad the day is, when I look behind my door and see those FSE and FSJ, I have no choice but to smile. :)
  • The days of sunshine we've had. I was in desperate need of some natural vitamin d! It's raining and yucky again today, but maybe the sun will come out tomorrow..."when I think of day that's gray and lonely. I just stick up my chin and grin and sayyyyyyy...oooooooooo...the sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they'll be sun..." Ok, enough of me serenading you guys. :)
Now for my easy peasy (made up) Greek Pasta recipe.

I was so craving some Greek Pasta like you would get at Zio's or the version they used to serve at Olive Garden, so Monday night I made up my own version. It was so good. I'd like to share.

Jenny's Easy Peasy Greek Pasta
  1. Tyson Grilled Chicken Strips (in the freezer section...the whole bag)
  2. 1 can of Rotel (drained)
  3. 1/2 jar Kalmata olives (or the whole jar, if you like them as much as me)
  4. 1/4 cup chopped shallots (or onions would work)
  5. 2 Tabelspoons olive oil
  6. dash of parsley
  7. a little of the liquid (about 1/4 cup) out of the Kalmata Olive jar (if you don't use this then you'll need some liquid like chicken broth or something)
  8. Whole Wheat Penne Pasta (I cooked the whole box, but only used about 2/3)
  9. feta cheese
Start by putting your pasta on to boil. In a skillet, throw in your chicken and drizzle with the 2 T olive oil, Rotel, olives, olive juice (or chicken broth), shallots, and parsley. Let that just simmer and cook. Drain pasta. Toss with chicken mixture. Sprinkle feta cheese on top. Serve. Enjoy! It's delish and tastes pretty close to what I've had in restaurants. Oh, and it's healthy too!! I'm guessing the points to be 9 points (for 1 cup of pasta and 3 oz of the chicken mixture w/ 2 T crumbled feta cheese...plenty for dinner)! Pair with a salad dressed w/ balsalmic vinegar and olive oil. Yumm-O!

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Kelli said...

Oh no JennyKate...I'm so sad you had a bad week. I was there the other funkville. It's a good thing you have your party to look forward to. I can't wait to see it.

Shilo said...

sorry you have had such a rough week. Praying for you today that you can keep pressing on, inspite of it all! Hugs!

MiMi said...

SOrry it was a sucky week. :/
The salad does sound good though!

shortmama said...

I hope the rest of the week and weekend are much better!

Carrie said...

oh girl you had me at Feta lol!

Sorry you had a sucky week hope things are better this weekend!

Sara said...

I hope you have a great weekend, I cant wait to try the salad.

kado! said...

oh...weeks like that suck! Next week MUST be better! ...enjoy the weekend!

MMMmmm...that sounds yummy....I LOVE feta....i think it might be the thing i miss the MOST since eating Vegan....i used to double it up on my I'm sad...

Life with Kaishon said...

Look at you and your amazing recipes! WAY TO go! And also way to go with the weight watchers. I think it is great that you are conscious of it. I think about it and do nothing. And then mope when nothing fits and I feel disgusting! So, all that to say, in my book you are a super hero Jenny Kate! Just like the super heroes in your fall festival! : )

I love that you teach sunday school! I don't think it is possible to love you any more than I already do, but everytime I come to visit I click away loving you even more!

Get Real Girl said...

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to start a new week. Your Fall Festival sounds like a lot of fun. We have one on Wednesday of this week. Every kid is supposed to bring a pumpkin to carve. It should be interesting. . .

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a rough week! I hope you hava better week coming up!