Friday Confessions & A Thankful Heart -- Day 2

First things first, something I'm thankful for.

Yesterday, in my comments, Shawn reminded me just how good I've got it here where I work.  Today, I am thankful for my great job.  I really do have it good.  I have a kitchen I can "whip up" something in anytime I want.  A boss who allows me to bring Isaiah to work with me any time I need or want to, like today.  He's been sick the past couple of days.  He's on the mend, but not well enough to go back to school.  So, he's spending the day with me.  
I'm oh-so-thankful.
(This is the point in my blog post where I would LOVE to be able to insert Shawn's adorable link/picture to her 25 Days of Thankful, but Blogger is being a butthead and will NOT let me.  I'm *this close* to throwing my monitor out of the window.  I'm counting to 10...backwards...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  OK, better.  So, you should totes go over to Shawn's blog and read more thankfuls and link up with your own!)

I also thought I would squeeze in a few Friday Confessions, since I missed out on posting them last Friday.  Speaking of last Friday, what a day...what a week last week was.  Amongst all my CRAZY BUSYness, I managed to get a flat tire on Thursday, almost run out of gas, AND lock my keys in my car the morning of the 1st grade Field Trip.  I was like the Bad News of 1.

Here's a few more confessions, courtesy of my iPhone:

    I eat LOTS of croutons.  I love them.  They're my favorite snack. Good to the last crumb.

    When it comes to all things Twilight, I can't help myself.  I not only buy it, I buy it in mass quantities.  

    I voted, so did Edward.  Did you?!

    I did not mean for this to turn into a "oh-look-at-what-a-Twi-nerd-I-am" post, but seems as though we're going there.  So, while we're making a stop in Twitardia, I might as well mention that next week I'll be in Dallas at the Twilight Convention.  WHUT?! WHUT?!

    Any confessions you need to get off your chest before the weekend?

    Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS Friday!  
    I ♥ each and every one of you BIG time.

    10 comments...I love comments:

    MiMi said...

    So jealous you get to go to TX....hey, I LOVE croutons too! Never thought of eating them as a snack!

    Shawn said...

    I can't buy croutons. Why? Because they're like Lays potato chips for me, I can't eat just one!

    Ok, you're going to have to email me and tell me what it is that you do. If you share with me I may offer to buy those darling shoes you like and send them to you...

    Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

    Ha...I so love croutons, too! So do my boys. :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Mom Mayhem says: said...

    Ahww-Hope Isaiah feels better soon! It does sound like you've got a pretty good job -I hope I can find something like that when I'm ready to head back into the working world. And I hope the bad luck is over -1 time I got a flat tire and got so befuddled I parked/jumped out to look at it and lock my keys in the car-While it was running- Ugh!
    Hmmm-Croutons -I like them too -but, never really ate them by itself. I knew there'd have to be something Twilight ;) -That is so awesome that you're going to a Twilight Convention!

    Connie W said...

    I wish I was into something as much as you are the twilight stuff.

    I need a thing! Okay...maybe it's wine.

    Dawn said...

    Another Twilight conference! LOL! You are so fun.

    I hope your son is completely well now for the weekend.

    You really do seem to have the perfect job!!

    Have a great weekend, Jenny!

    Impulsive Addict said...

    You forgot to mention a BIG TIME confession. It's like a 5 year long confession, JENNY!

    Wouldn't we be skinnier if we loved to snack on raw carrots or broccoli? Yes. But what's the fun of that? (Plus broccoli gives you gas and your coworkers may not like you very much so you should fo sho stick with croutons)

    shortmama said...

    Croutons for snacking...why have I never thought of this?

    Mamarazzi said...

    mmm croutons...YUM!!

    having an understanding boss is priceless. they must truly know your worth to be so accommodating, good for you!!

    Anonymous said...

    OMGosh! My husband eats croutons like they are potato chips. And here I thought he was the only person who did that!