A Whole Lotta Halloween

A week...a WHOLE flippin' week?!  Man, I'm failing on the blogging job. 

In my defense, it has been a crazy busy past 7 days!

I planned/co-planned 3 Halloween parties, accompanied Isaiah's class on their field trip to the Aquarium, and Isaiah played his last football game of the season...and I have pictures to prove it!

Harvest Festival @ Legacy Family Church - Party #1

Halloween Bash @ The Farm 
(aka my Mom & Dad's house) - 
Party #2

Halloween Party @ The American Legion - Party #3
I don't know if I've ever told you guys before, but I'm the President of the American Legion Auxiliary that we belong to.  Around the Holidays, we throw parties for the children of the Veterans that belong to our Post and for the local community.  So, every year I plan the party w/ games and crafts and bunches of goodies.  It's a lot of fun!

1st Grade Field Trip to the Aquarium

The jellyfish and anemones are always my favorites!

Saturday was Isaiah's last football game.  They lost, but it was a great game and they played their little hearts out.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from the game.

How was your weekend?  Attend any parties?  Did you raid your kiddos Halloween bag check your kiddos candy for razor blades and needles? 

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Kelli said...

You HAVE been need a nap. I did have a little Halloween party for my kiddies with some friends and it was a lot of fun. I did raid the Dots and those!

MiMi said...

Holy cheese balls, you did a lot!!! Love you and Michael's costumes...that picture makes you look SPOOOOOKY.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment. Glad you like Wicked too. I am kind of obsessed with it right now! I love watching youtube clips of the US Wicked shows. I love Idina and Kristen. Did you see them? Also Megan Hilty's Popular is so funny. Love watching that too.
Looks like you had such a fun weekend celebrating Halloween. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

Michelle said...

You are one busy lady! :) And I loved all of your picture collages and your son as Mario is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

brainella said...

Holy moly, that's a LOT of kids.

I steal peanut butter cups and pixie sticks. :)

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness! That had to have taken a while to put together! It turned out very cute.

Looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween season. =)

Brandy@YDK said...

wow - that's a lot of fun stuff. I bet you are exhausted.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh wow -you have been busy! That's cool that you're the pres. of the American Legion Aux -I didn't know that! Sure is a lot of great pictures - looks like fun!

Connie W said...

Well Heck! No wonder! Looks like a fun week!

Life with Kaishon said...

I have NO idea how you do it. Seriously. No idea at all!

shortmama said...

You have been very busy!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sheesh, crazy busy is a understatement! Go get yourself a book and a Starbucks and relax! I mean it, go go! :)

Hey, loved all the pics though!


Vic said...

wow....that is a whole lotta busy-ness! love the great shots...time to relax....whewwww:) enjoy

Renee said...

Okay, when do you!! Girl you are the busiest person I know!! I love all the're quite the photog you know?!! I need some lessons!!
Love you!

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, you are one busy momma!!! Look at all your great pics!!

Liz said...

You have definitely been busy! Sounds like it's all been fun! Great pictures!