We Want To Know Wednesday : Week 4


I'm linking up once again for my mid-week-blogging-fix with Impulsive, Shawn, Mamarazzi, and Jannette for WWTKW!

This week's questions are brought to us by the lovely Jannette from Est 5.26.07 ~ The Johanson Journey.

She wants to know...

1. What game show have you always thought you could be on and totally WIN!

Hmmm...I think I would do pretty good on the Singing Bee, as long as they stick to 90's hip-hop/rap, hairbands, and country.

2. Do you have a tattoo(s)? What are they and what made you chose them? If not, would you get one, yes/no/why?
Holy shiz.  This is where I lose followers.
Wellllll...yes, I have tattoos.  3 of them.  They are:
1. A cresent moon and two stars on my left foot.  A blue star for Michael (his birthstone is a sapphire) and a red star for Isaiah (his birthstone is a garnet)

2. The phrase "frequently dazzled" with an apple and "sparkles" on my left side (on my rib area)...the saying is from Twilight and the apple of course is also from Twilight...and the sparkles, well...from the sparkly vampires of Twilight.

3. A Mockingjay on my back between my shoulder blades...the Mockingjay is a fictional bird from the Hunger Games Trilogy.  If you wanna read more about why I picked it, you can read THIS.

3.  What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? 

My wedding ring.  It's the piece of jewelry I've had the longest.  I don't buy expensive jewelry, so it's the most valuable thing I wear.

BUT I also really love this cuff bracelet and I wear it more than I should.

4. What is your driving pet peeve(s)?

People driving slow in the fast lane.  Pisses me off.

5. What was your favorite sitcom growing up that you wish was still on?
From the 80's - The Cosby Show.  Bill is hilarious.
From the 90's - Seinfeld.  We still watch the re-runs and used to have every episode recorded to VHS tapes.
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26 comments...I love comments:

Shilo said...

Hi!!!!!!!!! I loved hearing your giggle and your voice yesterday on your videos! That was so fun.
I wanted to tell you that I have NOT forgotten (sheepish grin) about the video and the photos, they are on my computer but we have been SO ABSORBED with my medical situation, that I haven't gotten them to you. I will do my best to get them to you this week.
Love you, lady!!

MiMi said...

You crack me up!!! You aren't going to lose followers. NERD.
Hey. I heard a secret about you and September. need another star on your foot. Have another baby for symmetry's sake!!!

Becca said...

Your Twilight tattoo is pretty freaking awesome!

Stacie said...

I forgot all about the Singing Bee!!

Slow drivers seem to be the biggest pet peeve so far today.

Love the bracelet!

I had never watched Seinfeld until I got married, but I think it is safe to say that I have seen all of the episodes in the 7 years since!

Now, how do you un-follow again? Just kidding!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG! Did those tat's hurt?! Do you regret getting any of them done???

I loved the Cosby show! And Seinfeld ... classic!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVED reading this! You are soooo super fun! I can see you rocking The Singing Bee! Have you been watching The Voice? LOVE that show! I'm hosting a SUMMER SWAP, Girl! Stop by and sign up! You know you want to.:) Lori

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh JK. You'll never lose me, but yeah, I don't understand the tattoo thing. However, I do understand your wedding ring, the Cosby Show and Seinfeld, and people who drive too slow in the fast lane.
(9 days!)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Cool tats, yo!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I don't think you'll lose followers! :) But to me ... those sparkles look painful!

My favorite from the 90s was Coach. We used to watch it late at night and just roll with laughter!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your tatts! When I get down to your neck of the woods, we're so getting inked together.

And sista...PROPS on the pedi game...keepin it tight I see...that's critical!

Smitten said...

Your tatts are awesome! That has to be one of the best twi-related ones I've seen. And the mockingjay one is gorgeous! I'd say we have similar tastes, I have 3 - 2 in same locations as yours and the other is a sun/moon/stars :)


Amy said...

I love your Twilight tattoo! SO cute :)

VandyJ said...

Love those tattoos!
Can't really agree with Seinfeld--I never understood it or got the funny. I think it was just me, but hubby doesn't get it either.

Anonymous said...

Loving all your tats!

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, you know you'll never lose me! I love it all (and I knew everything except the Cosby Show! I was late to the Seinfeld trend but I enjoy the re-runs!

You would kick azz on Singing Bee!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Anyone that would stop following because of your tattoos is a nincompoop : ) True story.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Hey, that was fun! I am totally late getting to your yesterday post and got to read this one too! I love your tattoos. I have never been brave enough. If I was, I would get 3 stars and a crescent moon. First because that's my sorority symbol, but also because I'd have a star for Joe, Gavin and Grayce!

Baloney said...

There's a lot of body parts in this post.
I laughed when I saw the Twilight tattoo. But of course. ;o)
Slow drivers make me crazy too. Was stuck behind someone going 15 under this morning, but they sped up when we entered the SCHOOL PARKING LOT.
Sorry but that last part needed emphasis.

Shawn said...

I've never heard of Singing Bee but if it in tales me singing I'm out! Not enough alcohol or money to make me sing in front of anyone, including my family!

It's gonna take more than a little ink to lose me!

Love your ring and am jealous you can wear cool jewelry like that. I just cannot pull it off.

Love the Cosby show and of course Seinfeld. Are you Mater of Your Domain?

Brandy@YDK said...

i love your tattoos and i wanted to go read more about your mockingjay but it wasn't a link.

love seinfeld.

Connie said...

I like the Cosby Show because Keith has a bunch of his sweaters.


Cozy Friedman said...

Those are really unique tattoos! I think I like the Mockingjay the best.

Anonymous said...

Rudy and I share a birthday down to the year. I always wanted to be a Huxtable.

Mamarazzi said...

ooooh em gee...

i love love love your tattoos. i love the sparkles on the frequently dazzled and i want a tattoo with those sparkles. love it!

i forgot what else i was gonna say.

i need a new tattoo.

Sunshine and Lavender said...

I love that black cuff :)

Dawn said...

I did NOT know you had a mocking bird on your back. It's beautiful. You are such a cool chick. And, I don't just say that to everyone. =)