Who am I?

The title of my post is also the title of a Casting Crowns song. If you guys know me even just a little, you know that I LOVE music. It speaks to me more than anything else. I love all kinds of music. I'm not really "prejudice" toward any type. My iPod playlists are crazy and random...and probably don't make any sense to anyone else but me. Lately, I've been having some personal issues that have caused me to really reflect on myself. Through times like these I ALWAYS rely on Christian songs...lots of praise and worship...and songs that really speak to ME as a person. This song Who Am I by Casting Crowns is one that always reminds me that God is with me no matter what and that He really does care about the things that matter most to puts me in my place for sure. So, for today, I'm turning my funky playlist off and I wanted to share this video I found on Youtube. Hope it speaks to someone else like it speaks to me.

(the verse at the end is really Psalm 143:5)

The funky fresh playlist will be back tomorrow. ;)

Hope everyone is having a terrific Thursday!

5 comments...I love comments:

Kelli said...

If I had a playlist it would be crazy too! And I love that song...glad to hear that it's speaking to you when you need it to. :)

Fresh Mommy said...

That is awesome, Jenny. Love it... and I love random, crazy, and still praise and worship infused playlists... sounds like mine!! Haha.


Xazmin said...

This is such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing it!

I too have a very eclectic taste in music!

Just one more thing we have in common!

Anonymous said...

My playlist has a little of everything too. I love that song!

Katie said...

Love this song and have seen them in concert 2 times they are even better live.