New Moon Party Centerpieces and Goodie Bags

This week has been crazy. I was out of the office yesterday due to Isaiah being sick. I had to take him to the doctor. I've been spending all of my spare time working on party stuff. Even though I started so early, I feel like it's coming down to the wire and I'm scrambling to get everything finished. Part of the reason is that I have too many ideas floating around in my head, and not enough time to finish all of them. I keep reminding myself that there are two more movies to premier, so I can always save things for an Eclipse Party or Breaking Dawn Party (can't wait for that one!!!). Every day this week, I had things I wanted to post, but here we's FRIDAY! (way way early Friday for pardon any grammatical errors) AND it's 6...six...SIX days away from New Moon!!! Woot!

I finally downloaded some pics of a few things I've been working on.

Like these fork arrangements...

I know they're a little different, but I really love the forks! What do you think? These were super easy and way cheap. I just bought some clay pots ($0.50/each), foam oasis ($1.50/each), gold forks ($1.99/24), and moss ($5.00/bag). Then I gathered some twigs to give the pots the "Forks" effect.

I just used my handy dandy hot glue gun and started putting the twigs around the pot, pushed the forks into place (after writing "I ♥ Forks" on them), and added some moss. In retrospect, I should have added the moss first. It was a little difficult getting it down in between the forks.

I'm also making these cute little pocket-size tissues for my goodie bags.

I just measured the tissues (8"x4 1/2" - in case you were wondering) and cut a piece of card stock that would wrap all the way around it. I then made creases at the folds, put a little dab of glue where the card stock meets, and embellished them with ribbon and some New Moon phrases/terminology. TA-DA!

One last thing I wanted to show you guys today...

Bookmarks. These were so easy. I went into Microsoft Publisher and used the bookmark template. I just started changing out the pictures and inserting text...and filling in the background (on some)...until I came up with a few I was pleased with. I think they turned out pretty cute. I was going to laminate them, but haven't...yet. I'll show you the final product, if I end up finding the time to laminate.

My goodie bags are going to include, but not limited to:

  • Pocket Tissues (because, let's face it, we're all gonna cry when Edward leaves)

  • New Moon Bookmarks

  • plastic vampire fangs

  • mini vampire teeth soaps

  • pocket hand warmers (to represent Jacob's constant 108.6 degrees...He's HOT...literally)

  • Ghiradelli's Twilight Delight chocolate squares

  • New Moon chocolates

Tomorrow, I'll show you some of my other decorations, the menu, and what I've picked out for the candy bar. 6 DAYS!!!!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Friday!!

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Lemon Annie said...

Love everything , of course!

Dawn said...

Jenny, I am SO excited!!! You are doing it up right. I can't wait for the party/movie, but I'm also really excited to finally get to meet you in person! =)

Lisa Marie said...

Oh, how awesome,,,I wish I was coming...neato..I love it all..awesome job..I'm so excited for you..xo Love you, L

shortmama said...

Your party is going to be great!! Hope your son feels better!

Vivienne said...

I'm sorry Isaiah is sick. :(
Your centerpieces are so creative!
Good job!

MiMi said...

Hope Isaiah gets well soon!
So, what's a dweeb like me gotta do to get one of those goodie bags?? :)

Carrie said...

love everything!

Have a great weekend!


Xazmin said...

My you are an ambitious girl, aren't you? Well, all I can say is, everything is going to be FABULOUS!

I'm sorry Isaiah is sick...I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers!

Life with Kaishon said...

That silverware is too great for words. You are SO creative and brilliant. I can not even take it Jenny Kate. Can not even take it!

MommaDJane said...

Love Love Love these ideas. I think we are going to make some customized pocket tissues to add to our swag bags. We are also making bookmarks and lamenting them with pressed flowers from our trip to Forks. So excited for our Eclipse viewing party!