New Moon Party Tips and Last Minute Ideas

We all know what today is, right?  Friday.  Right, good answer.  There's something else though.

New Moon DVD Release?!?!  Ding, ding, ding.  Tell her what she's won!

So, I thought there might be some of you out there planning a last minute New Moon shindig and that you might need some last minute ideas and tips.  I've compliled a collage from my New Moon Party that I hosted last year before the midnight premiere.  I'm going to try to link you up to some quick and easy party ideas (highlighted in RED). 

  1. If you party is further down the road, like in the next couple of weeks, it's still not too late to send out some invites and set the tone for your party.  If you're wanting to do a party on the fly, then just text/e-mail some friends and tell them the when, where, what time, etc. (Links to invitation ideas - go HERE and HERE)

  2. Plan your menu, even if you're just having chips and dip, you need to know what you're going to have so you can be prepared (and possibly ask your fellow twi-hards to chip in)! (Links to recipes - go HERE and HERE)

  3. Plan your outfit!  That's one of the most fun parts!  Get creative, but remember that you'll want to be comfortable.

  4. Create some cute and original decorations/centerpieces.  Give your guests something to talk about while they're eating their mushroom ravioli or sipping their vampire martini soda. (For ideas - click HERE or HERE)

  5. Have some goodies for your friends to take home!  Everybody loves some swag! (Ideas?  Click HERE and HERE )

  6. See Above

  7. See Above

  8. Create a Candy Bar - your guests will love it!  Plus, it goes perfectly with movie can't have a movie party without some chocolate and candy to munch on!  (See what I put on my Candy Bar HERE)

  9. Invite lots of friends!

  10. Especially these guys!  (HERE is where you can order your very own Life-Size Edward and Jacob)

  11. One of my favorite places to go to for printable quotes from the movie and general party planning ideas is The Hostess with the Mostess - love her!!  Click HERE for her site.

  12.  Play some fun games - like Pin the Kiss on Edward or Pin the Kiss on Jacob!  We had so much fun!  Just buy a large poster and print out some kissy lips on address labels.  Play like pin the tail on the donkey - blind fold guests, give them a lips sticker, spin them, and let them go!  Whoever is closest to those kissable lips wins a prize.  You HAVE to have prizes!

  13. Every New Moon party needs Edward and Jacob paper plates - available right now at Wal-Mart, Target, and many many on-line shops.  Take your pick!  I bought some last weekend just for safe keeping.  You never know when you'll need them.

  14. Set the mood for your party with some fun twilight-ish decorations.  Make your guests feel like they're in Forks. 

  15. Lots of balloons...and red, black, and gold.

  16. Don't forget to kick up your feet and enjoy!
For TONS of fabulous Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse party ideas, go visit Tara's Twilight Party!

Hope everyone is having a great week!♥

4 comments...I love comments:

MiMi said...

We are thinking about doing a release I'll be stealing quite a few of these ideas! :)

Becca said...

I "followed" you on FB on Friday!!!! So fun to see your adventures!!


Life with Kaishon said...

I think you should go into business as a party planner.

ReRe said...

great tips. the twilight party me and my gals had last year was awesome. i can't wait for us to do new moon!

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