I'm Doing...Friend Makin' Monday

I am...having a Twilight/New Moon Giveaway on my blog right now...go HERE to comment and enter!

I think...I'm ready for Spring.
I working instead of blogging.
I color and about weird things...often related to what I'm reading when I fall asleep (achem...Twilight)
I whole family to know Christ and for the world to be at peace.
I know...random things. 
I don't like...mean people.  They suck.
I smell...a baked apple pie candle that I bought from the Calvary Boys Ranch.
I hear...the copier going.
I fear...loss.
I usually...have Pocket Edward close by.

I search...the web for info about RPattz/Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse/Taylor/KStew/cute clothes/cute shoes/things with zebra print/birdies for my bathroom/random things.
I Grandpa Norman.  He went to be with Jesus earlier this year.  My niece, Gracie, her and my step-brother moved back to Washington.  My cousin, Lindz, because she lives in ATL...and she should come home! Just my PO. Friends who I haven't seen in TOO long or friends I've never seen in person before...I still miss them.
I always...burp.  I know, real lady like.  I'm just keepin' it real people.
I regret...nothing.  I live with no regrets.  I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
I wonder...what Edward and Bella are doing right now?
I crave...Starbucks.  I know coffee isn't a common thing people crave, but it's what I crave.
I remember...moments of extreme emotions.  I usually can remember everything...smells, scenes...what I was wearing, who I was with...etc.
I need...more sleep.  I hate this time change bizness.
I forget...what it was like before Isaiah came along.

I feel...distracted.
I all things.
I can' not in my vocabulary. :)
I am happy...when others are happy.
I Social Security card.  I never can find that thing when I need it.
I the car...very loudly.
I a little bit of everything...Kari Jobe, Consumed By Fire, Casting Crowns, Beyonce, Jay-Z, T.I., Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Warren G, Tone Loc
I shop...frequently.  I love shopping at Coach, Target, Khol's, and White House Black Market.
I eat...pretty healthy.  Sometimes I slip off the wagon on the weekends, but I usually hop right back on come Monday morning.
I love...this time of year...Come on, Spring!

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6 comments...I love comments:

MiMi said...

QUIT advertising your giveaway! I have less chance to win if you keep blabbing about it! Okay, that wasn't nice, right? Sorry...hangs head in shame. :(
Love that picture of your little boy. He's so cute, Jenny!

Carrie said...

I love reading this and your little boy is the cutest!


jenjen said...

Happy FMM!!! I loved your answers. You are so funny! Issiah is so cute. I loved that pic of you with pocket Edward!

Have a great week Jenny!

shortmama said...

Im a burper front of just about anyone

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I love this picture of Isaiah too. He is precious as can be!

kado! said...

ha, Warren G, that reminds me I need to itunes me some Warren G!

We LOVE Starbucks Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee to make at home...oh my I think it is the best!