JennyKate's New Moon Review

New Moon has come and gone.

Here I sit all alone.

No New Moon countdown to make me happy,

Just thoughts of Edward that make me sappy.

No party planning to attend to,

Just lots of clean-up left to do.

No excitement, no thrill, no anticipation...

Just memories of a night when New Moon was our destination.


I have to say that I've been in somewhat of a lull. I miss the hubbub that surrounded the last few weeks...putting together decorations, making goodie bags, nailing down a menu, discussing New Moon with my friends, counting down the days and hours...I miss it all...oh, and my date with Edward and Jacob. To put it in a nutshell, it was AMAZING! The party was so super fun. Everyone showed up. Everyone had a good time. Everyone played along w/ my silly games...and they liked it (or at least they pretended for my sake...and because they knew there was prizes involved). The movie was beyond words. I don't even have the right descriptiveness to tell you exactly how I feel. I LOVE that movie.


OK, my review...I thought that Christ Weitz did a fabulous job. He's a directing genius. I'm a lover of the books and I treasure those words that Stephenie wrote and the characters that she brought to life for me through those words. Chris definitely honored the book and held true to the feeling of the book. I felt like he didn't skip anything...although I know he did or we would have been there all night (or morning). I loved the cinematography. I loved the warm feel of the colors. The make-up artists should get huge props for making the Cullens look a hundred times better than more pasty Wal-Mart Halloween make-up...they were all gorgeous! Rosalie looked absolutely beautiful. Jasper was not quite as weird. Bella looked more mature (which she should b/c she's a whole year older in NM). Edward looked rock-hard and sparkly, just as he should. Jacob had me in a trance with his rippling chest and abs, his bulky shoulders, and that beautiful smile. He is his own sun. It ended with the proposal, and went black...just as it should. All is right in my Twilight world...except for the fact that I'm in a slight state of New Moon depression. When I walked into my office this morning, there was no huge party box overflowing with Twilight Edward and Jacob behind my door. It was sad. I've seen it twice already and have plans to see it for a 3rd time on Wednesday! Maybe that will help. I know what would really help...I'm thinking Eclipse. Just when you thought all this was over...think again...Eclipse will be here in 218 days! We've already started planning!


OK, now onto the winner of my New Moon Giveaway...

I transferred each person's comments over to a word document and gave each of you your appropriate number of entries in order of when you commented. Then I numbered each entry...

and went to the random number generator ( and plugged in the number of total entries w/ random number result of 15...

And the winner is...

Michelle from Tickled Pink & Fabulous...and I am tickled pink that she won! She is an awesome blogging buddy, fellow Twi-hard (true true fan), and sister from another mister. We share tons in common (even outside of the Twilight realm). She has a fabulous blog, so be sure to stop by if you don't already! Congrats, Michelle! I think the *crossed fingers* really worked! ;)


Lastly, I've got a few more pics from my party that I stole borrowed from people who were there. I wasn't able to take as many pictures because I was busy hostessing, so I'm glad others had their cameras. I'm sure they won't mind me sharing.

Miss Manda

Me and Allison - her and I are already consipiring for Eclipse! Can't wait!Telena, Edward, and I
Edward, Allie, Me, and Jake...I think I was checking out his biceps.
Getting ready to go see New was coming to a close. I love this group shot...wish everyone would have been in it.
Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!!♥

20 comments...I love comments:

MiMi said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time!! It was FUN! I loved it. Love Jacob. Still.

Darlene said...

Congratulations to your winner!! I finally saw the movie last night and it was as wonderful as I knew it would be!!! Sorry your party is over but think of your good memories. Yes, we now have Eclipse to look forward to!

Michelle said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. I started reading your review and was agreeing with everything you said, then, then, then, I SAW I WON YOUR GIVEAWAY!!!! OMG!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! You don't even know how excited!!!!! OMG!!!! You just made my day!!!! My Year!!! woohooo!!!!!! Thanks Sista!!!! Love you tons, and so excited. Can you tell I'm excited???!!!!!

Carrie said...

I know ya'll had blast! Its kinda like when Christmas is over you aren't sure what to do... I haven't seen it yet maybe this week!

Have a great day!


mysteryhistorymom said...

I still have not seen it, but Friday will be the big night! So excited!!! Thanks for the great review! Are you having an Eclipse party??? Maybe that will make you feel better?:) Lori

Kelli said...

I am so excited that you had a great time and that everyone came to the party. I understand about it all being over and just being kind of blah...just think of Edward.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Congrats to Michelle- I was excited to see that she won, as she is such a fan!!!

I liked the movie too- thought Jacob was adorable- seriously, has anyone had a cuter smile???


Amy said...

Yeah to your winner. Now you can start the next countdown to the next movie to come in June..

I hope you have a great day.

4 Lettre Words said...

What fun! My hubby would love this.

telenaj said...

Jenny, you throw one fabulous party! It was a blast - THANK YOU for inviting me and being such a gracious hostess. I am looking forward to Eclipse coming out too...only 218 days, you say?

Katie said...

Jacob is total jail bait and yet us moms are drooling. I think he had a nose job though, don't you?

shortmama said...

Wanna know what I did this weekend? I finally read New Moon!! I read Twillight months ago but only thought it was ok and hated the movie....but I loved New Moon, (book, havent seen movie)

Life with Kaishon said...

You did such an outstanding job Jenny Kate! Wow! You are amazing... And like you said, only 218 more days. You crack me up!

Xazmin said...

I'm glad you had such a blast...sorry for the after-excitement let down! I can't wait to see how you outdo yourself next time!

Oh, and just for you...I saw it too. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had such a good time! Congrats to your winner!

JennyMac said...

What fun party pics! You look like you are having a great time.And congrats to the winner of your giveaway!

Darlene said...

Hey girl,

Stopped by to tell you I saw New Moon again last night. It was even better the second time around than the first. Same thing when I saw Twilight. You catch so many more things the second time, that you missed in the first watching of it.

Hope you and your family have a marvelous Thanksgiving.♥

Millennium Housewife said...

Oooh, can you post me Edward? Just stick a stamp on his behind...
Glad you had fun x

jenjen said...

I am so excited for Michelle. What a lucky girl!

I just wanted to let you know that I have some metal New Moon keychains and I drew your name out of my commenters. So if you would like it, email me your address and I will send it to you. Congratulations!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jenny Kate!

Jen said...

You just have no idea how often I have thought of you in the past weeks +

You must have been in all of your glory!!!

Now, are you starting to feel a bit
"hung over" after the big event?

Yeah for New Moon :)

Happy Thanksgiving friend!