Friday Confessional 05.20

I confess that there was a creepy repair guy fixing our air conditioner at our office last week and he kept staring at me.  So, I did this.

Worked like a charm.  Problem solved.  Full-size Edward has SO many uses.

He fixed our A/C in record time.

I confess that every time I see the Magnum Ice Cream commercial I think of condoms.  Do you think that was the marketing strategy they were going for?

I confess that while you're reading this, I'm roadtrippin' with Impulsive and we're on our way to meet up with Seriously Shawn, Becca from The Texas Darlings, Vivienne from The V Spot, and Jen from Harried Mom of 4!  I really can't put into words just HOW excited I am to be meeting all of these lovelies in PERSON.  Seriously.  It's too much.  I'm so stoked...I feel like dropping every 90's adverb in my's the bomb...the's totally going to rock.

I also confess that I posted over at The RHOK archive worth re-reading!

Hope you all have super fabulous Fridays!!

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Mamarazzi said...

linked ya up doll face!

i love a good road trip i am sure y'all are having a blast!!

next road trip? see ME!!

have FUN!!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I am for real lol about the cut out of edward!! I need to get me one so that I can solve probs like that also!
Have fun with the girls! I'm uber jealous...I hate when cool bloggers get together because don't get to go.... and know your going to hear all about the fun time

Anonymous said...

I used to have some cardboard stand-ups of wrestlers and in the night, they even scared me! They're quite effective.

Lauren said...

I could not agree more about the Magnum ice cream. The first time I saw the commercial I kept waiting for them to talk about condoms only to realize "Oh it really is an ice cream commercial?"

Erinsgobragh said...

Ah ha cut out Edward that's great!

Kimi said...

Road trip! Jealous! And full size Edward...makes me drool every time!

VandyJ said...

Jealous of the awesome trip.
Have a great time, we wanna hear all the details.
I have yet to see that ice cream commercial, but sounds like an interesting one.

Connie said...

I confess that everytime I see the Magnum commercial I want to do dirty things to some ice cream....neeked.

Amy said...

I love your Edward cutout! SO sexy!

Have fun on your trip! :)

Fresh Mommy said...

Totally lovin' that Edward protected you... rock it out!!! And HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! I'm jealous. I would say take a road trip to Michigan to see me... but maybe we can meet in the middle. Or better yet... I'm moving to Florida at the end of summer, beach vacation?? I think it would be awesome! :) Can't wait to hear about your trip.


Dawn said...

LOL! So glad Edward is so useful!

Have a super fun time hanging with some fun ladies!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love your life-sized Edward. I can imagine he really does come in handy. LOL

I hate that damned commercial. It's stupid. I hope they weren't trying to bring condoms to mind because that's just dumb.

And I confess that I'm seriously jealous of your meet-up today!

Amber said...

omg - I busted out a laugh when I saw that life sized Edward, you're too funny.

You can laugh at those commercials, but those ice cream bars are AMAZING! I'm not even over exaggerating here.

I hope you have lots of fun on your weekend trip, can't wait to hear about it from you all!

Jenerally Speaking said...

haha, i'm not sure if it's funny or strange that you have an Edward cut out!! lol But seriously, I'm thinking about watching twilight when the kids go down for nap time! ;)

Have fun on your road trip!!

Rebecca said...

lol about the Edward cut out! I might have to invest in a Jacob one ;)

Have fun on your trip!

April said...

We just had to have our AC fixed, too! Must be that time of year when they go on the blink! You ladies have tons of fun this weekend...can't wait to read all about it!

MiMi said...

I love that you "edward'ed" him! :)