Thursday Thankfuls

I can't believe that it is already November and the holidays are upon us! I don't know where this year has gone...time goes by so fast these days. I wish there was a pause button. I do love this time of year though and I love having the opportunity at Thanksgiving to really reflect and think about things I'm thankful for. I was telling Isaiah the other morning that it's almost time for Thanksgiving and he says "what's Thanksgiving?" I told him that "it is a time of year that we count our blessings and remember the things we're thankful for". He said that he was thankful for the "beautiful fall leaves", and "his family", and "the Upside Down Show", and "sausage and cheese breakfast sandwiches"...and then he just went off into silly talk and being thankful for just about everything that was in the car and things we were passing as we were driving to school. I was thinking about it after I dropped him off and it made my heart happy, because we should all be thankful for everything we have...whether it's big or small...we should be thankful. I love that he can see the big picture. I'm trying to see the big picture and be thankful for everything from my family to the granola bar I had for breakfast.
Today I am thankful for...
  • My Family - each and every one of them (even the ones I get ticked off at)
  • My House - even though it is WAY too small, it's mine and I love it.
  • The ability and resources to help people - even in small ways
  • My Family's health
  • The hot cup of coffee I'm drinking as I type this...and the cute mug that it is in, the one that makes me think of the sweet friend that gave it to me...just one more thing to be thankful for.
  • the beautiful fall leaves on the tree right outside my office window.
  • New Moon (and my PAR-TAY) will be here in 14 days, 13 hours, and 45 minutes...but who's counting?! =)
  • All of YOU! I'm so thankful for blogging. I've met so many wonderful friends. Some of you are now friend IRL and e-mail buddies. I love you guys! Just to think, without this blog, I would have never met any of you!

What are you thankful for?

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!♥

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Shilo said...

The thing I am MOST thankful for today is air conditioning. It's been 110 - 115 degrees the last 4 or 5 days...
Blessings from Paraguay!

shortmama said...

Today I am thankful for a clean house...oh wait it isnt clean. Im thankful for being well rested...oh wait Im not. Ummmm ok today I am thankful for my weirdo family!

brainella said...

Thankful for Jenny! :-) Your posts always make me smile. And I think you've inspired me to do this again.

melissa said...

i love love the new moon background! I feel so proud that it was little ol' ME who got you hooked to twilight! =)

Love the thankfulls...and I LOVE YOU!!

MiMi said...

So many things to be thankful for. The most fundamental for me is that I woke up this morning and can walk out to the coffee pot. That's important! :)

Kelli said...

I am also a thankful blogger. I have met some great people. And I'm thankful that the sun is shining!

Jen said...

I'm thankful October is over - it's EXHAUSTING! And thankful we have some down time before the holiday crush starts. And thankful for RPattz and KStew out on tour promoting NM! Love all the new pictures we're treated to!

Kasey said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for! I am so excited about me some New Moon and I am so jealous that you are having a party! For some reason the Twilight mania never really hit this small town I live in- I mean what the heck?!

Hope you're good! bye!

p.s. I'm loving the header!

Lemon Annie said...

You!! You always seem to know just when I need cheering up! I know we were brought into each others lives for a reason.

kado! said...

don't you just love how little minds work....these little kids we have teach us SO much!

I'm thankful for my family...i love being a Mommy!

Carrie said...

What a great list!

Stop by tomorrow I am having a blog party and giveaway!


jenjen said...

Wonderful list! I love this month. I love that it makes us think about our lives and all of the many things that we are thankful for. I am thankful that I have gotten to know you. You are a really sweet blogging friend. I love your Twilight obsession and love coming over to your place for my fix. I am so excited for your New Moon party - so fun - I love to live vicariously through you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Connie Weiss said...

Great list! You are a lucky girl....and I love sausage and cheese sandwiches too.

Darlene said...

Your thankful list is wonderful. You know if we just stop and think for a moment most of us could have a list a mile long of thankfuls.♥

I took Lexi last night to see Cirque Du Freak-The Vampire's Assistant and she LOVED it. She got a tad bit scared in a few parts, but overall thought it was great. She has the book (it is in her reading range) but she hasn't read it she is ready to. Anyway, they showed the New Moon preview and I got chills watching it! It just looks soooooo exciting and good!

Anonymous said...

Great list! There definitely is a lot to be thankful for.