Friend Makin' Monday - I ♥ SPRING!

1. Favorite things about Spring:  What is NOT to love about spring...newness, rebirth, green, blooms, fresh dirt, gardening, being outdoors.
2. What I'm doing for Spring Break:  We just had Spring Break.  Isaiah hung out with me at work most of the time.  We went to some of our favorite restaurants and hang out spots.  Friday we went to the Aquarium.  It was fun!

3. Favorite Spring flower: daffodils

4. Do you have a garden? Yes, a flower garden.  I'm wanting to till up a vegetable garden out at my mom and dad's farm this year.  I get the feeling that I'm a little behind, but I think I'll go ahead and give it a try.  This year's harvest may not be the best, but it will be a start.
5. If so, what do you grow. In my flower garden, I usually have petunias, begonias, vincas, and verigated grasses.  When I eventually plant a real garden, I'll definitely plant cucumbers, potatoes, onions, corn, green beans and beets...oooooo, and strawberries.

6. Do you do Spring cleaning?  Yes, usually.  At the very least, I do spring organizing and purging. 

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}  Well, yesterday and Saturday were just plain dreary...snow, blowing cold winds, ice.  Yuck.  However, today is a whole new story, 60's and sunshine!  Hello, Spring!
8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us!
Happy FIRST Day of Spring!

9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon? take a walk, play at the park with Isaiah, soak up some natural vitamin d...a total mood booster.

10. Favorite TV show right now?  Ugly Betty.  I'm so sad that it's in the final season.  Boo.

I hope everyone is having a better Monday than me.  Tuesday has GOT to be better. ♥
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Sara said...

Happy FMM!
Your son is so cute and I love his shirt. My son has a couple of those shirts! They are so cute!

Have a wonderful week!

MiMi said...

So you just named my perfect summer time flower garden! I love those things!
I know, I still have to e-mail you with my Twilight idea...sorry, I'm so lazy right now.
Also, did you wait up until midnight to get New Moon???

Carrie said...

you should do the garden for sure we did our first garden last year it was the best...sorry about the snow I hope its all gone soon!

Happy Monday


Fresh Mommy said...

Ohhh, fun fun post!!! I want to do a Veggie garden this year as well... we'll do what we can, even if a bit behind. Though I'm glad we didn't have too much started with the snow we just had as well, and the cold couple of days to welcome spring! Haha.


Kelli said...

So sorry to hear about the snow and I hope you get warm and sunny days soon! The aquariums sounds like a lot of fun, take me next time please. I am planting vincas this year...I just discovered them.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I'm so ready for sunshiney weather! I'm done with winter. Daffodils are one of my favorites. They're so cheerful!

shortmama said...

I love what few flowers I can grow in the yard! Need to go get some more! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

jenjen said...

I hope it warms up! It's nice here today, but it might be snowing again tomorrow :)

I love Spring too - I wish it would hurry up and get here!


Rhonda said...

Your first day of Spring looks similar to mine. I'm happy again, because I have Spring inside today! Yay!

Hope tomorrow brings more sunshine for you and a better day. Hugs!

Darlene said...

I loved reading your answers! I hope you have a better Tuesday.♥

Becca said...

I can't believe all the snow ya'll got this past weekend!!!! Hope it is gone for good!!


4 Lettre Words said...

That last pic is great! LOVE daffodils, too, but we call them jonquils in GA. :o) said...

Seriously, snow on the first day of spring. That is just not fair. Hope it has warmed up!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you guys got snow on the first day or Spring! Yuck!

~Mistee~ said...

Love the pic of Isaiah! He is too stinking cute!! Don't like the snow pic! Over COLD weather!! Ready for WARMER temps!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are such a great Mommy! I love that you had a fun week of spring break at work. You make everything fun! : ) I want to take Kaish to the aquarium but I am afraid of crowds. I hate crowds!